Tesla Motors Collaborates With Canadian University

18 Jun

Tesla Motors Collaborates With Canadian University

Tesla Motors has decided to seek external help for developing its power storage devices.

Tesla Motors has decided to seek external help for developing its power storage devices. Tesla news reported that the company has signed an agreement with the Canada-based Dalhousie University. It is revealed that both entities have entered into a five-year research partnership. One of the factors responsible for the automaker’s decision to opt for the educational institution is the potential of its professor Dr Jeff Dahn.

Tesla news today informed that Mr. Dahn is currently working as the Industrial Research chairman for Advanced Batteries. This project is financed by two Canadian organizations and it is expected that the agreement would come in effect from June 2016. Mr. Dahn has stated that the research group’s objective is to increase the lifetime and power density of Lithium-ion batteries, so the business can cut down the costs of automotive and grid energy storing applications. He added that the management is amazed to collaborate with Tesla, a company that is interested in researching.

The proclamation of Tesla’s Gigafactory has helped to lure the educational expert. The agreement followed Dahn’s meeting with Tesla’s co-founder and chief technology officer J.B. Straubel. He believes that one can store 30 to 40 percent more electricity in lithium-ion power storage devices without affecting its lifespan.

Social media sources stated that since 2008, the chemistry professor has been working to improve the lifetime of lithium-ion cells. Gigafactory aims to manufacture these batteries at a lower cost. Market experts stated that the collaboration between the two entities would not only contribute to the development of high-tech energy storing devices, but also improve the reputation of the Californian automaker, as affirmed by Tesla Motors news.

Tesla has never previously signed a deal with any Canadian university. The Vice President of Research at Dalhousie, Martha Crago, has stated that Dalhousie University has dominated the field of advanced materials and clean technology research. It is probable that the customers of the automaker would welcome the tie up, as it will allow them to benefit from a cheap power source.

Government sources highlighted that the financial terms of the agreement have not yet been disclosed. Industry experts believe that Mr. Dahn’s services would speed up the process by which batteries are manufactured. It is expected that the joint efforts of the two partners would provide comfort to the power consumers. The managements of both modern organizations should now take measures to collaborate in the most effective manner or they might fail to contribute to the technologically advanced field of energy storage.

The signing of the deal might also appease the students of the Canadian institution, as their university’s profile would be improved. Similarly, the cooperation between both organizations would also benefit the Canadian and American authorities.



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