AT&T & ZTE Mobley: 4G LTE Wi-Fi Integration Via ZTE’s Mobley Hotspot To Cars

10 Sep

ATT and ZTE Mobley 4G LTE Wi-Fi Integration Via ZTE's Mobley Hotspot To Cars

AT&T launches ZTE Mobley, its first plug-in mobile hotspot for cars.

AT&T has taken an initiative to help car users. AT&T news affirmed that it would launch its first connect and play vehicle Wi–Fi hotspot, ZTE Mobley, in September this year. During the vehicle travel, ZTE would offer a fourth generation long-term evolution-speed internet access to up to 5 Wi-Fi linked mobile products, such as handheld game consoles, portable computers, and tablets.

AT&T news today informed that Mobley is supported by a Qualcomm MDM9215 processor and could be easily plugged into the host automobile’s onboard diagnostics port, which is often a part of most cars released in 1996 or later. ZTE would be autonomously powered with the vehicle’s ignition and switched off with engine’s shutdown. Other than being electric, ZTE’s launch does not mention any diagnostics functionalities or remote car examination that the technology attains from tapping the car’s OBD II port.

AT&T breaking news disclosed that the newly pioneered high tech product could even provide Wi-Fi networking services inside an 11-year-old Toyota Corolla or a 15-year-old Civic power. One of the most essential features of the networking-friendly device is its ability to customize networks through the company’s Wi-Fi manager homepage.

An official of the telecom firm, Chris Penrose has stated, “The ZTE Mobley is our first Wi-Fi plug in for the car. It’s great for everyone- families, entertainment enthusiasts, and professionals”. He added, “It allows multiple Wi-Fi capable devices to connect to AT&T’s 4G LTE network, making it perfect for anyone on the go.”

The new high-tech product could be availed for $0 with a 24-months agreement or $100 with no yearly commitment. The latest device can be included in the Mobile Share value program for an additional access price of $10 per month or linked with DataConnect Plan with monthly prices of $20 for 1 gigabyte or $30 for 3 gigabytes.

Industry analysts have shared the perspective that the introduction of the hotspot would not only allow the vehicle users to commute in a much better way but also improve the business image in the corporate world. It is probable that the new network-friendly product would speed up the highly advanced process of networking, which would ultimately contribute to the growth of different organizations and individuals.

One could say that the device would make travelling much more fun for riders, especially for those who cover long distances. The automotive industry would welcome the recent development, which would add value to its products. AT&T’s officials should ensure that the new product is promoted effectively to lure vehicle users towards it.



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