Gender discrimination petition filed against Twitter

23 Mar

Gender discrimination petition filed against Twitter


A former female employee has threatened Twitter by filing a gender discrimination lawsuit

The American-based social networking service, Twitter, has suffered from a huge setback as its reputation has been threatened by an allegation of gender discrimination. Twitter news today reported that one of the ex-female engineers of the social networking firm has filed a ‘gender bias’ petition against her former employer. In that petition, she has accused the social network for not providing equal promotion opportunities to women. The former female employee has also blamed them for developing and implementing gender-biased promotion policies that illegitimately favor men.

Tina Huang, employee in the mobile team and the developer manufacturing team of the company, petitioned a lawsuit this Thursday in the State Court of California,as informed by Twitter breaking news. Huang has stated that the promotion policies of the social networking service provider are responsible for ensuring the delay in promotion opportunities for women. In her petition, the former female engineer also stated that seniors did not promote her in 2013 without any justified reasoning despite her marvelous performance evaluations. The management of the corporation objected this accusation.

Twitter news further elaborated that Huang had also attempted to attain an out-of-court settlement, as she mailed the Chief Executive Officer of Twitter, Dick Costolo, last year mentioning her concerns. Several industry sources speculated her attempt to get justice failed as Huang was forced to resign from the social media firm after 90 days. This information was disagreed by Twitter itself. In her petition, Huang has also blamed the corporation for baseless hiring, as it has made sure that men occupy all the senior management positions. This accusation, if true, is sufficient to explain about the gender discriminatory policies of men. Huang also claims that the company has acknowledged its gender discrimination problem and initiated bias elimination training within it.

The findings of the diversity report of the microblogging firm tend to support the claims of the former employee of Twitter. Those results suggest that women occupy only one fifth of the senior management positions.  It is expected that the company might contest a legal battle against the claims of its employee as the social networking giant has rejected her allegations. Twitter is not the only social networking firm who has been accused of gender discrimination. Former employee of Facebook, another social media platform, had filed similar petition against it as well. Now, it is to be seen yet that to what extent this gender discrimination lawsuit would play its role in ensuring the provision of equal promotion opportunities to both men and women.


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