Google, Microsoft, Firefox and Others Team up To Launch Web Assembly

18 Jun

Google, Microsoft, Firefox and Others Team up To Launch Web Assembly

The tech giants such as Microsoft, Google, Firefox and others have come together with the launch of WebAssembly to support the other languages’ codes and be supportive with all major browsers.

Latest Google news is regarding the joint venture of the tech giants along with the company such as Microsoft, Mozilla and etc. who have come together in order to unveil WebAssembly. It is a new binary format for the applications to be compiled for the web.

The web has been and always will flourish on the standards and JavaScript is the programming language that it has. Over the past years, we have experienced numerous efforts that have allowed the developers through which they can work around the limitation that JavaScript has, this had been done by building such compilers that would transpile the code that is in other languages to JavaScript. Couple of such projects is focused on introducing new features to this language; one example could be TypeScript or even speeding the JavaScript up, such as asm.jsproject by Mozilla. Google news reports that these projects are now coming together to be formed as one WebAssembly.

This newly introduced format has been made to let the programmers compile their codes for browser where the codes then get executed within the JavaScript engine. Currently the languages being focused are C/C++ along with others to come. Instead of parsing the entire code, which takes quite a while specifically on mobile, WebAssembly is capable to be decoded faster. The objective is that it shall provide the developers with one compilation target for web that will become the standard for web which later will be implemented in all the browsers.

JavaScript files are the text files by default and can be downloaded from the server. The downloaded files are then parsed and also compiled by the engine of JavaScript within the browser. The team for this project has decided to introduce the binary format for the reason that the code is able to be compressed more than the text files of standard JavaScript. Also it is faster for the binary format to be decoded by the engine instead of asm.js code being parsed.

In the early stage of this program, there is a plan by the team to launch the polyfill library, a so-called one that shall be able to translate the code of WebAssembly into JavaScript so the code can run faster in all browsers, even the ones without the support for WebAssembly. There will be more tools built by the team with the passage of time such as debuggers and compliers, and add the languages’ support for instance Go, Rust and C#. WebAssembly and JavaScript will be able to deviate again once all the major browsers begin supporting format natively.


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