Tesla Motors In Malaysia

20 May

Tesla Motors In Malaysia


Tesla Motors has decided to launch Model S vehicles in the Malaysian market.

Tesla Motors has decided to launch Model S vehicles in the Malaysian market. The automaker would officially introduce its brand new cars, Model S 85 luxury sedan and Model S 70D, in Malaysia during the latter part of 2015, as reported by Tesla news. However, the residents of the country would not be allowed to purchase these automobiles until January or February 2016.

Government sources highlighted that Malaysian Green Technology Corporation (MGTC) would directly perform the operation. Tesla news today reported that approximately 120 cars of the ‘electric vehicle pioneer’ would be sold to MGTC, which would then be provided through a leasing plan of 24 months. At the end of the agreement, the products would be offered to government officials or other government-associated firms.

Experts presented their view that the idea behind the purchase and lease of electric-fuelled cars is to inform policy makers and other stakeholders about the advantages of electric vehicles. This is being done by providing them an opportunity to use the technology.

Tesla Motors news affirmed that MGTC is interested in deploying Tesla’s 120 Model S units. The acquired vehicles would include both all-wheel drive 70D and real-wheel drive 85 variant models. The Chief Executive Officer of Green Tech, Ahmad Hadri Haris, has explained the reasons for opting to acquire Tesla’s models, as he pointed out that a number of factors have shaped the corporation’s decision, such as car’s size and operating range.

Mr. Haris has stated that Tesla Motors is the only vehicle manufacturer that has successfully met the requirements of the Green Tech’s program. He added that the disposition of the vehicle meets the standards of an official car and its 400km range is sufficient for satisfying its requirements. The official has not yet finalized the leasing costs. It is expected that the cost would be around RM6000 per month.

Mr. Haris has also stated that the corporation is engaged in the process of finding a facility to maintain the vehicles during the program. Tesla Motors is not new to the market of Malaysia, as its Model S vehicles were seen in the Southeast Asian territory as well. It faced some issues in the recent past but managed to sort them in an effective manner.

Tesla should now devise marketing strategies to penetrate into the country’s automobile market. Industry experts stated that if the vehicles are acquired, then they would lower down the pollution levels of the country, as the emission levels of electric cars are quite low. It is probable that the sale of the cars would add to the revenues and profits of the organization. The electric vehicle manufacturer and MGTC should proceed and finalize the terms of the car lease agreement.

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