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IBM Acquires UK based CRM Firm Optevia

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On March 18, 2016 International Business Machines Inc. announced the acquisition of a UK based relationship management firm (CRM) by the name of Optevia. The financial terms of the acquisition have not yet been disclosed however the newly acquired firm will be a part of IBM’s Global Business Services department. This latest acquisition is likely to help the technology company with the rising demands of its public sector clients.

The CRM firm, Optevia was founded back in 2001 and is privately-held Software as a service (Saas) consultant firm that focuses mainly on public sector companies. The main aim of the company is to help its clients improve their customer services along with changing processes in their client’s business.

In a press release, IBM’s Public Sector in Europe, Joanna Davinson stated that with the help of this latest acquisition IBM will be able to improve its Public Sector clientele as it will have more industry focused customer relationship management solutions. Furthermore, he added while talking about the specific purchase that it strategic move on the company’s part will help to strengthen itself as a SaaS provider along with being a Global Software Integrator.

With the involvement of the SaaS consultant firm, IBM which currently lacks in its SaaS CRM products in the Public Sector entities will probably be able to benefit from it a lot. Furthermore, with its specialty the CRM firm will also help IBM diversify and grow its cloud portfolio.

In addition to that, with Optevia on board there are two advantages, one that the company will be able to better make its presence in the UK market and also scale globally with the CRM firm. The CRM firm has made quite a mark in the UK market as it has been there for over a decade now but that is the only market that it has focused on. This plays well for Optevia as well since now they have an entity on board with it with the help of which it can make its service available globally.

Furthermore, during fiscal year 2015, the Global Business Service department of IBM witnessed a significant decline in its revenue. On a year over year basis, there was a decline of 10% in revenue contribution. The acquisition can benefit the company from a number of angles one being that there might be an increase in the revenue contribution and along with that as it will bring diversification to the organization, they are likely to widen their customer base through that which would ultimately help the company grow in revenues.

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IBM Tops Patent List For 23 Consecutive Years

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IBM topped the annual list U.S. patent recipients of IFI in the competitive industry.

IBM has received many patents in the competitive industry. For the 23rd consecutive year, the New York based company leads the annual list of United States patent recipients of IFI as it bagged 7355 patents last year. This, nevertheless, has marked the first year since nine years that the overall patent activity has decreased. Even the final count of the cloud computation giant was just a little short of its record in the previous year when it bagged 7534 patents.

CEO of IFI Claims Patent Services, Mike Baycroft, said, “After seven straight years of prolific patent growth, 2015 saw the first sign of de-acceleration. I wouldn’t suggest, though, that the patent train is losing momentum as many companies continue to crank out more patents than the previous year.”

The other leading 10 organization are technology giants, including Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Qualcomm, Toshiba, Sony, Intel, Canon and LG. Apple took the 11th place, ahead of Amazon, Toyota Motors, Panasonic, and General Motors (which succeeded in just missing the topmost 25).

IBM focused last year on the cloud and cognitive computation, which together succeeded in garnering it over 2000 patents for related inventions. The China laboratory of IBM Research, for example, patenting a technology that helps machineries to interpret emotion-laden words, provides an opportunity to computers to chat with human beings in a more naturalistic way.

Inventors are also trying to teach the cloud about the method to draw resources from more areas, allowing it to operate more efficiently and faster. It is not only artificial intelligence and computers for IBM though. It is also interested in transforming industries, such as medicine and travel.

One patent has tipped a way to find the frequency of spoken language amongst a group of and translate the announcements into their tongues. The other patent highlights cognitive technologies that help healthcare professionals to identify treatment options based on evidence for patients.

CEO Ginni Rometty said, “During IBM’s 23 years atop the patent list, the company’s inventors have received more than 88,000 U.S. patents.” IBM noted that over 8500 investors located in the United States and overseas have helped the organization to reach the last year’s final figure, and people living outside the United States succeeded in contributing over 36% of the patent of last year.

In other news, Federal Reserve has given the company a contract to revamp its ACH platform, which processes 100 million transactions daily and 50% of all the payments made in the largest economy.

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IBM Bets On Algorithms And Mergers To Grow In Competitive Industry

IBM Collaborates With Talkspace

IBM pushes itself to rely on mergers and algorithms in order to prosper in the market.

IBM Corporation expects to grow from algorithms and mergers. After suffering from declining sales in 14 consecutive quarters, the company is relying on acquisitions and mergers to help it revive its growth, but one of its leading dealmakers is honest about the risks carried by acquisitions.

“If 70% of M&A fails, would you propose spending $20bn doing deals?”, asks IBM executive, Paul Price, as he alluded the widely held belief regarding effectiveness of deal making – and the amount of money IBM allocated to agreements between the five years, starting from 2010 and ending in 2015.

Nevertheless, the technology giant is hoping to attain far over 30% success rate by stripping out what Paul has claimed it as the principal factor responsible for bad deals: human mistake.

Using its experience of signing a number of deals recently, its software’s vault and its huge number of scientists, 5 years ago IBM started to experiment with a computer algorithm that is capable of spotting the risks in target organizations during the due diligence process of M&A.

