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Toxic Plume From Ford Facility Threatens Neighborhood In Livonia

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Toxic water released from a Ford facility is threatening the residents of Livonia and bothers the authorities of the city.

Ford Motors Company is polluting the environment. The American automaker will pull samples of groundwater from a residential area near its transmission facility based in Livonia, as it tries to measure the distance covered by a toxic plume released from its facility.

An official of Ford, Todd Watton, said TCE or trichloroethylene’s breakdown byproduct vinyl chloride is found in the eastern side of the facility in quantities surpassing the federal standards of drinking water, although the organization said local supplies of tap water are intact because municipal consumable water is purchased by Livonia from Detroit.

The degree of the toxicant in the water is currently being determined. Todd told during renovations that a well-known carcinogen TCE was found on plant grounds. The chemical substance was used as parts cleaner and deceased agent up till 1980s. The plant in Livonia was set up in 1952.

Groundwater in the region is moving eastwards and Todd stated soil sampling demonstrates that the byproduct TCE is between 7-feet to 28-feet down and going towards Belden Court, a light industrial cul-de-sac to the Livonia immediate east of campus. To the east of that is the Alden Village subdivision – a residential area.

Testing at a facility on the Belden Court’s northern end succeeded in finding vinyl chloride at 12ppb and 28 parts per billion at different levels of depth in the same region. Out of the 37 ground samples taken near Belden Court, 11 surpassed 2 ppb, which is drinking water regulatory limit set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Ford informed city of Livonia, businesses located on west side of Belden Court, and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality on August 14 and businesses located on the east side on December 18. Recently, letters were written to owners of homes in the residential area.

A meeting is scheduled on February 9, 2015 and a website is developed. Owners said now there is no indication that people have inhaled the chemical vapor released by the toxicant or came into directly contact with the chemical substances.

An official of the city of Livonia, Dave Varga, said a third-party consultant was hired by the city to independently conduct an examination of the testing data. Federal rules hold Ford responsible to clean up the TCE.

In 2013, Ford settled litigation with Shelby Township and accepted to monitor and cleanup after TCE contaminated its former Utica Trim Plant property.

After the sale of the property, Ford would be held responsible for the contamination. Exactly if or how the toxicant would be cleaned is still undetermined.


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Ford Motors Company Initiates “Dynamic Shuttle” As Part Of Smart Mobility Systems

Ford Motors Company Initiates "Dynamic Shuttle" As Part Of Smart Mobility Systems

Ford Motors Company focuses on “Dynamic Shuttle” to address many recent trends.

When workers of Ford’s major technology center are interested in moving to another section of the complex, they have been given an alternate option for reaching their respective destination. Recently beginning at the Dearborn center, workers could utilize their smartphones to order a ride on a “Dynamic Shuttle” a black and blue Ford Transit Van filled with fellows moving on the same route.

Ford news reported that the shuttle is amongst the many initiatives that the company is operating for “smart mobility” systems, which can help it to meet the requirements of the people in the 21st century. It demonstrated the new shuttle facility recently as part of a set of announcements, including a pledge to make an investment worth $4.5bn later this decade to make sure that 40% of its automobile types are introduced with some type of power propulsion.

The initiatives reflect fears at all the huge American car manufacturers over the impact of changing social patterns and strict rules that would compel the makers sharply to enhance the fuel effectiveness of their fleet.

For instance, Fiat Chrysler and General Motors are testing ventures that can increase their involvement in vehicle-sharing systems, cycling and public transport. Auto Trader’s analyst, Michelle Krebs, stated, “Everybody is taking smart mobility very seriously.”

Yet the measures are launched against a backdrop of record automotive sales, where low prices of oil have increased demand for fuel hungry pickup trucks and SUVs. This raises queries about whether electric automobiles or smart mobility would be ever justifying the attention that vehicle makers have devoted to them.

An official at Ford, Raj Nasir, has acknowledged that for the time being, it has to manufacture more fuel effective automobiles mainly to comply with regulatory laws rather than customers’ tastes. He has pointed out that existing conditions would not last for an indefinite period. “We’re not in the business of predicting what oil prices are going to do,” he states.

The Dynamic Shuttle is able to address many trends that are an issue of concern for automakers. It involves smartphones – which a large number of car manufacturers fear are more significant for young buyers than vehicles – as well as sharing and public transport. It is modeled to operate in cities or authorize the expertise to any other provider.

