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Cablevision Corporation Becomes The First Distributor Of Hulu

Cablevision Corporation Becomes The First Distributor Of Hulu


Cablevision becomes the first cable and satellite TV provider to offer Hulu streaming services on its platform.

It was not long ago when Cablevision Systems Corporation was the first cable TV provider that was launching HBO Now on its platform. The company has been performing very well as its entertainment offerings are matches the viewers’ interest. After HBO Now, it is now reported that according to Cablevision news, that the cable company has signed a deal with Hulu. The agreement between both companies is to provide Cablevision’s Optimum customers with Hulu service. This will make Cablevision the first provider to reach an agreement to offer Hulu’s streaming services and its comprehensive catalogue of online content.

The CEO of Cablevision, Kristin Dolan said “The partnership with Hulu reflects Cablevision’s desire to meet customers where they are. There is a new generation of consumers who access video through the Internet, and whatever their preference, Cablevision will facilitate a great content experience.”

It is believed that the on demand streaming service is currently in a tough battle to lure customers away from Netflix as well as Amazon Prime. Hence, this deal could be beneficial to both parties as it might help Hulu to get more customers on its platform. The senior vice president of distribution at Hulu, Tim Connolly says that there is a rapid growth in online streaming sector but there are many viewers who are still watching television like old times, through pay TV cable providers. Hence, Hulu wants to provide its services to them.

According to CVC news, despite of the deal being agreed, there are no discussions so far to integrate and install Hulu’s app on the set top boxes (STBs) of Cablevision, as reported by the sources familiar to the matter. The company said that it will soon launch the pricing plans as well as the catalogue of the company about their entertainment offerings in the near future.

It is not the first time that Hulu is approaching pay TV cable providers to launch its streaming services on their set top boxes. The online streaming service provider started this process in the late 2013 where its owners decided not to sell the company. It is currently owned by three media companies that include Walt Disney Co., 21st Century Fox Inc., and Comcast Corporation.

Cablevision’s main target audience is currently those viewers who intend to cut their cords and switch to online TV alternatives. The company was the first cable or satellite provider to launch HBO Now on its platform and now it is again the first to offer Hulu services on its set top boxes.


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