IBM Initiates New Session Of Pollution Testing

07 Oct

IBM Initiates New Session Of Pollution Testing

IBM Corporation would be cleaning and monitoring a facility in Endicott as part of its pollution testing endeavors.

IBM Corporation has taken a measure to protect the environment. Questions regarding exposure to TCE at Huron campus have prompted a proposal to reexamine indoor air under the command of state environmental and health officials.

IBM news affirmed that IBM – the ex-owner of the 60-acre production site, now possessed by the Huron Real Estate Associates – has decided to gather a new series of samples as a measure of a continuous struggle to ensure that the facility is washed and cleaned, which has been registered at the harmful and toxic waste registry of the state.

President of Huron, Chris Pelto, described the examining process as a part of the already fruitful campaign to guarantee that workers are safe at the site. He cited “substantial documented progress” with washing the site over years. He also stated, “We look forward to a new data set showing consistent or improved indoor air quality levels.”

IBM news today revealed that the company would submit a plan based on preceding sampling results, future and existing tenures of different buildings and “known environmental conditions,” Jeffrey Hammond, an official for the State Department of Health, stated in an e-mail.

IBM Breaking news exclaimed that examination process would be carried out in winter and fall, Mr. Hammond stated. Officials would be concentrating on areas where the ground’s TCE fumes are capable of entering buildings. After seeking advice from the health department, the Department of Environmental Conservation’s executives have ordered the assessment after discovering “a new assessment, conducted with state oversight and under authority of IBM’s consent order, was appropriate”, Mr. Hammond stated.

Mr. Hammond did not discuss on what prompted the plan. The decision was taken soon after some articles in Press & Sun Bulletin shared a report that despite of success in washing TCE from residential sites, levels persisted high in the facility and employees could witness exposure levels.

Exposure levels for TCE and chemicals are characteristically higher in work-related environments than residential sites. However, there is a chance of exposure based on the presumption that people spend more time in residences than in their work.

A lawmaker and Assembly’s Environmental Conservation Committee’s member, Donna Lupado, stated that management should try to demolish some unutilized buildings on premises to speed up the process of cleaning.

One could assume that the New York based organization’s environment-friendly initiative would address the concerns of various environmentalists and authorities, as it intends to serve their interests.


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