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BMW Unveils Collision Free Driving Phenomenon at CES 2015

BMW Unveils Collision Free Driving Phenomenon at CES 2015


BMW goes high-tech after more than a decade, introduces collision-free phenomenon in driving.

At CES, BMW introduced the all tech-incorporated sensors in BMW i3, the research vehicle. The aim of BMW i3 is to lead the future with collision-free driving. There are four laser scanners that the company developed in order to analyze the environment and identify inhibitions. The example could be identifying the columns in a multi-floor car parking building.

As per the latest BMW news, the vehicle is brought at standstill condition with the help of brakes as soon as the system realizes there is some sort of collision that might happen. The brakes are automatically released if the driver steers away from the collision. Another thing, rightly timed, that has been introduced to us is the fully automated parking. The smart watch can be synchronized with the system; the smart watch can park your car automatically.

In order to activate the fully-automated software named as Remote Valet Parking Assistant, the smart watch can be used by the driver. The environment and the structure where the car has to be parked are recognized by the system and can tackle any obstacle or hurdle that may appear suddenly.

The vehicle automatically locks itself till any further voice commands are sent by the driver. The RVPA calculates the time when it has to be arrived at the car park and will start the BMB i3 at exit when needed in order to pick up the driver.

This was presented as a research car which means that the car is yet to go under production. The sensors’ price has to come down in order for it to be provided to the end-users. It might be possible that the full-fledge car shall be launched at CES 2016 or 2017 for that matter.

The major advantage that might be possible is the fact that people will definitely say yes to this car. Who wouldn’t want a car that can automatically park it and come at the exit door to pick you as well? Also, the cars have become smart now, getting orders from the drivers. One possible joint venture can be of android / iOS applications with BMW to incorporate specific app for making the life of the driver easier.

All in all, there are many possibilities that have been introduced to the vendors by this research car. We can gear up for more as BMW is getting highly technical after more than a decade. Let’s see what the leading company has stored for us next year.

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