Alibaba Plans To Use Consumers’ Data In A Better Way

20 May

Alibaba Plans To Use Consumers' Data In A Better Way


Alibaba has been on its way to become global and another initiative it takes is making the advertisement more personalized and targeted for the consumers using its data analytics.

Chinese e-commerce giant which is all set to globalize its presence via the business and monetization is very well known to the nature of its shoppers. The company is aware of what the consumers are searching for, what they might buy and what path they shall opt for the purchase. Latest Alibaba news is that it does observe the data as to what videos the viewers watch, also the e-commerce giant has access to the map data coming from the smartphones.

Alibaba news reports that the company is on the feet for this data being used properly and in more enhanced manner for the brands that are aiming to buy or have bought the ad space on the company’s platforms; in that regard it has made the purchases in mobile and ad-tech. Latest development it has been going for is partnering with the agencies in order for them to help working with the brands, as the company tries to match the products of these various brands with the utmost receptive consumers and also propose some personalized messages for them.

With the help of Alimama, the online marketing arm of the e-commerce giant, the company has teamed up with the four agency partners; &C by Denstu Inc., OgilvyOne by WPP, Nim Digital by Omnicom Group and  Hylink which is an independent player. The brand strategy head for Alimama expressed that, “brings in its expertise in data technology and its vast pool of consumer data, while the agencies contribute their expertise in brand strategic planning and marketing.”

Most of the revenue that Chinese e-commerce makes is coming from advertisements; it is said to have the fourth biggest share of the revenues coming from ads, globally that is. The first three positions are taken by Google, Facebook and Biadu, a Chinese search engine giant.

The competitiveness of the company shall be boosted with this initiative where it is offering ads that are more targeted, personalized messages and also higher ROI for the marketers. This shall help making mark against its competitors within the country, Tencent and Baidu.

Two months ago, Alimama had worked with Buick in order to target the prospects which were potential enough for Excelle. Alimama had hunted through its data using the Buick’s data referring to the past buyers and found some with the same profiles; it resulted in analyzing the most suitable time to send them the ads regarding the car-buying. It is said and observed that Alibaba has sturdier search data as compared to e-commerce platforms in West for a reason that it has emerged as the first stop for someone who wants to buy something online.

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