Ford’s CEO Mark Fields is interested in acknowledging that corporations, which concentrate too much on the provision of hardware – such as Nokia Corporation – tend to be beaten by others, such as Apple, which are much more concerned about how their devices are utilized.


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Ford Motors Company Invests In Eleactric Vehicles For Its Growth In Market

Ford Motors Company Invests In Electric Vehicles For Its Growth In Market

Ford Motors company would make a substantial investment in electric automobiles to stay ahead of competition.

Ford Motors Company aims to invest in environmentally friendly vehicles. The automaker stated on Thursday that it intends to launch a more competent Focus’ electric version in 2016, the first of 13 new electric automobiles it pledged to manufacture in the coming four years under an investment worth $4.5bn.

The measure comes as other vehicle manufacturers, encompassing principal competitor ‘General Motors’, have decided to offer an extensive series of long range powered cars even as the lower prices of gasoline reduced demand for more effective vehicles.

Majority of the carmakers would manufacture these vehicles to play their role in meeting strict fuel economy rules internationally. Ford news exclaimed that the enterprise’s improved electric Focus would manufacture in 2016 and be equipped with the capacity to travel 100 miles on a single charge, up from 76 miles on the present model, but lesser than 200 to 300 miles range that the new electric vehicle of GM and other entrants, including Tesla Motors, would attain.

Product Chief of Ford Raj Nasir stated that the automotive organization would have a better rival to Tesla, GM and others, including Volkswagen AG by 2020, but refused to share specifics. “We fully anticipate we’ll be introducing vehicles with competitive range,” he stated.

Ford news today affirmed that in addition to not viewing convincing financial worth in electric vehicles, clients have long been concerned about the capacity of electric vehicles running short of fairness. The corporation’s improved Focus would be equipped with a new tool to let owners charge the battery 80% in half an hour, significantly decreasing the charging time from nearly three hours consumed to charge up.

Chief executive officer of Ford, Mark Fields, stated the invested funds would help to expand the electric automobile’s share in the company’s truck and car portfolio to 40% by the end of decade, up from 13% now. “It is customers’ needs first and foremost, and it is followed by regulation,” Mark stated, talking at a ceremony at the head office of the organization in Dearborn, Michigan.

Ford Breaking news reported that GM’s newly introduced Chevrolet Bolt, which would be offered in 2016, would be able to get more than 200 miles of drive in one charge helping it to take a better position in the electric car competition. That competition, nevertheless, appears to be sluggish.

Despite of the urgency to manufacture more powered vehicles and other alternates that satisfy regulatory bodies in a better manner, deliveries of these automobiles have been delayed as gasoline prices  have decreased, contributing to lesser than 3% of the American auto market.

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Ford Motors Company Releases New Mustangs

Ford Motors Company Releases New Mustangs

Ford Motors Company introduces special Mustang GTs, limited edition with 727-horsepower.

Ford Motors company is about to launch some new vehicles. It would offer a particularly limited number of special-version Mustang GTs that are capable of getting up to 720 horsepower – 20 greater than Dodge’s well-known Challenger sports cars and Hellcat Charger.

The Michigan-based company collaborated with NASCAR celebrity, Richard Petty, to pioneer their three GT King Edition cars. Just 300 – 14 King Premier convertibles, 43 King Premier models, and 243 King models – would be built. The new vehicles would be offered in a range of a minimum price of $67,495 and a maximum price of $90,495, and clients could currently order them from the automaker’s dealerships situated in their respective towns.

Ford News revealed that Mr. Richard stated, “I’ve always liked the look of the Mustang, and the 2016 model gives us a great base car to work with. These new King edition Mustangs are pretty much the way I’d build my own.” The tailored Mustangs are using a plant GT as a base prototype. Richard’s speed shop, Petty’s Garage, made the addition of a supercharging device to add 235 horsepower (hp) to the stock 435 hp five-liter V8.

Ford news today exclaimed that optional features for all three versions encompass an upgrade in super charger, a loop over racing suspension and various wheel bushings leading to 727 hp in total. Other alterations include a MagnaFlow Exhaust, an air intake for breathing and a custom engine calibration.

Ford Breaking News reported that the vehicles are also equipped with sill plates, shift knob, rear diffusers, rear spoilers, and inflated head restraining devices. Mr. Richard would be signing every model. The King Premier version includes a brake improvement kit, a unique stripe package, and custom leather trimmed interior.

