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Uber And AT&T Collaborates To Test College Football Streaming In Cars

AT&T football, AT&T high tech

AT&T and Uber would let passengers watch football matches throughout their journeys.

The American telecommunications company, AT&T, has taken an initiative to please football fans. The Texas-based enterprise stated on Friday that it has collaborated with the app-based transporter, Uber, to offer connected car rides in four cities for a limited time to permit riders to view college football matches live from tablets in the backseat throughout their journeys.

Since the acquisition of satellite television service company, DirecTV, in July for $48,500,000,000, AT&T has taken steps to offer video content on televisions to mobile devices. With this cooperation, the telecom giant is assessing the desire for video content in connected vehicles.

AT&T news exclaimed that its spokesperson, Brett Levecchio, stated that under the tie up, 10 Chevrolet Tahoe vehicles equipped with the telecom’s wireless connectivity would offer the services on four Saturdays in a number of cities, including Atlanta, Houston, Nashville, and Detroit in November and October.

Four tablets would be installed in the back of the vehicle’s phone chargers, wireless headsets, and headrests. Riders could view live broadcast of football matches through the enterprise’s U-V television application on tablets linked to its 4G long-term evolution network, AT&T stated.

AT&T news today disclosed that majority of the Americans currently own a smartphone, and the U.S. wireless industry expects to explore new income streams, such as interconnected vehicles and products for growth. In addition to the provision of necessary pipes that transfer information, telecom organizations, such as AT&T, are interested in earning revenue from content. The organization has signed a deal with nine automobile manufacturers, encompassing Ford Motors Company, Audi AG, and General Motors Company.

AT&T Breaking News revealed that its officials stated they have proposals to bring high-class content, such as games and videos, which can be streamed through personal mobiles to vehicle users. Uber passengers can hire these vehicles for no additional fare by tapping on the ride sharing software’s custom tab, stated Brett.

In some cities, footballers, such as Dat Nyugen and Jerome Bettis, would make surprise appearances in cars, he added. AT&T has cooperated with Uber at a time when the Federal Communications Commission investigates over the conditions determined for clients in a $20,000,000,000 market to transfer high-speed information.

Rival companies that require to hire the high-speed lines for their client’s traffic, such as Level Communications and Sprint Corporation, have informed the commission that they are unethically locked into long-term agreements and face large initial termination fees.

A number of other high-tech enterprises are also being investigated, including CenturyLink, Verizon Communications, and Frontier Communications Corporation.



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AT&T Wants Internet of Things (IoT) To Go Way Beyond The Network

AT&T Wants Internet of Things (IoT) To Go Way Beyond The Network

The American telecom giant, AT&T, would serve different industries; build sensors, find cloud provider, and hook up infrastructure.

AT&T is taking an initiative to extend its range of services. AT&T news affirmed that it is interested in developing sensing devices that would allow its users to avail a cloud provider and connect their infrastructure. In its corporate office at Texas, the company is rebuilding itself for the growing technology category that includes streetlights, connecting vehicles, and establishing grounds to the corporate intranet or the internet.

The Plano premises is home of one of the telecom’s five workshops for developing a connection between AT&T users with emerging companies as the business behemoth attempts to engage with developers in today’s hyper-linked world. AT&T news today revealed it has 3D printers, soldering equipment, and a group of its engineers who jointly worked with collaborators to introduce connected industrial machines to the real situation.

Work ranges from making 80,000,000 solar powered radios to developing industrial sensor network. The measure exemplifies the means by which the company is following a more cooperative strategy for the IoT than its Internet businesses and core phone. While solely working alone on some products to connect devices, it is also cooperating with other businesses. In this way, the company is stepping beyond than just selling businesses and customers to access its pipes. It now intends to provide consulting services and integrate technology.

AT&T breaking news disclosed that the clients include anti-car theft business, LoJack, industrial equipment manufacturer, Emerson, and Rockwell Automation. HydroPoint is a company that is also utilizing AT&T’s platform to regulate linked sprinkler heads for California’s smart irrigation systems. CEO Ralph de la Vega told Fortune about his company’s objectives as far as IoTs are concerned, an idea that is on every C-level executive’s mind, but not always comprehended in an adequate manner.

Mr. Ralph stated that the Rockwell Automation’s CEO and his team visited the Plano facility, one of the five foundries, to debate upon the means by which IoTs could be brought to its manufacturing facilities. They spent seven days there explaining the team to pioneer specialized sensing devices for gathering data and developing internal services.

They took the prototype sensing gadgets to Microsoft Corporation’s Azure Cloud, a platform of computers that could be accessible from everywhere. For Ralph, it was a representative of a new method of working for AT&T emphasizing the requirement to pioneer devices designed specifically to Rockwell’s demands and the senior level of Rockwell officials engaged.

