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Argus Maintains Its Bullish Stance On Verizon Stock

Argus Maintains Its Bullish Stance On Verizon Stock

Argus Weighs In Verizon Communications Inc.  Stock

On Tuesday, according to a research note, Argus has maintained a Buy rating on the stock of Verizon Communication Inc. along with $59 target price. The sell side firm noted that during an investor presentation, Mr. Lowell McAdam, Chief Executive of the company announced that 2016 earnings are most likely to remain same with 2015. The company is likely to recommence earnings growth in the year 2017.

While the company keeps on attracting higher value subscribers who depend on Verizon’s network reliability, the sell side firm thinks that low ball advertisement from a rising T-Mobile U.S Inc. and a slightly desperate Sprint Corp. are getting bargain hunters from company’s lower value feature phone and prepaid tiers. The company has reaffirmed that it will preserve its high value post paid subscribers, which is expected to cause discounts as will appear necessary.

Mr. Joseph Bonner, an analyst at Argus increased his FY15 earnings per share forecast to $3.89 from $3.79. He ascribed the increase in forecast to rise in dividends, as Verizon just declared to raise its quarterly dividend to 56 cents by almost 2.7%. However, he reduced his fiscal year earnings per share estimates to $3.9 from $3.93, similar to company’s guidance.

Argus also noted that the company has been a long leader in wireless and currently has become a competitor in cable industry too. With the introduction of its G090 wireless video-service, Verizon is making plan to fascinate millennial “cord-nerves”. As penetration of Smart phones works out, the wireless company appears to boost revenue, earnings and network usage by enhancing internet of things and wireless video.

Verizon Communication is usually away from contracts and device subsidies, and it recently disclosed latest shared data plans wherein 1 gigabyte of data costs around $30 per month, 3 gigabyte costs $45 and 6 and 12 GB costs $60 and $80. These plans required payment of around $20 a month for every smartphone line and nearly $10 a month for each hotspot or tablet.

Verizon earnings per share enhancement from the latest quarter were somewhat positive. The company has likewise volatile earnings lately. On Thursday, the giant telecommunication company said that subscribers on grandfather unlimited data plans, Verizon stopped providing them to fresh users in the year 2011 –might witness a $20 rise in their bill monthly. Users will get the first bill with increment after 15 November, while a small number of unlimited users in agreement will not see the increase until it get expires.

Verizon stock was up 0.89% $44.24 at market close on Thursday.

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Verizon Working Towards Dominating Google In The Mobile Video Market


Verizon is giving its customers more control over the channels they pay for as the cacophony of cord cutting reshapes cable TV.

The wireless company has recently acquired AOL which has given it a chance to enter into the video streaming industry with a bang.

Verizon Communications has been trying to enter the online video streaming network that Google is so easily seen dominating with its video streaming giant YouTube growing without slowing down. In the most recent news, it has been made evident that the wireless business carrier along with social media giant Facebook is looking for way to make its way into the video viewing field where Google is seen to make so much money so successfully. Since YouTube has been constantly showing massive signs of growth without any big rival in the industry to compete with, this time around the wireless providers have decided to give Google something to worry about.

As reported by latest Verizon updates has recently announced that it will be acquiring AOL Inc for a massive $4.4 billion and it going to use this acquisition to make its much awaited entry into the video streaming industry. The main reason why the wireless telecom company has been having problems penetrating into this field is that users who use different handsets and phones are trying to access the video platforms through their own different systems and software which was initially being a problem for the firms who wanted to offer their own platform for video viewing.

However, this issue is now being looked after as more and more people are beginning to use similar kind of platforms to reach a destination on the internet. As more and more advanced technologies are being introduced, the chance for more tech giants to enter this field is becoming clearer.

It can be said without doubt that Google Inc is the most dominant company to be earnings huge amounts from YouTube and video streaming system and is has become a source of massive revenue generation for the search engine giant as well. Keeping in mind how much the software giant is earning from the industry, Verizon has taken it seriously to bring about their own system of earning through advertising on videos for which it has acquired AOL. This acquisition has turned out to be quite important for the wireless company keeping in mind that AOL already has quite a lot of experience in the field that the wireless carrier want to take control over.

This take over is going to prove important for Verizon wireless business and AOL both as for the mass media company will be taking help from the user base of the wireless firm to increase its viewership. As for the wireless carrier, this will give it a chance to experiment with something completely new and find new ways to make the company grow in all the best possible ways.

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Verizon Plans To Obtain Fiber Optic Network

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Verizon is working towards making its wireless network system advance by upgrading its 100G fiber optic system

Verizon Communications has recently announced in a press release that the company that it is working towards obtaining a new network technology that will boost up the fiber optic network that they have recently launched. On Tuesday, the wireless providers proudly told the press that the network system that the company has been working on needs to be backed up by something grand and for that the company has come up with an advanced technology that will strengthen up the network even more, which will help the company to provide a more flawless experience to the users.

This offer that Verizon is working on will only be available in a few chosen areas for starters. The company did not elaborate its plans regarding this issue any further and the investors and shareholders are in a state of confusion and curiosity as to when the project will actually be put into action.

Verizon has made many plans to make its network system better. Re-modeling of the network has been taken into consideration by the executives of the company. The wireless providers are planning to make use of small packet sized solutions that are also optimized. These solutions will be provided by Ciena Corp and Cisco Systems to the telecom company.

This step of the company has been taken as positive step by the investors and analysts as they believe that the company will make sure its customers receive the best experience of using wireless internet without many problems. The customers will be offered a service in which they will be provided with internet of a high capacity with quick video streaming solutions as well.

As for Verizon’s news, the vice president of the network planning department of the company recently spoke to the media and expressed how satisfied he was with Cisco and Ciena in offering and providing them all the needed technological things that the company requires for its new venture. He also gave both the companies credit on how well they have worked with the wireless giant in order to make the internet experience in the fiber optic field a great experience for all users.

The 100G optical multiplexers will be working to make the wireless network’s service to the consumers a hundred times better than it already is. The only problem that the company might face in order to make its network advance will be the increase in costs and expenditures and the maintenance expenses that might come in way of the company’s success. On the other hand, the company needs quite a lot of time to actually penetrate this upgraded system in to the market.

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