To attain such as astonishing surge in horsepower, Petty’s Garage, also known as the aftermarket converter, has taken a number of measures. It has added a Ford Performance to the stock five-liter V-8 engine, which enhance hp to 670 alone. Other measures were also included to boost the overall performance though.

It could be assumed that the introduction of the latest automobiles would not only intimate the automaker’s rivals but also play an essential role in improving its reputation. It is known for producing a number of superior cars and many rivals are striving to meet these standards. Even now, the management is looking forward to manufacture such cars and attract customers by various methods, such as celebrity endorsements, etc.


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Ford Chooses To Market Its Products Together

Ford Chooses To Market Its Products Together

Ford is interested in using a single tag to promote its vehicles.

Ford Motors Company has decided to market its product under the same tag. It is making efforts to develop a consistent identity for its group of utility, expecting to redo what its tag line “Built Ford Tough” carries out for its pickups.

The automaker intends to promote four vehicle — Expedition, Explorer, Edge and Escape — under the concept “Be unstoppable.” It is the first time that the Michigan-based enterprise has attempted to formulate a multivehicle policy for its utility vehicles since its “No Boundaries” program was launched in the initial part of the 21st Century.

Ford news today affirmed that the promotional policy has been introduced at a time, when the company’s utility automobile sales have reached their highest level since 2003, but face intense competition from Jeep, which superseded Ford this annum as the United States of America’s top selling brand. An official at Ford, Travis Calhoun, stated, “It doesn’t make sense to pour dollars into the market unless we can have a unifying statement for the family of SUVs.”

Ford breaking news exclaimed that up till now, “Be Unstoppable” program consists of advertisements launched for the newly redeveloped Edge and freshened Explorer. The Expedition full-size SUV and Escape compact crossover would be added by the end of year. Apart from the common tagline, the advertisements are all punctuated by Rachel Platten’s defiant hit “Fight Song.”

However, they demonstrate that the automobiles are crossing different environments that depend on the consumer category that is willing to purchase them – a big city for the Edge and more rocky terrain for the Explorer. They show families of different sizes utilizing the automobiles.

Ford News reported that the vehicle manufacturer has supplied 693,524 utility vehicles in 2014 and is pacing up for about 730,000 this annum, depending on results through August. Senior Analyst with, Ivan Dury, believes that with so many more clients looking for the “aura of the SUV” again, promoting utility automobiles together is effective to help Ford enhance its consideration.

The company’s reformed marketing plan would not only help it to lure prospective buyers but also enhance the motivation levels of its workforce in the corporate world. It is probable that the new marketing program would threaten the interests of the automaker’s rivals.

Ford’s officials must train its marketing staff to implement the new strategy to increase its sales revenue and market share. The competing businesses are also looking for similar chances and might not refrain from availing any such opportunity.

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Ford Motors Company revives its vehicles in USA

Ford Motors Company revives its vehicles in USA

The American vehicle manufacturer Ford Motors reintroduces Rangers and Bronco in USA.

The American vehicle manufacturer Ford Motors Company might reintroduce it’s automobiles in the United States of America. Ford news exclaimed that the automaker is considering reviving its Ranger pickup and Bronco sports utility vehicle in the largest economy, where vehicle’s demand is rising, stated a person familiar with the organization’s plans.

The two products would be manufactured at Wayne, Michigan, plant that currently manufactures new cars claimed the person, who requested to keep his identity anonymous. The step would help the Michigan based firm safeguard some American union jobs amid contract negotiations.

Ford news today disclosed that the firm might assemble C-Max and Focus in Mexico. The reintroduction of the two vehicles would provide the Bill headed enterprise an opportunity to compete with Toyota Motor Corporation and General Motors Company. The Bronco would succeed in bringing back a famous name that has struck a chord with young purchasers despite being not produced for almost 480 months.

Ford Breaking news affirmed that the Bronco was initially launched 49 years ago as a rugged rival to the Jeep CJ, now identified as the Wrangler. The Southern Californian millennials have been appeased by its performance, stated John, a former official for Ford. The new Bronco would be a mid-sized sports utility vehicle, like the Explorer, the person stated. It would be manufactured on a pick up frame, making it much stronger than the Explorer, as revealed by a person.

Commercial sources have informed that Ford produced its last Bronco 19 years ago and stopped manufacturing Rangers in 2011.The Barra headed enterprise and Ford both stopped producing their smaller pick ups in the past 12 years as petroleum prices adversely affected sales of pickups. In the later part of 2014, the Detroit based enterprise reintroduced GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado as midsized pick ups. The automobile manufacturer supplied more than 66,000 units of the two models this year through July, which also increasing its supply of GMC Sierra large pickups and Chevy Silverado.