AT&T’s officials should enter its targeted sectors effectively to dominate the highly competitive market.

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AT&T & ZTE Mobley: 4G LTE Wi-Fi Integration Via ZTE’s Mobley Hotspot To Cars

ATT and ZTE Mobley 4G LTE Wi-Fi Integration Via ZTE's Mobley Hotspot To Cars

AT&T launches ZTE Mobley, its first plug-in mobile hotspot for cars.

AT&T has taken an initiative to help car users. AT&T news affirmed that it would launch its first connect and play vehicle Wi–Fi hotspot, ZTE Mobley, in September this year. During the vehicle travel, ZTE would offer a fourth generation long-term evolution-speed internet access to up to 5 Wi-Fi linked mobile products, such as handheld game consoles, portable computers, and tablets.

AT&T news today informed that Mobley is supported by a Qualcomm MDM9215 processor and could be easily plugged into the host automobile’s onboard diagnostics port, which is often a part of most cars released in 1996 or later. ZTE would be autonomously powered with the vehicle’s ignition and switched off with engine’s shutdown. Other than being electric, ZTE’s launch does not mention any diagnostics functionalities or remote car examination that the technology attains from tapping the car’s OBD II port.

AT&T breaking news disclosed that the newly pioneered high tech product could even provide Wi-Fi networking services inside an 11-year-old Toyota Corolla or a 15-year-old Civic power. One of the most essential features of the networking-friendly device is its ability to customize networks through the company’s Wi-Fi manager homepage.

An official of the telecom firm, Chris Penrose has stated, “The ZTE Mobley is our first Wi-Fi plug in for the car. It’s great for everyone- families, entertainment enthusiasts, and professionals”. He added, “It allows multiple Wi-Fi capable devices to connect to AT&T’s 4G LTE network, making it perfect for anyone on the go.”

The new high-tech product could be availed for $0 with a 24-months agreement or $100 with no yearly commitment. The latest device can be included in the Mobile Share value program for an additional access price of $10 per month or linked with DataConnect Plan with monthly prices of $20 for 1 gigabyte or $30 for 3 gigabytes.

Industry analysts have shared the perspective that the introduction of the hotspot would not only allow the vehicle users to commute in a much better way but also improve the business image in the corporate world. It is probable that the new network-friendly product would speed up the highly advanced process of networking, which would ultimately contribute to the growth of different organizations and individuals.

One could say that the device would make travelling much more fun for riders, especially for those who cover long distances. The automotive industry would welcome the recent development, which would add value to its products. AT&T’s officials should ensure that the new product is promoted effectively to lure vehicle users towards it.



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AT&T Latest Investment Plan in Mexico

AT&T Latest Investment Plan in Mexico

This $3 billion investment is part of making a major broadband operational network base in Mexico

According to latest AT&T news, the company has planned to invest around $3 billion in its high-speed mobile Internet network in Mexico. The company currently owns Mexico’s No. 3 and No. 4 wireless carriers Iusacell and Nextel, which covers around 40 million people, that totaled up to be around one-third of the the state’s population, within a span of six months only.

According to recent AT&T updates, the company currently aims to reach 100 million by the end of year 2018.Currently, as per the conditions, the network will require at least some operators for them to become its clients in order to attract the investors, as mentioned by minister in charge of Project Ma.

Also, 2012 through 2014 has been the time when AT&T Inc. invested over $400 million in Boston to enhance reliability, speed, coverage and performance of its leading wireless and wired networks for business users and residents, according to AT&T news. The telecommunication giant prides itself in providing the most reliable and strongest 4G LTE network in today’s time, with providing services to more than 300 million American users.

AT&T’s investment plan known as Project Velocity focuses on network improvement and expansion as part of its investment strategy. In 2014 it upgraded nearly 100 wireless networks in the Boston region which includes new wireless high speed Internet connections, addition of new cell sites and expansion of network capacity.

There were some notable improvement plans in 2014 for Boston including the installation of Distributed Antenna System at the Massachusetts Institute of technology across its all campus, offering free Wi-Fi hotspots in the Back Bay and setting up two cell on wheels (COWs) to increase network capacity.

Interestingly, Fortune magazine recently named AT&T as the Most Admired Telecommunications Company in the world for the year 2015. In addition, Fortune has ranked AT&T 47 in its list of top 50 most admired companies in the world competing with all the companies in all industries. The Most Admired list is highly respected for its reputation in ranking the companies when it comes to corporate performance.

