Fords Calls Back Cars Due To Software Problems

16 Jul

Fords Calls Back Cars Due To Software Problems

The auto maker has called back a massive number of cars to fix a software problem that has recently emerged in its SUVs

Fords Motors has recently decided to call back around 433,000 of the cars that it has sold over the past couple of months due to a problem in the software that has emerged with quite a lot of issues over the period of time. The auto making giant has also released a new program for customers who are currently using its cars in which Fords cars will cost a lot less if they are to be rented out by the owners. On the other hand, the auto manufacturers have suddenly been groped with the problem in the software of its cars due to which it has to call back almost all of the cars it sold. These hybrid cars are basically in the region of North America alone and the problem has been diagnosed in the SUVs.

The problem that has taken the attention of Fords business is that the users have repeatedly complained about how their car engines are showing a problem of going further even after it has been turned out by the driver. This issue has sprung up multiple times and it has been reported that the issue is with the software which makes the car go on even when it has been told to stop by the system. Also it should be taken into consideration that even when the customers have pulled out the car key and turned off the engine, the car shows no signs of stopping and this has proved as quite problematic for the users.

On the other hand, Fords received a complaint in May through a customer who sent a letter to the National Highway Safety Admin informing the authorities of the issues his car was facing. The owner of the Fords car reported that even when his car had been turned off, it continued to move and failed to follow the commands on the software system.

Fords has diagnosed this problem to be in the software system installed in the cars. This problem is due to the protection for theft that has been installed within the system as well as for roll-away components launched to prevent similar issues. These issues have reportedly gone wrong within the system which is why the cars have been called back by the auto company. The firm has also discussed the problem with the press, informing it about how so far no casualties or accidents have been reported due to the problem yet, and that the issue is going to get fixed sooner than later.

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