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Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Idea Is Transforming From Dream To Reality

Tesla's CEO Elon Musk's Hyperloop Idea Is Transforming From Dream To Reality

Some organizations have partnered to work on Musk’s Hyperloop idea and provide the necessary expertise to achieve the task.

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk’s modernized transportation idea has moved forward. Tesla news exclaimed that few people gave importance to the CEO’s intention when, in 2013, he planned to manufacture Hyperloop, an innovative transportation system between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Now Space Exploration Technologies Corporation and another organization, known as Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), are planning to establish Hyperloop test tracks next year.

HTT, a firm established to turn Musk’s dream into reality, proclaimed last week that it has signed deals to collaborate with Aecom and Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum, to start constructing a full scale design of the new Hyperloop moving alongside Interstate 5 in California. The final goal, the CEO stated, is to establish an above-ground pressurized train that transport riders and cargo between major cities at a speed greater than 700 miles per hour.

It is too soon to anticipate that whether the new system is feasible or not, as one needs to answer the question that how the two companies would attempt to solve the challenging problems. HTT’s new collaboration with the two publicly traded organizations validates that Musk’s ideas would finally prove to be useful.

UCLA architecture professor and owner of one of HTT’s partners, Hodgetts & Fung, believes that Aecom is a global powerhouse that would bring a diverse group of specialists focusing on route selection, propulsion techniques, and life security issues. Tesla news today disclosed that HTT is owned by a Southern Californian crowd-funding organization, named JumpStartFund, which has also planned to receive $100,000,000 as part of an initial public offering later this year.

The announcement tends to solve Hyperloop’s leading problem – serious consideration of this matter. Now, the development experts would find the details pertaining to the project, such as practically developing the testing track of the new system and determining the energy needed to electrify it. Tesla Motors news indicates that more than 400 specialists are working with the Southern Californian enterprise on its venture.

They are not merely workers, but engineering experts and other excellent minds, who are working on a full-time basis with a number of organizations, including Airbus, Boeing, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and SpaceX. The first fully operating passenger-friendly Hyperloop would be manufactured outside the Californian territory.

Market specialists believe that the partnerships would not only assist in introducing the extremely fast mode of high-tech transportation but also improve the image of its pioneers. The South African born entrepreneur should monitor the progress of partners working on his idea to fulfill his dreams.

The concept has entered the testing phase and test track is under construction. Mr. Musk’s expectations are positive and he believes that future holds promising prospects for this project. It is a difficult path but all partners are working together to achieve the task effectively.

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GoPro Consumer Drones To Rule Over The Drone Market

GoPro Consumer Drones To Rule Over The Drone Market


GoPro to make its mark in the consumer drone market

Earlier on May 27, 2015 the chief executive officer of GoPro Inc. Mr. Nick Woodman announced that the company is all set to enter the market for consumer drones. In his statement, he mentioned that the company would device a “quadcopter” during the first quarter of FY16.

Market Watch recently published a report according to which data was acquired from the Federal Aviation Administration according to which the action camera giant will have a significant edge in the consumer drone segment as soon as its quadcopter is launched. The only company that can give a tough time to GoPro is Dajiang Innovation Technology which will be their core competitors. It will also have some small rivals like Parrot SA, Precision Hawk, D Robotics, Inc., and AeroVironment.

Cuyrrently, the 43 percent consumer drones in the United States that have been approved by the FAA are being manufactured by Dajiang Innovation Technology. This share has instinctively declined where earlier Dajiang Innovation Technology held almost 70 percent share of the entire consumer drone market.

In comparison to Dajiang Innovation Technology, the other brands in the consumer drone sector have a negligible share when it comes to getting approval from FAA. Almost 9.1 percent of the drones approved are by AeroVironment where Precision hawk and 3D Robotics share is even lesser than that.

This clearly means that the only company which can give a tough time to GoPro is DJI. The Phantom Line of DJI was initially marketed to consumers in a manner that resulted in a surge in the sale of GoPro’s Hero action cameras. These drones had a slot that could mount the Hero cameras. This built in mounting is a relatively new feature for DJI. So this means that even DJI is well aware of the threat and rivalry they might face with the launch of GoPro’s consumer drones. However, now DJI has started to maintain distance from GoPro so that it can build on its own identity.

As reported by an executive at GoPro, the consumers drone segment is extremely lucrative. This provides the company a great opportunity to establish its position further in the market. He further stated, “The recent spike in adoption is attributable to the jaw-dropping video content generated by consumers.” Both the company’s products that is action cameras and consumer drone usage tend to complement each other. Therefore the entry of GoPro in this sector seems like an extremely sane decision by the company to boost is sales.

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Microsoft To Increase The Prices Of Its Cloud Computing Platform

Microsoft To Increase The Prices Of Its Cloud Computing Platform


Microsoft Azure during relatively well with its cloud computing platform

Over the past couple of years, cloud computing has gained significant momentum where many cloud service providers have modified their technologies along with offerings so that they can sustain in the industry. Moreover, prices have also slacked drastically so that the consumption rate increases.  Microsoft Corporation, Google Inc. and Amazon Inc. are few of those companies that have reduced the prices of their cloud computing platform earlier. However, now the software maker has decided to increase the pricing of its cloud computing platform.

Microsoft Azure is MSFT’s cloud computing platform that has been designed by the firm to deploy, develop and look after applications and services across a global data center network. These platforms are either hosted by the company’s partners or they manage it themselves. This platform has the ability to support third party apps along with various tools and programming languages. The platform was launched earlier in 2010 and was known as Windows Azure but later it was renamed to Microsoft Azure.

