Ford Motors Company Releases New Mustangs

26 Oct

Ford Motors Company Releases New Mustangs

Ford Motors Company introduces special Mustang GTs, limited edition with 727-horsepower.

Ford Motors company is about to launch some new vehicles. It would offer a particularly limited number of special-version Mustang GTs that are capable of getting up to 720 horsepower – 20 greater than Dodge’s well-known Challenger sports cars and Hellcat Charger.

The Michigan-based company collaborated with NASCAR celebrity, Richard Petty, to pioneer their three GT King Edition cars. Just 300 – 14 King Premier convertibles, 43 King Premier models, and 243 King models – would be built. The new vehicles would be offered in a range of a minimum price of $67,495 and a maximum price of $90,495, and clients could currently order them from the automaker’s dealerships situated in their respective towns.

Ford News revealed that Mr. Richard stated, “I’ve always liked the look of the Mustang, and the 2016 model gives us a great base car to work with. These new King edition Mustangs are pretty much the way I’d build my own.” The tailored Mustangs are using a plant GT as a base prototype. Richard’s speed shop, Petty’s Garage, made the addition of a supercharging device to add 235 horsepower (hp) to the stock 435 hp five-liter V8.

Ford news today exclaimed that optional features for all three versions encompass an upgrade in super charger, a loop over racing suspension and various wheel bushings leading to 727 hp in total. Other alterations include a MagnaFlow Exhaust, an air intake for breathing and a custom engine calibration.

Ford Breaking News reported that the vehicles are also equipped with sill plates, shift knob, rear diffusers, rear spoilers, and inflated head restraining devices. Mr. Richard would be signing every model. The King Premier version includes a brake improvement kit, a unique stripe package, and custom leather trimmed interior.

To attain such as astonishing surge in horsepower, Petty’s Garage, also known as the aftermarket converter, has taken a number of measures. It has added a Ford Performance to the stock five-liter V-8 engine, which enhance hp to 670 alone. Other measures were also included to boost the overall performance though.

It could be assumed that the introduction of the latest automobiles would not only intimate the automaker’s rivals but also play an essential role in improving its reputation. It is known for producing a number of superior cars and many rivals are striving to meet these standards. Even now, the management is looking forward to manufacture such cars and attract customers by various methods, such as celebrity endorsements, etc.


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