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Mountain View Council Approves Land For LinkedIn Corporation

Mountain View Council Approves Land For LinkedIn Corporation


The American professional social network is allocated large tracts of land, approved by the Mountain View Council.

The Mountain View council has given huge tracts of land to the American social network, LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn news reported that the council has approved a large portion of the available real estate for the corporation, while the rest of the territory is allocated for Google.

Market resources have reported that the majority of the council members rejected the search engine developer’s energy-efficient proposal, which suggests that the members value other factors more than environmental-friendliness. Experts stated the view that these factors could be economic, as Google has contributed to the increase in house prices and unemployment.

The management of the professional network has welcomed the allotment decision, as it has stated its appreciation towards the council’s decision to permit to establish a permanent head office in Mountain View that will promote economic diversity. This statement indicates that the corporation believes the allocated territory would add to its potential.

The land allocation decision has disappointed the Google’s Vice President for real estate, David Radcliffe, as he has stated that to have one building is a big damage. This statement explains that the company’s management believes the council’s approval has adversely affected its growth potential. It is highly advisable that the search engine operator should develop appropriate plans for land utilization; otherwise, it would suffer, as land is limited and its demand is rising.

The corporate giant is currently leasing less than 400,000 square feet in North Bay Shore, which would end in 2023, as highlighted by LinkedIn news today. The land could only be used for a limited period. LinkedIn breaking news affirmed that the ‘network’ had bought seven acres of territory, which points out towards its attempts to expand its occupied area.

Industry sources revealed that LinkedIn would use existing technologies for using the land; while on the other hand, Google is interested in using high-tech features that have not been pioneered yet. It seems that the search engine developer’s plans would consume a lot of time. Industry experts have stated the view that the council members would have considered the technical aspects of the company’s plans.

The management of Google should still not worry, as it is still capable of developing something advance and well equipped. It could use some part of its property and establish a smaller building than they desire. It is probable that both well known companies would use the land in the best possible manner. Now it is yet to be seen that to what extent the council’s decision is able to serve the interests of the organizations.

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