Like most of the companies, the New York based tech business has a “corporate development” that executes and evaluates transactions in conjunction with the operating units of the company. Its objective in the creation of due diligence algorithm was to align the procedure of acquisition with post-agreement integration plans.

“The focus used to be on the downstream part of the process: target identification,” Mr. Price said. “Integration concerns. . . couldn’t stop a deal.” Now IBM CFO, Martin Schroeter, told the M&A Pro tool has provided the organization with a sharper insight to deal with risk and the capability to complete deals in a faster manner, before rivals could pounce or a target can get cold feet. “We have been able to dramatically speed up and improve the process of acquisitions from identification and due diligence through to integration and execution”, Martin told.

IBM exclaimed that it could now finish and begin a deal in less than three weeks. A study conducted in 2014 by the consultancy McKinsey concluded that the businesses, which had the most impact on M&T typically completed deals at a much faster pace.

M&A Pro is developed as a “machine learning” system – an algorithm capable of learning to make decisions based on precedent data. Its main technology has come from the statistical and computing company SPSS, which the cloud computing company purchased 7 years ago for $1.2 billion.

M&A Pro has also drawn on a number of other tech companies which IBM has purchased including a financial reporting app package ‘Cognos’ purchased for $4.9 billion in 2009.


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IBM establishes its head office in Munich

IBM establishes its head office in Munich

IBM has chosen Munich to head its initiative to lead the industrial internet

The New York based enterprise would establish its  international head office in Munich. The headquarters would be established  to help the Corporation pioneer  the industrial web, capitalizing on an important mass of insurance, automotive, manufacturing and health care corporations based in Southern Germany.

On Tuesday, IBM stated  that it would be employing 1000 workers to work with clients on industrial web ventures in the capital of Bavaria. It is also establishing eight satellite centers across the world to let customers develop smarter- network connected facilities.

The measure comes amid media reports that the Corporation might cut down its German workforce by 18% in the upcoming 2 years. Munich is home to the biggest manufacturing corporations of Europe, Siemens along with truck company MAN SE and car manufacturer. Munich Re and Insurers Allianz have their head offices located in the city.

The company is collaborating with the automotive parts vendor Continental AG and Siemens, amongst other major companies. The additional offices would be established  in Seoul, Beijing, Toyko alongside 3 American cities, San Paulo and Boblingen in Brazil, a 2nd German city located near the German car industry’s hub Stuggart.

The Corporation stated it plans to let enterprises find out ways to utilize dizzying amount of information that would be produced by sensors, network- connected gadgets and systems called Internet of Things .

Increasingly, anything from health monitors to industrial parts to vehicles is  turning into an internet connected gadget.  Market research organization Gartner Inc has forecasted that there would be 6.4 bn connected gadgets in use by the upcoming year, up 30% from this year, and the market would be flooded with 20.8 bn gadgets by 2020.

In all, 2000 salespeople, consultants, researchers, designers, developers and data scientists would be working in the organization’s IOT enterprise on 6 continents.

The largest technology services enterprise of the world has been spinning of low-profit margin hardware enterprises, but has up till now not been able to make up the shortfall in more profitable areas like security software, data analytics, mobile and cloud computation.

In addition to development of its head office in Munich, the Corporation would also develop its Watson internet of things division in the EU member state. This would prove to be the 1st major Watson set up outside the United States.

The Watson internet of things division would be responsible for the management of new solutions and development of the Corporation’s partnerships around Internet of things. One of  the factors responsible for making the Corporation opt for Munich is its role in the automotive industry of Germany.

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International Business Machines Corporation Stock Update

Ibm NEws

The American multinational technology corporation’s investors should be careful when investing in the company’s stock.

International Business Machines Corporation’s shares were being traded at a share price of $138.46 which added the stock of the company to the gainers of the day.

On Friday, there was a lot of fluctuation during the trading session when IBM’s stock was seen hit a high share price level of $138.81 with the number of shares soaring at 1,415,840 shares. The last stock price was called at $138.81 and the trading session began with $138. The current market capitalization of International Business Machines Corporation $134,321 million.

In the short term however over 13 analysts have shared their consensus on the stock of the multinational technology corporation. According to the consensus of these analysts, the estimated short term target price is expected to be $152.15 and the forecasted price is expected to fluctuate from a higher end of $176 to a lower end of $125.

The information technology company has had a 52-week high of $176.3 and a 52-week low of $131.65. The one year high of the tech company was registered on May 4, 2015 while the one year low was seen on November 13, 2015. The 200-day moving average was seen outperform the S&P 500 as it rallied 1.79% in the past one year and the average was recorded at $154.44 while the 50 day moving average was $140.88.

In the last 90 days, the stock of the technology corporation has dropped by 5.56% while the stock performance stands at -10.88%. Insiders of the company own 0.08% of the shares while Institutional Investors own 58.38% of the shares. The change that has been witnessed in the Insider share in the past 12 weeks have been of -24.24% while the change seen in the Institutional Investors shares have been of -29.63%.

