Tesla Motors to introduce automated self driving cars

23 Mar

Tesla Motors


Tesla Motors to facilitate car users through the introduction of driver less car technology

The American electronic car manufacturer Tesla Motors has decided to launch driver less car technology in the electronic automobile market.  The electronic automobile manufacturer has announced that its automobile Model S will soon be equipped with advanced software with in the next 3 months.

According to Tesla news this advanced software would make sure that the automobile is able to move itself on the highway. In one of its press briefings the Chief Executive Officer of the American automobile manufacturing firm Elon Musk announced that two versions of the self driving car technology would be launched. The first version would be introduced after three months and the second version would be launched after six months.The highly equipped self driving automobile would be able to park itself in a garage, move to meet a user if called by a smart phone. The driver less car would also be able to drive itself from the American state San Francisco to Seattle with minimum input from the driver.

According to Tesla news today, the company is currently developing  more advanced features that would permit the car to move under continuous automated control. The electronic automobile manufacturer wants to make sure that its newly pioneered technology is introduced to the market very soon. The luxury automobile firms Audi and Mercedes are currently providing self driving facility to their users.

According  to sources of the share market the decision to launch the highly updated self driving vehicle has not been able to impress the investors as the firm’s stock has suffered recently. The financial experts projects that this is due to the problems investors have in forecasting the risk reward of the business model of the company. It is predicted that the newly developed driver less car technology would be able to attract a large number of car users as the technology aims to make the lives of car users much more easier.

The industry sources claims that Tesla’s decision to introduce driver less automobile has shocked the automobile world. Unlike Google’s self driving car this  newly developed high tech automobile will be able to operate on highways and major roads with few junctions. The newly originated driver less car has not been legitimized by state authorities that regulate newly automobile technology. An official of Tesla Motors has said that the automobile firm’s self driving car technology will not break current laws. It is expected that the automobile manufacturer’s decision to introduce driver less technology is most likely to threaten its competitors in the electronic automobile market.

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