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Samsung Gives Away Free Smart TVs To Customers

Smart TV, Free Offer Galaxy S7, AT&T, Telecommunications company

Good news for people who avail Samsung’s offer on buying Galaxy S7; they might just get a 48-inch Smart TV for free

Samsung is no stranger when it comes to getting the most attractive deals out in the market for its customers. The time it does this via a partnership with the famous mobile carrier, AT&T, customers can visit the outlet and purchase the new Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, and they might just be able to take the 48-inch Samsung Smart TV home with them free.

This offer can be availed by existing and new customers, but only if they purchase the new Samsung smartphone. This might not be strange to customers who go to telecommunications companies for shopping regularly. This promotion deal in collaboration with the Galaxy maker is an attractive one especially for customers who seek for discounts.

Unfortunately, this promotion deal is available for a limited time, ending on April 30. Customers should hurry if they want a larger and smarter screen in their homes. Individuals who are interested can go to outlet AT&T and purchase the S7 series compatible to the company’s next plan. Customers will then be registered for the free offer and can give the phone purchasing receipt, after the confirmation of being eligible for the TV. AT&T will be giving the smart TV the lucky customers delivered to them in the comfort of their home within the next four weeks.

This offer is beneficial to all the parties that will be involved in this deal and ironically even the customers. After passing the eligibility test, customers will have to wait for 45 days, during this time users will need to keep their accounts up and cannot eliminate them.

The ‘so-called’ free offer might not be as easy to attain as people thought it would, but that was expected, it is a 48-inch TV after all. This is smart strategy for AT&T to gather customers through this deal, who will have to go all in for the TV. All facts considered, we forgot that without this offer this TV would costs $450, which is not as cheap as we had hoped it to be. The UN48J5200 has a few flaws, with its release in 2015, it did not consist of a UHD resolution and HD playback, but it is smart.

This a strategy by AT&T so its users buy DirecTV, with offers of the kind that becomes easy for it to achieve the widest user base possible. For customers who have been looking for a new TV, it is a win-win situation. For the maker of the best smartphones, this has benefits of achieving higher sales for both of its products.

Customers who use and prefer iPhones this might not be the best offer, as they will have to purchase the new S7 Samsung series. The offer will expire by the end of the month.

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Samsung Launches New Social Media Network, Waffle

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Samsung is now starting its very own social network, ironically named Waffle, to entertain users.

Samsung launches its very own social media platform, shockingly known as ‘Waffle’. This name is an unusual one for social network but that did not stop the electronics maker. Most names for social media companies are unusual and unheard before but waffle topped with maple syrup can only not be known by a caveman. The South Korean tech giant has chosen a new industry for itself again to set foot in, while others in the business might give Waffle a hard fight for their territory.

The Galaxy maker recently announced decline about to face this year due to the mighty competition faced by it from its major rival, Apple, and other Chinese competitors including Huawei. Thus, the company has taken the decision to switch to other markets to generate a healthy profit. It has even launched a music application and now it will have its own social media platform.

Waffle is highly similar to another social media company, Snapchat, where users can create images and videos. Waffle can become ideal for special occasions such as birthdays, wedding, baby shower, etc., giving a chance to users to create their collages and grids for their loved ones. Users can expand their grids endlessly, as they do not have any limitation. The product was manufactured in Samsung C-Lab, giving customers to make their own stories. Users can post any image and edit them, playing with the original image as much as they please.

The maker of the best smartphones believes that its latest creation will enable users to put in to their own ideas into images and give them more freedom over what they want to do with them. This is not the only feature offered by the application – a social challenge is available where users will reach the high bar if they draw eight images making a grid, which is one of the reasons for this application to be named Waffle. It will make boxes like in a waffle but of images and graffiti.

Samsung is going to test whether the application is successful or failure in the period of one month. The grid application is only available for Android at this point, meaning Samsung’s mobile phones, but might be launched for iOS if it is successful by the end of this year. Waffle was launched at a Southwest conference that was held in Austin on Monday.

Samsung is unique in its creation without doubts. It recently launched the most unexpected products, including this application. It launched a smart belt and a smart suit. If Waffle does not prove to be successful, it will be shut down within this year. For now, users should see what this application has in its ‘boxes’.

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SamsungSamsung Makes Modifications To Note 5 Makes Modifications To Note 5

Note 5, Design Changes, S Pen Stylus Silo Stuck, Note 5 Manual guide instructions

Samsung has changed the design of its Galaxy Note 5, so that your smartphone does not break or the S pen does not get stuck in the phone this time

Samsung Electronics Corporation Ltd. has redesigned its famous smartphone, Galaxy Note 5. This is mainly because the electronics company received complaints from many of its customers that the stylus S pen, when accidently put in backwards ended up getting stuck inside the phone. The changes in the design are no longer going to have this problem and cause the phone to break.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd launched the first Note in 2011, every series since then consisted of a stylus pen with them, serving as a pen for the note instead of the users fingers, however this turned out to become more of a problem than an entertaining feature with time. The tech giant started to notice and receive complain of the note being broken, once the pen was accidently but in backward getting stuck inside the phones silo, which later was recognized as a designing issue.