Subsequently, insider trading was also seen in the company as it was revealed to the Securities and Exchange Commission. According to the data released by the tech giant, the executive vice president of IBM Mills Steven unloaded 10,000 shares of the international company which was a transaction worth $1,382,800 as the price per share was of $138.28. This huge transaction by the EVP of IBM was conducted on November 23, 2015.

In a month’s time, the tech giant’s stock has dropped by 1.16% while in a week’s time the stock has dropped by 0.03%. In comparison to the estimated by the S&P 500 the shares of the company have performed negatively with a loss of 0.07%. Furthermore, it has underperformed the index by 1.66% in a month’s time. Investors need to be careful during this time in terms of investor’s options. The stock of the company has received a rating of 2.5 by a number of analysts and brokers.

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IBM Keen To Bolster Artificial Intelligence Amidst Competition

IBM Keen To Bolster Artificial Intelligence Amidst Competition

IBM recently launched SystemML to empower its artificial intelligence domain.

The artificial intelligence software programmers at International Business Machines Corp. have come up with an innovative tool. According to the company, SystemML – a proprietary program will now be readily available so that the programmers can modify and share the Apache Software Foundation.

The ML in the name is an abbreviation for “Machine Learning”. The Silicon Valley giant, which will be responsible to locate the common patterns persisting in large amount of data, has designed this unique technology. The technology has been designed in a manner that will assist in teaching the computer to perform certain tasks like recognizing faces in photographs, locating the unknown activities in the stock prices, and predicting the phrases typed on a search engine.

IBM has the honor to be a part of the three firms this year that have made the proprietary machine-learning technology accessible that has an open-source license. In February, Facebook revealed chunks of Torch Software whereas the Google division of Alphabet also came up with TensorFlow system.

Rob Thomas, the Vice President at IBM unit of Development stated that the SystemML has been successful in gaining acceptance from Apache, which is an open source organization that has more than 150 ventures under its umbrella. Therefore, he now believes that this acceptance by the organization is the first step towards the project’s global acceptance.

Mr. Thomas stated, “It’s an endorsement of sorts that says, ‘This has value’.” IBM’s Almaden research lab first developed the Sytem ML almost ten years ago in order to make things easier for the developers of that time. It is still one of the most used customized machine-learning software to make it easier for the developers to create more of them. Mr. Thomas stated that SystemML could easily help a bank in various ways such as by creating a program risk modeling software that would give warnings prior to any fraudulent activity.

According to Dong Bang “DB” Tsai, a Spark developer and a research engineer at Netflix, “It’s a pretty early-stage project, but it’s pretty promising.” He believes that with SystemML, Netflix will easily be able to bolster its recommendation platform that makes use of machine learning to gauge which movies a client would want to watch over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. At this point, the company has not evaluated the platform but might do so in the times to come.


The company has made up its mind to open the source code of SystemML via Apache Foundation that will assist them in attracting a bigger fraternity of programmers along with improving the developments.

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IBM Opens Cloud Data Center In India

IBM Opens Cloud Data Center In India

IBM has opened a cloud data center in Chennai, India, to expand cloud footprint.

IBM Corporation has taken an initiative to lead the tech sector. It has established its first public cloud datacenter in Chennai, India. The newly built center is offering enhanced performance and speed to local clients and end customers for information moving in and out of the region.

A share of the New York based company’s $1,200,000,000 worth investment would extend its international cloud foothold into every financial market. The new center highlights the company’s pledge to the second most populated country, a potential market.

IBM news exclaimed that with a local onramp to IBM Cloud, Indian clients, particularly those in governed industrial sectors, gain more flexibility to compute and store information within the state. The new datacenter joins Big Blue’s cloud center in Mumbai and is a part of a huge network of datacenters that cover the globe, offering users with the performance and disaster recovery features required to ensure business continuity.

In an attempt to speed up the digital transformation, both at startup and enterprise phase, IBM is collaborating with the National Association of Software and Services Companies to introduce, a digital center where the whole Indian startup ecosystem, encompassing venture capitalists, academic experts, investors, and mentors can interact with each other to expand the cloud market.

Apart from that, IBM is introducing two measures for developers – cloud certification program and developerWorks Premium – to aid developers with the correct skills and tools to compete and innovate in the international marketplace. In addition, to enable developers, the company is making attempts with strategic enterprise information technology leaders such as CSC, Tech Mahindra, and Accenture to expand the utilization of the IBM Cloud technologies, including IBM BlueMix, to communities of developers in India and across the globe.

IBM news today reported that Robert LeBlanc, SVP IBM Cloud, stated, “India’s cloud market is poised for exponential growth, which makes it essential for Indian businesses to have local access to the resources and skills they need to help guarantee success.”

IBM Breaking news affirmed that the new datacenter would support India’s rising client demand for in-country cloud features with faster platform speeds, while enhancing performance, reach, and offer the full variety of SoftLayer infrastructure facilities from the corporation.

This could threaten IBM’s competitors in the modern world in the cloud sector. India is a huge market with potential IT infrastructure. Many companies are striving to claim their spot in this Asian market to stay ahead.

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