IBM Keen To Bolster Artificial Intelligence Amidst Competition

30 Nov

IBM Keen To Bolster Artificial Intelligence Amidst Competition

IBM recently launched SystemML to empower its artificial intelligence domain.

The artificial intelligence software programmers at International Business Machines Corp. have come up with an innovative tool. According to the company, SystemML – a proprietary program will now be readily available so that the programmers can modify and share the Apache Software Foundation.

The ML in the name is an abbreviation for “Machine Learning”. The Silicon Valley giant, which will be responsible to locate the common patterns persisting in large amount of data, has designed this unique technology. The technology has been designed in a manner that will assist in teaching the computer to perform certain tasks like recognizing faces in photographs, locating the unknown activities in the stock prices, and predicting the phrases typed on a search engine.

IBM has the honor to be a part of the three firms this year that have made the proprietary machine-learning technology accessible that has an open-source license. In February, Facebook revealed chunks of Torch Software whereas the Google division of Alphabet also came up with TensorFlow system.

Rob Thomas, the Vice President at IBM unit of Development stated that the SystemML has been successful in gaining acceptance from Apache, which is an open source organization that has more than 150 ventures under its umbrella. Therefore, he now believes that this acceptance by the organization is the first step towards the project’s global acceptance.

Mr. Thomas stated, “It’s an endorsement of sorts that says, ‘This has value’.” IBM’s Almaden research lab first developed the Sytem ML almost ten years ago in order to make things easier for the developers of that time. It is still one of the most used customized machine-learning software to make it easier for the developers to create more of them. Mr. Thomas stated that SystemML could easily help a bank in various ways such as by creating a program risk modeling software that would give warnings prior to any fraudulent activity.

According to Dong Bang “DB” Tsai, a Spark developer and a research engineer at Netflix, “It’s a pretty early-stage project, but it’s pretty promising.” He believes that with SystemML, Netflix will easily be able to bolster its recommendation platform that makes use of machine learning to gauge which movies a client would want to watch over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. At this point, the company has not evaluated the platform but might do so in the times to come.


The company has made up its mind to open the source code of SystemML via Apache Foundation that will assist them in attracting a bigger fraternity of programmers along with improving the developments.

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