The Galaxy Note 5 has been redesigned with a grey and white tab that will enable users to eject and inject the S pen comfortably, even when the pen is inserted backwards in the silo. This modification has solved the design flaw that was being reported, these changes can be witnessed in the phone from now on that will be seen in the markets. The flaw turned out to become a major problem, when users forced the pen to get out, the phone ended up breaking. The problem was reported late after the smarphone were purchased because individuals did not notice the problem in the beginning, but after using the phone later in weeks.

The device was later shipped with a warning and even an image informing the buyers of this phone to not insert the S pen backward and instruction on how exactly to insert it to prevent issues. A spokesperson for the manufacturer of the best smartphones around the globe said, “We highly recommend our Galaxy Note 5 users to follow the instructions in the user guide to ensure they do not experience such an unexpected scenario caused by reinserting the S pen in the other way around.”

Users who ended up breaking their Note 5 by insertion of the pen backwards were not reported to get a replacement by the tech giant before the modification and the problem was reported. And it does not seem that the company has any plans to replace the phones of these users. The change in the design that will prevent this problem from occurring again cannot be seen as the change is internal, thus users will not know what smartphone they have purchased the redesigned version or the old one. The company did not make any official announcement of the change, but was waiting for someone to simply notice it on the inside, later it informed of changing the design.


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Samsung Plans To Produce 5 Million Galaxy S7 Initially

J1, Samsung Galaxy S7, Productions

Samsung has plans of manufacturing 5 million Galaxy S7, which will be the initial production of the upcoming phone.

Samsung is planning to initially produce 5 million Galaxy S7 smartphones, according to South Korea Times on Monday. The giant electronics company’s upcoming phone has had a few images and some specs leaked so far. This is the initial production of this anticipated phone.

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.’s smartphone might have two different versions of its phone, one smaller (5.2 inches) from the other (5.5 inches). One other difference will be the design, as the 5.2-inch version is going to have a flat screen while the 5.5-inch version will consist of a curved screen. 3.3 million flat screen versions are to be manufactured in the beginning while 1.6 million of the curved screen versions will be built afterwards.

These upcoming mobile phones are scheduled to launch in February, but spokeswoman for the business declined to make any comments regarding this development. Audience might not be given the expected closure for the product this year, as the company has no plans of displaying the device. However, the company will have a few upgrades for the Galaxy S6, and the design might be modified as well. The upgrades will include a pressure sensitive display, USB Type-C, low light camera, and many other improvements.

Since the tech organization has no plans of displaying its upcoming Galaxy S7, the audience and the media will have more time to make speculation, assumptions, and analysis of the anticipated smartphone specs, and even its design. There have already been many leaks and assumptions regarding the upcoming device. With an iris scanner that the device is far only rumored to have, customers will be given better security, and this will also be beneficial for the company’s Pay App enabling users to lock and unlock their smartphones by looking at their phones, however it is still not known if this is going to happen or not.

In other news regarding the organization’s best smartphones, images of the successor of Galaxy J1 series have been leaked online. Some major specs of the successor were analyzed through the image, which reveal that it will consist of 4.5-inch display, and run on Samsung Exynos 3475 SoC. Galaxy J1 successor is rumored to have a RAM of 1 GB, android OS 5.1.1 Lollipop, internal storage of 4 GB, 5MP primary camera and 2MP secondary camera.

The device is going to be a package of average specs for an extremely affordable price, which is expected to be $100 only. With so many leaks of the company’s upcoming phone and the production for upcoming Galaxy S7, the rivals should beware of S7’s potential and further plans.

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Samsung Makes Koh Dong Jin The President Of The Mobile Communications Business

Samsung Makes Koh Dong Jin The President Of The Mobile Communications Business

Samsung decides to Koh Dong Jin its company’s president who is the developer of S6 and Note 5, the best sellers of the tech giant

The electronics distributor and manufacturer has replaced its president of the mobile communications department, from the 59 years old Shin Jong Kyun to the 54 year old Koh Dong Jin, however Shin Jong will continue being the head of the overall mobile division of the company and will contribute in the growth of the business.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.’s is known for making the best smartphones in the global market is making Koh Dong Jin the president, as he helped in the development of the company’s known bestselling S6 and Note 5 smartphones. The company is making changes in its senior executive’s department mainly because it has been facing problems in generating a good amount of profit; it made the least profit in its four years of business. This recent change decreases Shins influence and power on the business as the company has huge competition from Huawei and Apple. The shuffling of the senior management is also a test for the chairman Lee Jae Yong, who took over after his father Chairman Lee Kun Hee passed away in 2014.

