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BMW Wins Supply Contract -Ahead of Tesla

BMW Wins Supply Contract -Ahead of Tesla

LAPD has awarded an electrically powered vehicle supply contract to BMW for acquiring EVs for reaching out to the community

Tesla Motors has lost a contract to German automaker BMW. The latter has acquired Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) electric car contract under which it is required to deliver 100 electrically powered cars to the department. Instead of car chases or patrols, the department intends to use the vehicles for reaching out to community and other police business.

The current contract involving the probable lease of Munich based automaker’s 100 i3 all-electric plug in vehicles brought the number of electric vehicles-in-use by the police department in various cities to 200.

In 2015, the police department tested Tesla P85D, a Model S variant that has been now suspended. Initially, the LAPD was looking at leasing or purchasing the replacement, the P90D, but instead opted for the BMW i3. Small as well as weak in comparison with electric giant Tesla, the German electric vehicle is also cheaper. Its cost is $42,000 –almost 50% lower than the California based organization’s price.

Vartan Yegiyan, who heads the police department’s motor transport unit, stated the BMWs lease payment will be $387 monthly. The lease period will be three year long and the accumulated price is calculated to be around $1.4 million –including repairs and maintenance, he stated. Also, an additional $1.5 million will be required to purchase the infrastructure for electric vehicles charging and purchasing other such vehicles in the future, Mr. Yegiyan added.

BMW runs at a lower topmost speed and can just be driven 80 to 100 miles on 1 electric charge. But for an extra fee, the German EV is also offered with a gas-engine “extender” that takes the range to around 150 miles. The recent leasing contract could result in a contract for automobiles more suitable for patrolling work. Chief of Police Charlie Beck stated the LAPD was continuing its practice to work with Tesla, BMWs and other car makers to develop a more capable electric automobile.

Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti stated the automobiles are being leased by LAPD under a 3 year contract with the company. He also stated L.A aims to purchase 100 extra electric automobiles this financial year. In an announcement, BMW stated the availability of a huge network of BMW “i centers,” which can maintain EVs, had an influence on the decision by LAPD.

The usage of the company’s motorbikes by LAPD in its fleet might also have played a helpful role in sealing the deal. BMW stated a California based organization Greelots that does management of electric automobile charging networks, would supply 100 level 4 and 2 DC fast chargers to the department.

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