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Microsoft Likely To Launch a High-End Surface Phone

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The Redmond-based tech giant is rumored to launch a high-end smartphone in the most competitive market.

Rumors of a new Surface Phone have been circling around the market for a while now. A number of people believe that Microsoft Corporation is working on a Surface Phone, which is under development. At this point, it is just rumor since the tech giant just recently released its flagship Lumia smartphones – Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL.

According to research, over 50% of Microsoft smartphone users are hoping for a new phone to be launched by the technology company. However, the Redmond based organization has not had much success in the smartphone industry in comparison to Apple and Google. For people who prefer these devices have Microsoft as their last resort for a phone.

The Android and iPhone operating system are more popular amongst customers mainly because of their ease in availability and meeting their consumer’s need in terms of applications and features.

Presently, Surface series consists of tablets and laptops that the company just recently launched; it is also the most reputed sector. A luxury brand might just help the business to gain the popularity it is hoping for in the mobile industry. The company manufactures both low-end and high-end smartphones. Lumia comes under its low-end phones. These low-end phones have not performed well as the organization imagined and failed to create the expected hype.

In case the rumors are true and there is a Surface Phone likely to surface, the company should market it as its flagship, high-end, most powerful cellphone that it has to offer. It has managed to see growth in its smartphone revenue. Analyzing Microsoft’s smartphone market, it is simple to say that now when a new phone brand just emerges out of nowhere, it is difficult to differentiate one.

In comparison to Apple’s iPhone, it would be good to have a strong rival in the market, which is directly competing with Apple, but it is understood that it will not be able to see the success equivalent to iPhone. However, it can easily get a good market share, provided it manages to attract the right market. To do so, it will require keeping its focus on the software that will run the Surface Phone.

Microsoft stock is being traded at $52.30 indicating a decrease of 0.06%. During the session, the stock price was seen hit a high of $52.85 and a low share price of $51.46. The market capitalization is $418.01 billion. The earnings per share reported by the tech giant is 1.49.

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Analysts Believe Apple To Still Be A Threat To Tesla

Analysts Believe Apple To Still Be A Threat To Tesla

The smart phone making company has been holding on to a strong business lead so far and the fact that Tesla is not ready to consider it will not change the reality, according to the analysts

Apple Inc was recently discussed by the CEO of auto making giant Tesla Motors and the comments that were made towards the kind of relationship the auto makers have with the software giant made the industry pundits shake heads. Elon Musk, Tesla’s main force and CEO, was seen to make some harsh comments about the way the iPhone makers seem to be carrying their business forward taking away most of the auto giant’s engineers, by offering a higher salary to them. Previously, Musk has been quite amicable about towards the smart phone making company’s efforts being reportedly made to enter the auto industry, but the latest press release spoke otherwise.

Talking about Apple business working on an electric car, Elon Musk was seen to dismiss the topic roughly by talking about the Apple Watch instead, that too in a condescending tone. However, analysts and news reporters present at the scene turned out to have some negative comments about the attitude shown by Musk, as it is to be believed that by putting down the iPhone makers and their idea of making an electric car, they cannot deny how important the existence of the tech giant is in the industry, as whatever it does and whatever territory it enters, it sure does make a difference in it.

Analysts are also talking about how the harsh tone used against Apple by the CEO of the EV makers is actually not something that the smart phone needs to worry about, as it is rather an ignorant approach coming from an executive of the smart car maker. Furthermore, it is a known fact that the iPad owners have been taking away a number of employees from the smart car makers by offering them a better salary, which is clearly taken as a threat to the auto makers. However, in the same press release, Musk was seen to talk about how the employees that he does not want to use anymore are the only ones that Apple has its hands on, which is why he does not feel threatened in any way.

As for the sales and deliveries of the Apple Watch, which are believed to be a product that failed to be a successful one according to Musk, has been able to make sure that the sales target it set before the launch of the smart watch are being met very comfortably. The giant expected to sell around 10.5 million units of the watch in the current year and has reportedly already reached the target.

Apple stock was down 0.48% to $112.48 at market close on Monday Oct 12.

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Google Could Be Very Serious About Its Self Driving Car Project

Google Could Be Very Serious About Its Self Driving Car Project

The search engine giant has hired a new CEO for self driving car project which has made the analysts in the industry quite bullish

The most popular Google project is reportedly the self-driving car idea that the firm has been working for quite some time now. For the past couple of years, the search engine giant has not only increased its workforce for the project but it has also shown massive growth in the field, with tests on the cars being done every now and then in different parts of the country.

This time around, the progress in the project comes with the announcement of a new CEO that has been hired by the tech giant in order to head the automotive car program in a much better way than it is already being run. This news was released on Sunday when the firm announced that it will be giving the post to John Krafcik, who has served as the president for Hyundai’s American wing for a long time and has been a part of the auto industry for quite some time now.

He has not only worked in Hyundai, but has also given his services to Fords Motors for a long time. On the other hand, analysts are taking this step of the auto giants as one that shows the firm cannot possibly be fooling around with the automotive car idea with such huge progress being made.

The first time that Google business launched the these cars was in 2009, when the project was initiated by the firm, according to Google news. At that time, the automotive industry seemed like a dream to the analysts but things have been gearing up a little too fast now, with progress being made in the industry at a very fast pace. The recent tests for the self driving vehicles that were done in California and Texas turned out some great results for the firm to feel confident enough to work its way upwards in the industry in the best possible way.

In Austin alone, around 25 cars have been observed on the roads which are Lexus SUVs, according ot latest Google updates. With the new CEO, the tech firm looks like it is preparing itself and the market for a really huge outcome that will take place soon enough, according to the firm’s beliefs.

Analysts, on the other hand, have observed the situation closely and are of the opinion that things have already begun to look better for the giant as Krafcik has previously shown his high potential in the industry through different projects and his entrance in the company could mean many positive things for it.

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