Marketing specialist have shared their point of view that the reentrance of the North American giant’s two products would not only help increase its sales revenue and market share but also threaten the interests of its rivals who might imitate its strategy. It is probable that the high tech firm’s initiative would be welcomed by the authorities of the third most populated country as it would contribute to the growth of their economy.

Ford’s officials should take measures to ensure that the two vehicles are reintroduced in an effective manner otherwise they might not help its cause.

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Fords Calls Back Cars Due To Software Problems

Fords Calls Back Cars Due To Software Problems

The auto maker has called back a massive number of cars to fix a software problem that has recently emerged in its SUVs

Fords Motors has recently decided to call back around 433,000 of the cars that it has sold over the past couple of months due to a problem in the software that has emerged with quite a lot of issues over the period of time. The auto making giant has also released a new program for customers who are currently using its cars in which Fords cars will cost a lot less if they are to be rented out by the owners. On the other hand, the auto manufacturers have suddenly been groped with the problem in the software of its cars due to which it has to call back almost all of the cars it sold. These hybrid cars are basically in the region of North America alone and the problem has been diagnosed in the SUVs.

The problem that has taken the attention of Fords business is that the users have repeatedly complained about how their car engines are showing a problem of going further even after it has been turned out by the driver. This issue has sprung up multiple times and it has been reported that the issue is with the software which makes the car go on even when it has been told to stop by the system. Also it should be taken into consideration that even when the customers have pulled out the car key and turned off the engine, the car shows no signs of stopping and this has proved as quite problematic for the users.

On the other hand, Fords received a complaint in May through a customer who sent a letter to the National Highway Safety Admin informing the authorities of the issues his car was facing. The owner of the Fords car reported that even when his car had been turned off, it continued to move and failed to follow the commands on the software system.

Fords has diagnosed this problem to be in the software system installed in the cars. This problem is due to the protection for theft that has been installed within the system as well as for roll-away components launched to prevent similar issues. These issues have reportedly gone wrong within the system which is why the cars have been called back by the auto company. The firm has also discussed the problem with the press, informing it about how so far no casualties or accidents have been reported due to the problem yet, and that the issue is going to get fixed sooner than later.

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Ford Motor Company starts to grow in the Chinese automobile market

Ford Motor Company


Ford Motor Company starts to grow and compete in the Chinese automobile market

The American multinational automobile-manufacturing company, Ford Motor, has found itself in a very powerful economic position. Ford news today indicated that the automobile giant has been able to penetrate progressively in the Chinese automobile market. It was able to break its sales record in the People’s Republic of China during the first month of 2015, with an estimated sales growth of 19%. Ford news highlighted the three automobile models – Escort, Concentrate, and Mondeo (Fusion) – that have played their role in ensuring the growth of business in the Chinese market.

In 2014, the automobile producer was able to succeed, as it was recognized as the bestselling brand in the Republic. It is quite expensive to import cars to the country as that can weigh up to two metric tons can be quite difficult and ineffective to transfer. Regardless of this fact, the sales of the imported automobiles, such as Mustang, Explorer, and Edge, increased by 18% in January.

In 2014, the sales volume growth of the Ford Motor company seemed to stall in the China, as the automobile manufacturing firm had fully utilized its production capacity. In the second-last month of 2014, the organization started its third assembling plant in Chongqing. It is anticipated that this newly established plant would be able to enhance the production capacity by 360,000 units yearly. This will ensure the excellence of corporation at the same pace in 2015.

Latest Ford news reported that the firm is planning to establish another plant in the nearby future, which will further increase its production capacity.  This sales growth is most likely to play an important role in making sure that the reliance of the company on the North American market is reduced. The future endeavors present the opportunities for the corporation of successful expansion.

Currently, Ford’s operations in the Asian Pacific region are the second-most profitable operations. The sales volume of the company in China accounts for approximately 22% of Ford’s total sales volume. It intends to double that by the year 2020, and its market share in the country is expected to increase to 5%. In the competitive automobile world of China, this amount of share is quite small as compared to the huge market shares of similar producers such as Volkswagen and Common Motors. These giants have been able to grab a market share of 15%. Now it has yet to be seen that to what extent the growth of the Ford Motor company is able to threaten its competitors in the Chinese automobile market.


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