This news was put forward by The Register once they got hands on a Microsoft official to discuss about their cloud computing platform. This spokesperson, talked about how this platform is now being recognized and used globally where the rate of adoption fluctuates from country to country. So the company actually chalks out its strategy according to the region in which it is operational.

He further added, “The Company continues to evaluate the market conditions in the countries in which we operate. As a result, we will be adjusting the prices for the company’s enterprise cloud services in Australia, starting 1 August, 2015.” These changes will be implemented across the globe.

These plans by the company were publicized when Mr. Aidan Finn a renowned blogger got access to the company’s emails from which excerpts were extracted and posted on a website. According to the blog, a 13 percent increase is observed in the prices of Eurozone along with a 26 percent increase in the Australian region.

This clearly highlights that the company has been successful in making its niche market where growth rates show that the company has potential to further increase its market share across the globe.

It is a known fact that Azure is one of the top notch Microsoft products and a leader in the cloud computing domain. The company has become extremely competent and is now on par with the cloud computing service of Amazon Web Services and Google. The company has more room to prosper in the times to come.

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Google Rolls Out Update For Google Maps In India

Google Rolls Out Update For Google Maps In India

Users in 12 cities of India can now see how much traffic they will face on a route directly through Google’s Google Maps

Ever since Google Inc. launched its Google Maps app for the technological world, numerous amounts of audience has stopped using the usual paper maps but that’s not the only thing Google’s mapping unit has offered us. The tech giant has updated and upgraded Google Maps with several types of new features and user interface as time has advanced, the most recent update it brought onto Google Maps was the use of real-time public transit which allowed displayed the correct and relevant time of a public transports arrival, moreover just yesterday the company also announced its partnership with the Federal Railroad Administration to alert users upon approaching a railroad crossing.

Currently the tech giant also announced according to latest Google updates that the resident’s in India will be able to spot the amount of traffic through Google Maps, a special thanks to the new feature Google had introduced the “real-time information about traffic density on roads”. There is however a bit of disappointment as the feature is only limited to 12 cities in India and not the entire country, from what Google has announced residents of Kolkata, Lucknow, Surat, Coimbatore, Thiruvananthapuram, Indore, Ludhiana, Visakhapatnam, Nagpur, Kochi, Madurai and Bhopal will have the access to this feature directly from Google Maps as of now.

It does come as a surprise why Google didn’t choose India’s main cities such as Delhi and Mumbai as these are known to be filled with heavy traffics, but it does seem that the company does plan on rolling out this feature soon enough for them as well. Users who are unfamiliar of how this app works, here’s a brief detail about how you can point out which traffic route is filled with traffic; the amount of traffic that can be found on the roads of these cities is highlighted through different color codes

1-      Green means no traffic

2-      Orange points out a medium amount of traffic

3-      Red points out heavy traffic

This new “traffic alert” feature changes over time as the amount of traffic increases or decreases on a certain route, this is mainly due to the turn-by-turn navigation technology which will offer updates in real time as the traffic condition changes, according to Google news. This new update to Google Maps for users residing in any of these cities is  said to arrive simultaneously on every device, so if you still haven’t been able to use this new “traffic alert” feature just wait for a little while and you will be able to.



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Tesla Motors Intends To Dominate The Energy Storage Market

Tesla Motors Intends To Dominate The Energy Storage Market


Tesla Motors wishes to produce energy storage batteries for homes and business, which would store solar and wind energy for later use.

The Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Tesla, Ellon Musk, has decided to improve the energy prospects provided by the company. Tesla News reported that Mr. Musk believes that the company’s mattress shaped batteries could be employed for charging utilities, businesses, and homes. The CEO would soon introduce a new set of power storage devices equipped to store rising volumes of wind and solar energy. The success of the batteries would introduce the business into a billion-dollar power saving industry.

Tesla news today pointed out that no power generating company has been able to discover a cost effective way to store huge levels of energy for later distribution. Company sources have revealed that the under-construction factory will reduce the cost of storing power and make high-tech batteries competitive. This information indicates that it is optimistic and expects a lot from the latest high-tech production plant.

The ‘manufacturer’ would officially launch home batteries on Thursday at its design studio in the American state of California. The Hawaii-based power supplier, Hawaiian Electric Co., has welcomed the company’s plans, as it has stated that the market would entertain the electric car pioneer. Experts presented the view that these batteries would perform very well due to the existing need of storage devices in homes, business, and utilities, for storing electricity generated by wind and sun, which could be used later when needed.

Tesla Motors news affirmed that the modern ‘automaker’ is not new to electricity storage industry, as it is already selling batteries to homes and business, such as Walmart Stores, through its projects and a supply contract with Solar City Corp, which proves its capability of capturing the power storage industry. Industry sources highlighted that it wants to combine the battery’s strengths with its power usage expertise.

It is probable that three different projects would fulfill the ‘green power’ wish of Mr. Musk, including Tesla electric powered vehicle business, lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant in Nevada, and SolarCity where he serves as Chairman. Power experts believe that the company’s batteries would not only provide power-storing opportunities to its clients but also supply the grid that fuels its cars. This belief is supported by the expectation that thermal powered electricity producers would also enter its market.

Tesla would face fierce competition from a number of battery manufacturers, such as South Korean LG Chem Ltd., and American power provider, AES Corporation. It should devise efficient strategies to deal with state laws and rivals, which add to the issues and challenges faced by the company. Now it is yet to be seen that to what extent its plans are able to satisfy the power needs of its users and contribute to its prosperity.


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