The economics professor from Hansung University, Kim Sand-Jo said, “While it’s true that Shin delivered remarkable performance in the past, it’s indisputable that the Galaxy S6’s results fell short of expectations so a new leader was needed, today’s appointments appear to acknowledge the need to develop a management system that can more proactively respond to challenges from Xiaomi and other Chinese companies.” Shin is given huge respect and credit for the company’s success through the fabulous smartphones he helped manufacturing, which achieved sales of almost 320 million units just in 2014. After Apple launched its IPhone6 and IPhone 6 plus, the electronics company faced issues in Chinas market, because Apple became more dominant in the Chinese market through its smartphones. Other competitors such as Huawei and Xiaomi also contribute to the defeat Samsung is facing in China.

The shuffling of the senior management also includes Yoon BooKeun who is now the division chief of TV and appliances from day-to-day operations of the department.  The galaxy maker is clearly changing its business strategies for the purposes of more success, starting from its management. Shin has been in charge of the mobile department of the company since 2009, and was making huge success for the company until recently where a decline in sales was witnessed. This is not the only thing the company is making effort to change it recently reduced it prices for the expensive products in effort to increase its sales again, but that hasn’t proved to effective so far.


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Samsung Will Layoff Jobs To Minimize The Cost

Samsung Will Layoff Jobs To Minimize The Cost

Samsung Electronics is looking to reduce costs because of its struggling business

Samsung Electronics finally reported positive earnings in over a year or so. The company was going through a rough patch ever since it launched its flagship product, Galaxy S5. Despite of that, the company could be making significant changes in its work force. According to Korea Times, the smartphone maker is all set to lay off a few jobs in order to reduce the cost of the company. It has set eyes to do that in the coming eyes as the overall business is still struggling. The sources familiar to the matter claimed these speculations.

It is believed that the Galaxy S6 Edge marker is considering bidding farewell to 30 percent of its work force that was employed in the Electronics unit. This is done on the basis of estimates of an unstable business in the upcoming quarters. The company released its earnings in the beginning of this week however apart from the growth in operating profit, the company reported disappointed sales and profits from its Galaxy S6 models during the quarter.

Samsung news reveals that the analysts kept on lowering the bar of expectations and estimates for the company so that it gets easier for the smartphone maker to at least meet the expectation or could report a quarterly gain after so long. But the instability in Samsung’s business made it difficult. However after beating the estimates of the quarterly earnings, the smartphone maker celebrated but failed to realize that the estimated were quite low. Ever since then, most emphasis is on the current issues that the company has to take care of.

According to an official of Samsung, he stated that the company’s priority at this moment is to save costs one way or another. Employees who do not play a vital role will soon be asked to leave the company however will be provided good compensation. The smartphone giant is struggling to compete closely against its arch rival, Apple. The company released the newer Galaxy models to compete against Apple’s new iPhones. Hence now it wants to boost profitability not using its flagship products or by improving and innovating products, but by smaller work force so that the cost is minimized.

The company would not only make changes in its Electronics unit but significant changes are expected to be implemented throughout its business units. Korea Times report, “In memory chips, which it has maintained the leadership for more than two decades, Samsung may be challenged in the near future due to advances by Intel in NAND chips and China’s growing semiconductor business.”

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Samsung Smartphone Sales Increased This Year

Samsung Smartphone Sales Increased This Year

Samsung sells more smartphones this year, more than Apple and Huawei combined.

Samsung has made more sales of smartphones this year in comparison to last year, which is a good reason for the company to celebrate but this is not the only reason for it to be happy.

The multinational electronics company attained year-on-year mobile profit growth since the year 2013 in its first quarter this year. The high sales of smartphones have proved to be very profitable but it never reveals how much it has exactly sold. It is known globally for its Galaxy series, keeping aside its high-end products, it has been selling cheap economical smartphones this year.

The organization reported to ship around 84 million phones in its third quarter this year, which is 6.3% more than the same period last year, and more than the shipment of its rivals Apple and Huawei Technologies combined. Sources, such as Counterpoint, reported not just this but also the sales of its high-end products fell to 40%. 55% of its phones cost $301 per unit, which was more last year. Phones that cost below $200 had a contribution of 38% in the overall sales, which was 30% the previous year showing the rise in demand for low-end products of the company as well.

Samsung is known globally because of the production of its successful mobile phones. The shipment of products face a demand worldwide and the sales are also high because of the affordability. This also helps the company to compete with new Chinese competitors in the market because their products are not as affordable and efficient as Samsung smartphones.

The South Korean organization is not afraid of taking risks. One of its successful low-end products is Galaxy J series, which has good features and specs with an affordable price tag. An analyst, Tom Kang, said that the Galaxy J series outsold other lineups of the company’s phones in its third quarter this year.

The profit margins in its mobile phones did collapse by 7% in its third quarter in 2014, while Huawei and Xiaomi won more customers. The manufacturer’s business has learned from this but has had problems to restore the margins to 10%, which the executives promised the investors to achieve. Lowering the prices down of its cellphones will not help it but will lead to a loss instead. Therefore, it has reported 9% margins in its third quarter this year and not made any comments.

Samsung’s stock closed at $1,050.00 on October 15.



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