Tesla Motors Introduces Powerwall Home Battery

01 May

Tesla Motors Introduces Powerwall Home Battery


Tesla Motors has introduced Powerwall battery for home use. This battery has been designed to change the ways in which energy is used.

The American electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla Motors, has introduced a Power wall home battery, which would develop the electricity with numerous small electric generators built up of solar panels. The devices would be placed on garage roofs.

The Chief Executive of the company, Elon Musk, announced his plans at the company’s design studio near an American airport. A large number of enthusiasts witnessed his proclamation while he stated that he wants to basically change the way in which the world uses energy. This statement indicates that he intends to revolutionize the power market. Tesla motors news affirmed that the storing equipment would be supplied to various organizations. The selling partners include Lyndon, Solar City, and Peter Rive.

Mr. Elon is the Chairman of the SolarCity and its biggest shareholder. Latest Tesla news exclaimed that the newly pioneered device would be unaffordable for a large number of consumers. It would be sold at a recommended price of $3000 to $3500 depending upon its capacity. The price suggests that the device might not attract the masses, as the experts stated their view that the unaffordability of the product could reduce its demand.

The Chief Technology Officer of Solar City, Peter Rive, stated his disagreement in believing that the product would initially lure the average person, which indicates the opinion of the management of the seller that it would fail to attract a large number of customers. However, the future of these inventions remains a mystery for now.

Mr. Musk has a different point of view, as he believes that Tesla and other entrants would sell 2,000,000,000 high-tech battery packs around the world. His views inform that he believes the customers would be tempted towards the latest invention. The executives of the vehicle pioneer claimed that it would soon sell a small quantity of electric storing devices in the ‘largest economy of the world’.

Tesla news proclaimed that these new devices would play a significant role in minimizing the world’s reliance on electricity generated from fossil fuels. Market sources have informed that the company would soon introduce a network of storing equipment similar to electricity generating plants. The newly established device would provide power solutions in times of need.

The new invention is currently performing the duty of a storage system. The battery is trying to satisfy the demands of an engineer, David Cunningham, during its testing phases. Mr. David has appreciated the device and stated that he recognizes it as a whole power system. This statement elaborates that the product has the potential to dominate the power sector. Now it is yet to be seen that to what extent Tesla’s power initiative is able to play its role in transforming the high-tech power sector.

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