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NVDIA Corporation launches the new set to top-box

NVIDIA Corporation launches Shield


NVIDIA Corporation launches Shield

The American worldwide technology company, NVIDIA Corporation, has introduced its Android-based Internet video streaming named Shield. NVIDIA news confirmed that the high-tech firm demonstrated the newly launched top-box at the recent game development conference held in the American state, San Francisco. This newly launched top-box encompasses a television console, tablet, and handheld console. The cost of the newly launched box is around $199. The box employs the android television platform, pioneered by Google, which comes with a controller and features a Tegra XI processor.

The corporation intends to optimize more than four dozen Android titles, including Crysis 3 and the Doom 3 titles. Apart from that, the digital company has also introduced a p1080 game streaming service that is powered by the firm’s grid server GPU platform. The newly launched top-box is quite expensive as compared to other advanced products like Apple TV and Amazon’s Fire TV as they are available at the price of $99.

Speculations suggests that the purchasers of the newly produced Shield would be getting a good value for their money as the gaming capabilities of the product are far better than other devices. NVIDIA news today explained that the box connects in to an HDTV, and allows its users to access multiple services encompassing Netflix and other media channels. The newly pioneered product has also marked the entry of the American corporation‘s game streaming service called GRID.

Latest NVIDIA news highlighted the potential of GRID, which is a powerful GPU based service that aids corporate virtualized desktops in information centers, and cloud-based gaming services. It is expected that the American business’s emphasis on GRID platforms can grow GPU acceptance in the data centers. Tech analysts reviewed and stated the performance of Shield as commendable.

NVIDIA Corporation launched itself in the gaming market as a hardware manufacturer in 2013, when it introduced its tablet. In its last quarter, it was able to manufacture two of the best judged Android tablets. These tablets include the firm’s own tablet and Google‘s Nexus 9. The technology organization has also upgraded its tablets to Google’s latest OS i.e. Android 5.0 Lollipop. It is being expected that this up gradation has been done to improve the revenues and profits of the company. It is expected that the launch of the set-top box would play an important role in increasing the market value of the gaming hardware market. Now it is yet to be seen that to what extent the launch of Shield would dominate the market.



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