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Intel Corporation Plans to Invest $67 Million In China

Intel Corporation Plans to Invest $67 Million In China

Multinational giant, Intel Corporation, has decided to invest in Chinese technology startups and established companies.

An American multinational tech organization, Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC), is looking forward to invest $67 million in eight Chinese companies. The investment strategy is made by the company to empower its history of investing money in different Chinese technology-based originating businesses.

The multinational equipment manufacturers have been regulating across the Chinese stomping grounds since 30 years. Throughout these years, the semiconductor company has invested around $2 billion in more than 140 businesses in China. Nevertheless, the wholesome amount of around $2 billion is distorted as Intel Corporation spent around $1 billion individually in Beijing UniSpreadtrum technology Ltd, the chip manufacturer, past year.

Regarding the new investment plan, the company has not disclosed its total figure of investments in various independent organizations. For the time being, it mentioned about its new plans regarding the investment in the companies, which regulate in considerable cycle of organizations, such as transportation, analytics, smart accessories, and Internet of Things.

Indicating each of its expending would empower its bottom line operations. It is expected this would take Intel stock going through the ceiling and put forward higher alliance against the difficult situations and its simultaneously improving modifications.

According to the sources, the world finest chipmaker’s financial hand for the company may invest the amount worth $67 million. The assurance regarding that investment plan will be announced at the time when Chinese President Xi Jinping will reach U.S. next week. President’s first visit to United States represents that Chinese tech companies are showing an incline.

The tech giant investment in China involves Ninebot – scooter startup that was supported by Xiaomi, the company that took over Segway, in early fiscal year 2015. The international financial investment subordinate of semiconductor giant is also cooperating with Telink in order to support it regarding its designing and constructing electronics items for Bluebank Communication Technology.

Ian Yang, the president of Intel China, regarded as the leader in the second largest economy in modification, permutation regarding international technology. Moreover, he also acknowledged about the stability of his country’s economy by saying that innovative and advance products, as well as financial investment in China, will also support the governmental exercises to bring improvement in the economy. The company will play an important role in order to stabilize China’s conditions and its devaluation of Yuan can restore its position.

The Chinese government is positive to move towards the path of prosperity and businesses are fueling this ambition.

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Zacks Rating Coverage On Intel Corporation

Zacks Rating Coverage On Intel Corporation

Zacks has put forward its analysis and ratings on Intel Corporation along with target price estimations and its variation in future.

The semiconductor chip-making company, Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) has received a short-term hold rating by market experts from Zacks and put forward a third rank for the company. 30 market specialists from Wall Street have concluded an average rating of 2.08 for the organization on the consensus basis. Around 16 analysts have included the shares of the firm in the list of strong buys. 2 stock specialists have suggested a buy rating to the company. 8 research firms have recommended a hold rating. Strong sell rating is suggested by 3 specialists. One of the market experts put forward sell call.

25 analysts recommended a short-term target price of $35.06 for the Intel Corporation stock. The share price might fluctuate from the mean short-term expected target, with the standard deviation reading of $3.83. It can reach the height of $41 or show a decline to $25 lowest level in terms of price target.

A number of analysts concluded their analysis over the Intel stock prices and issued their ratings to the financial investors. The company received the upgraded rating by Northland Securities. Financial investors must bring into their kind notice that the organization is receiving the outperform rating on the shares. In the past, the corporate giant had a rating of Market Perform, issued on August 31, 2015.

On Tuesday, it is observed that share price of Intel Corporation showed an upward slide during the trading session. As the trading session started, the share price was standing at $28.98, after which, it reached the maximum height of $29.5 and showed the stability. The trading session ended with the same closing rate.

Intel stock news stated that the organization gained 3.44% throughout the transaction or 0.98 in terms of points. The upward deviation jumped the trading volume to 27,803,586 shares. It survived 52-week low and high, which gave the average share price of $37.9 high and $24.87 low. The organization had the market capitalization of 140,273.

On the other hand, the organization insiders hold 0.07% of the company’s share. There is a variation by -9.04% noticed in the net holding during the past 6 months. Institutional investors hold 67.3% of Intel stock. Around 1.7% of the total institutional holdings have changed in the company’s shares.

The semi-conductor producer has a stable infrastructure and huge manufacturing facility. This can enable it to compete in international markets and maintain a global distribution channel. Its microprocessor and chipset are used in many computing devices.


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Intel Corporation and Micron join together to produce 3-D storage chips

Intel Corporation  3-D storage chips


Intel Corporation and Micron join together to produce 3-D storage chips

The two high-tech American multinational chip producers – Intel Corporation and Micron – have decided jointly to produce 3-D storage chips, as both the chip manufacturers announced that they are manufacturing chips to expand storage capacity. These newly developed chips would be known as ‘3-D NAND storage chips’. Both the businesses are working on the flash memory of the chips, as it is the memory that is responsible for storing data in a number of portable devices, such as tablets, smart phones, and digital cameras.

The Vice President of memory and technology solutions of Micron, Brian Shirley, has stated that the firm has decided that it would no longer benefit by lessening the size of transistors in flash chips. Similarly, the Vice President of Intel’s memory operations has stated that the firm is investing all of its resources in pioneering 3-D chips. These two statements are sufficient to explain that both digital firms are interested in expanding the storage capacity of chips.

It is anticipated that both the chip manufacturers would expand their cell design, known as floating gate, which is employed in existing flash memory chips. Due to this advancement, the two companies have stated, their first 3-D chips come in versions that are capable of storing 256 gigabytes or 384 gigabytes. The newly pioneered chips would have 32 layers of memory circuitry. Latest Intel news affirms that these layers would ensure the storage of data in portable devices, such as laptops or smart phones.

Intel news also reported that the newly developed chip would expand the storage capacity of an average laptop. The two modern corporations have worked together on memory technology for more than 10 years. They have not only worked together but also shared ownership of a production plant in Utah. The potential of these endeavors of the companies marks the significant high future prospects of innovation. The collaboration is regarded as the best collective action to accomplish this breakthrough.

Intel news today elaborated that the new chip producing technology would produce chips at a lower cost. Apart from Micron and Intel Corporation, the South Korean high-tech company, Samsung Electronics, has also announced to produce 3-D NAND chips. The flash memory chip manufacturer, SanDisk Corp, has also announced the launch of high storage capacity chips. These chips feature 48 layers of circuitry rather than 32. Now it is yet to be seen that to what extent the newly developed chips are able to play a role in expanding the data storage capacity of advance portable devices.



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