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Yahoo! brings Mobile Developer Conference to New York

Yahoo! brings Mobile Developer Conference to New York

Yahoo! Inc. made an announcement at the Mobile Developer Conference that was held in New York that its website Tumblr will now have in-app sharing through mobile phones, according to latest Yahoo updates.

Through this in-app sharing features Tumblr users will now be able to share videos, photos, other media and links onto their Tumblr profiles by just tapping once. The technology company bought Tumblr back in 2013 for $1.1 billion according to reports the tech company said that for the following year it is likely to keep its focus towards the microblogging platform. The micro bloggers will be able to post photos, videos and links to Tumblr from any app that they are using at any given time.

Users will even be able to share their Tumblr posts on other websites with the people who don’t use tumblr which will also be beneficial for the company as it will make more users want to use their social networking website. Yahoo also acquired Flurry Analytics Platform last year with which it emphases on the importance of mobile apps over browsers stating that apps in the future are going to be more important than browsers as not users automatically go to different apps for anything that they need rather than going on the web for it.

According to Yahoo news, up to 35 percent of consumers in the United States have used the mobile phones from April to June this year in comparison to the previous year, and presently the average user uses his phone for up to 3 hours and 40 minutes. It further suggested that users using mobile browsing have dropped by 50 percent whereas users spent most of their time mobile apps which ultimately provides a bigger opportunity window for app developers.

Through Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite, app developers will be able to see the number of people who share posts from their website or apps and will also be able to monitor the blogs, likes and clicks. The firm told its audience that it is also offering free update which will happen every 15 seconds that’s a courtesy of Flurry Analytics. At the event the CEO of Tumblr David Karp said that they are excited to see more original content be shared on their social media website.

A couple of brokerage firms upgraded their suggestions and stock price target for Yahoo, Inc. The analysts at Vetr upgraded the Yahoo Stock from a Buy to a Strong Buy rating.

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