AT&T is one of the biggest Wi-Fi networks consisting of over 34,000 AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots at hotels, bookstores, famous restaurants and retailers and has access to one million hotspots around the world with the help of roaming agreements. Moreover, AT&T’S smartphone users have the advantage to use the national Wi-Fi network free of cost and it is not added to their monthly wireless plan.


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Prices for Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge revealed by at&t and T-mobile

samsun Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge


AT&T and T-mobile have given out the prices they are going to sell the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge for. Due to the premium design this Samsung series carry, the prices have raised, a little.

Samsung announced that the most anticipated phones of the series, Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will be available in United States from April 10th onwards. People can start pre-ordering beginning from today. Along with that as per the latest AT&T news, the company and T-Mobile have struck us with the other details, also including the price of these handsets they are planning to sell it for.

As it had been guessed, the way Galaxy S6 had been designed; it has increased the price as well. However, the prices have not shot too high. 32 GB model of Galaxy S6 can be bought for $679.92 and 64 GB model will be costing $759.99. As far as 128 GB version is concerned, it will be for $859.99. If any one of you is interested in T-Mobile plans when it comes to payment, you can get 32 GB model for $28.33, 24 monthly payments and for $0 down. 64 GB model will be for $99 down and $27.50, 24 monthly payments. Finally, 128 GB model for $199.99 down and $27.50, 24 monthly payments.

The Galaxy S6 Edge will be coming to States at $779.76 for 32 GB, $859.83 for 64 GB and $959.83 FOR 128 GB respectively. Payment rates on monthly basis will start at $0 down and $32.49, 24 monthly payments with 64 GB and 128 GB models.

These all devices can be bought with free Netflix for year if you are buying it from Uncarrier, $107.88 a value.

In the mean-time, when T-Mobile has put all the prices on table when it comes to the new Samsung phones, AT&T seems not so quite clear. According to the AT&T news, the carrier has approved of carrying 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB storage options with colors, black, white and gold. However, the prices have been released only for 32 GB Galaxy and S6 Edge.

The starting price for Galaxy S6 is $22.84 per month, 30 month in total on Next 24. It comes down to $685.20. S6 Edge’s starting price is $27.17 per month, 30 months in total, on Next 24. The total cost comes down to $815.10. The Galaxy S6 offerings by AT&T do not include the free Netflix for a year offer. But they decided to give $50 off if the customer plans to buy Samsung Gear Circle Bluetooth Stereo headset via AT&T Next.

We are sure you guys are totally interested in buying the new Samsung phones as it has got a premium design. The other carriers’ information and pricings shall be posted for you as soon as we get hold of them.

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AT&T invests more than half a billion dollars for enhancing Local networks in Arizona.

AT&T invests

AT&T attempts to further facilitate its Arizona based customers through huge investment

American based multinational telecommunications company AT&T has made a huge investment of $525,000,000 in its high tech wireless and wired networks in the south western American state Arizona between 2012 and 2014. This allowed improving the reliability, performance, coverage and speed of its services, and provided high quality service to it’s customers.

In accordance with its investment plan, the telecom giant concentrated on the improvement and expansion of its wireless networks in the American state. Recently in 2014 AT&T upgraded and modernized more than 131 wireless network works in the American state encompassing new cell sites, new wireless high speed internet connections.

According to AT&T news today this huge investment of AT&T is most likely to bring a large number of new, innovative opportunities for the users of the American telecom giant based in Arizona. It is expected that the enhanced and expanded networks of the company are most likely to attract a large number of customers.

The increasing demand for network connectivity in modern world rising as the easy the availability of connected home appliances such as cars and wearable devices have led to an increase in the dependence on network connectivity. According to AT&T news the President and Chief executive officer  of Arizona technology council Steve  Zylstra has also praised the efforts of the telecommunication company as he has stated that it’s ever growing investment is most likely to equip the residents of the American state with necessary tools to grow.

AT&T provides America’s most efficient and trusted 4G LTE network today to more than 300,000,000 residents of the United States of America. The American high tech telecommunication giant also possesses America’s most strongest and efficient signal.

In the year 2014 several Arizona based markets were captured by the this company which encompassed Bullhead City, Yuma and Kingman. In 2015 the American telecommunication giant was recognized by the American business magazine Fortune magazine as the most admired telecommunications company in the world. This recognition reflects the potential and success of the of the network provider as one of the most admired companies lists, and is among the most highly trusted indicators of business performance and reputation. The telecom company operates a huge Wi-Fi network encompassing more than 34,000 hot spots at popular restaurants, hotels, bookstores and retailers.

The current investment by the company is expected to bring better quality and service for the users and subscribers of the American giant’s data plans.

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