Uber And AT&T Collaborates To Test College Football Streaming In Cars

19 Oct

AT&T football, AT&T high tech

AT&T and Uber would let passengers watch football matches throughout their journeys.

The American telecommunications company, AT&T, has taken an initiative to please football fans. The Texas-based enterprise stated on Friday that it has collaborated with the app-based transporter, Uber, to offer connected car rides in four cities for a limited time to permit riders to view college football matches live from tablets in the backseat throughout their journeys.

Since the acquisition of satellite television service company, DirecTV, in July for $48,500,000,000, AT&T has taken steps to offer video content on televisions to mobile devices. With this cooperation, the telecom giant is assessing the desire for video content in connected vehicles.

AT&T news exclaimed that its spokesperson, Brett Levecchio, stated that under the tie up, 10 Chevrolet Tahoe vehicles equipped with the telecom’s wireless connectivity would offer the services on four Saturdays in a number of cities, including Atlanta, Houston, Nashville, and Detroit in November and October.

Four tablets would be installed in the back of the vehicle’s phone chargers, wireless headsets, and headrests. Riders could view live broadcast of football matches through the enterprise’s U-V television application on tablets linked to its 4G long-term evolution network, AT&T stated.

AT&T news today disclosed that majority of the Americans currently own a smartphone, and the U.S. wireless industry expects to explore new income streams, such as interconnected vehicles and products for growth. In addition to the provision of necessary pipes that transfer information, telecom organizations, such as AT&T, are interested in earning revenue from content. The organization has signed a deal with nine automobile manufacturers, encompassing Ford Motors Company, Audi AG, and General Motors Company.

AT&T Breaking News revealed that its officials stated they have proposals to bring high-class content, such as games and videos, which can be streamed through personal mobiles to vehicle users. Uber passengers can hire these vehicles for no additional fare by tapping on the ride sharing software’s custom tab, stated Brett.

In some cities, footballers, such as Dat Nyugen and Jerome Bettis, would make surprise appearances in cars, he added. AT&T has cooperated with Uber at a time when the Federal Communications Commission investigates over the conditions determined for clients in a $20,000,000,000 market to transfer high-speed information.

Rival companies that require to hire the high-speed lines for their client’s traffic, such as Level Communications and Sprint Corporation, have informed the commission that they are unethically locked into long-term agreements and face large initial termination fees.

A number of other high-tech enterprises are also being investigated, including CenturyLink, Verizon Communications, and Frontier Communications Corporation.



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