Microsoft Using E3 Conference In The Right Manner For Xbox Fanatics- Part 2

17 Jun

Microsoft Using E3 Conference In The Right Manner For Xbox Fanatics- Part 2


Microsoft also unveiled the Xbox 360 backward compatibility and some customization is coming on the way too.

In Part 1, we discussed about the Microsoft’s appearance at the E3 conference and also the titles it traversed through only in 90 minutes. In this part, we will be looking into other important titles being announced for Xbox.

Yes, you have heard it right. Backward compatibility shall be added to Xbox One.  The feature was announced by the Microsoft news just minutes before its conference and noted that the customers now have two ways of loading the last generation Xbox 360 games in the Xbox One. According to the tech giant, users hardly need the titles to be re-downloaded that have been purchased on an Xbox 360 via Xbox Live, or they can copy the physical disc to Xbox One’s hard drive before beginning the game. At the same time, developers are not needed to port the Xbox 360 titles of theirs since it has been made automatic.

Furthermore, the games from the last generation shall be utilizing the Xbox One features that have stood out such as the capturing of screenshots while in the game. The backward-compatible titles will be released by the company in waves. The first landmark title that shall be touting is Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, Perfect Dark Zero and Mass Effect. The later waves will be created for other games such as God of War and Borderlands.

The backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 has been made available for the Preview users since yesterday and the general launch shall be done later in the year.

There has been no case of Xbox One reveling in the customization, be it any. However, this fact is about to change. There is a new controller that Microsoft has introduced which aimed to cater the hardcore gamers while at the E3 conference, that has been outfitted with the customizable components particularly created for an enhanced precision through the multiple gaming styles. There is ability for the gamers to remap the controller’s entirety and also swap the facets out like the analogue sticks and directional pad in order for the personal preferences of the gamers.

Also, the updated controller boasts the locking system which is built-in or four paddles and the triggers, residing on the device’s backside. The paddles serve as the set of inputs which are extra for the ones who are interested in using more than the forefingers and thumbs for input. It’s sad that these paddles will be restricted for the mappings created by the players. There has been no word regarding the release window or the pricing for now, however, it is expected to know more before the conference ends.

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