IBM Tops Patent List For 23 Consecutive Years

19 Jan

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IBM topped the annual list U.S. patent recipients of IFI in the competitive industry.

IBM has received many patents in the competitive industry. For the 23rd consecutive year, the New York based company leads the annual list of United States patent recipients of IFI as it bagged 7355 patents last year. This, nevertheless, has marked the first year since nine years that the overall patent activity has decreased. Even the final count of the cloud computation giant was just a little short of its record in the previous year when it bagged 7534 patents.

CEO of IFI Claims Patent Services, Mike Baycroft, said, “After seven straight years of prolific patent growth, 2015 saw the first sign of de-acceleration. I wouldn’t suggest, though, that the patent train is losing momentum as many companies continue to crank out more patents than the previous year.”

The other leading 10 organization are technology giants, including Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Qualcomm, Toshiba, Sony, Intel, Canon and LG. Apple took the 11th place, ahead of Amazon, Toyota Motors, Panasonic, and General Motors (which succeeded in just missing the topmost 25).

IBM focused last year on the cloud and cognitive computation, which together succeeded in garnering it over 2000 patents for related inventions. The China laboratory of IBM Research, for example, patenting a technology that helps machineries to interpret emotion-laden words, provides an opportunity to computers to chat with human beings in a more naturalistic way.

Inventors are also trying to teach the cloud about the method to draw resources from more areas, allowing it to operate more efficiently and faster. It is not only artificial intelligence and computers for IBM though. It is also interested in transforming industries, such as medicine and travel.

One patent has tipped a way to find the frequency of spoken language amongst a group of and translate the announcements into their tongues. The other patent highlights cognitive technologies that help healthcare professionals to identify treatment options based on evidence for patients.

CEO Ginni Rometty said, “During IBM’s 23 years atop the patent list, the company’s inventors have received more than 88,000 U.S. patents.” IBM noted that over 8500 investors located in the United States and overseas have helped the organization to reach the last year’s final figure, and people living outside the United States succeeded in contributing over 36% of the patent of last year.

In other news, Federal Reserve has given the company a contract to revamp its ACH platform, which processes 100 million transactions daily and 50% of all the payments made in the largest economy.

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