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Analysts Believe Apple To Still Be A Threat To Tesla

Analysts Believe Apple To Still Be A Threat To Tesla

The smart phone making company has been holding on to a strong business lead so far and the fact that Tesla is not ready to consider it will not change the reality, according to the analysts

Apple Inc was recently discussed by the CEO of auto making giant Tesla Motors and the comments that were made towards the kind of relationship the auto makers have with the software giant made the industry pundits shake heads. Elon Musk, Tesla’s main force and CEO, was seen to make some harsh comments about the way the iPhone makers seem to be carrying their business forward taking away most of the auto giant’s engineers, by offering a higher salary to them. Previously, Musk has been quite amicable about towards the smart phone making company’s efforts being reportedly made to enter the auto industry, but the latest press release spoke otherwise.

Talking about Apple business working on an electric car, Elon Musk was seen to dismiss the topic roughly by talking about the Apple Watch instead, that too in a condescending tone. However, analysts and news reporters present at the scene turned out to have some negative comments about the attitude shown by Musk, as it is to be believed that by putting down the iPhone makers and their idea of making an electric car, they cannot deny how important the existence of the tech giant is in the industry, as whatever it does and whatever territory it enters, it sure does make a difference in it.

Analysts are also talking about how the harsh tone used against Apple by the CEO of the EV makers is actually not something that the smart phone needs to worry about, as it is rather an ignorant approach coming from an executive of the smart car maker. Furthermore, it is a known fact that the iPad owners have been taking away a number of employees from the smart car makers by offering them a better salary, which is clearly taken as a threat to the auto makers. However, in the same press release, Musk was seen to talk about how the employees that he does not want to use anymore are the only ones that Apple has its hands on, which is why he does not feel threatened in any way.

As for the sales and deliveries of the Apple Watch, which are believed to be a product that failed to be a successful one according to Musk, has been able to make sure that the sales target it set before the launch of the smart watch are being met very comfortably. The giant expected to sell around 10.5 million units of the watch in the current year and has reportedly already reached the target.

Apple stock was down 0.48% to $112.48 at market close on Monday Oct 12.

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Microsoft Stock To Witness A Fall In Near Future

Microsoft Stock To Witness A Fall In Near Future

The software giant is expected to see some lower lows in the near future, given some sluggish sales in the third quarter of the year

Microsoft Corporation managed to gain by a massive difference before the start of the current financial 12 month period and has so far maintained its position, by going down by only 3 percent in the year so far. This is being taken by the analysts as an accomplishment by the software giant but for the ones who are looking at the future perspective of the stock, it is to be believed that a little upgrade here and there does not guarantee future strength and this might just be what keeps the investors in the company confused about what to expect from it.

Microsoft stock has also been showing a lot of signs where it seems to be growing to its maximum capacity, but analysts know that once it reaches the top, the next level will be of hitting a lower end, which is why a dip in the share value can be expected in the near future. On the other hand, the equity firms which have been keeping a close eye on the stock movements being made by the software company have repeatedly informed the investors that by keeping a track on the lower high values seen on the stock, it can be judged that in the upcoming few months, the same movements can take the share price a little more downwards, by hitting off even lower highs than before.

This trend being followed for some time by Microsoft business has made the analysts a little over to the bearish side, but are still of the opinion that the new developments and new technology that the tech company seems to be working on could turn out to be the armor that pulls in back from the deep waters it was previously seen in, in the stock market.

The software giant is also preparing itself to report its third quarter earnings for the present year on October 22, and the expected earnings per share that the firm is expected to make might come around $0.58. Previously, the same tech giant managed to get an EPS of $0.60, which relatively shows how this quarter has not been that great for the giant. As for the analysts firms covering its stock, around nineteen have provided it with a rating of a ‘buy’ while five equity firms believe that the company deserves a ‘sell’ rating, supported by the lower lows it has been facing in the market for some time. The short interest ratio, however, has been recorded at 1.99.

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Analysts Appear Bullish Towards Apple Stock

Analysts Appear Bullish Towards Apple Stock

Apple stock is expected to rise in the coming months as believed by analysts at Goldman Sachs.

Recent news regarding the Apple stock has emerged from the analysts’ side and it suggests that the software giant has lately been receiving a rather downward glance from the investors as they have turned out to be rather bearish about the way things are going on within the company.

This became clearer in the last trade that was experienced by the software giant in the stock market, when the share value was seen to drop by about a massive 2.59% making the price of the share reach $107.44. This volatile activity was seen right from the beginning of the session, where the single share price went down in the first two hours of the day only.

On the other hand, Wall Street analysts’ negative view on the stock of Apple business does not seem to bother the majority of the equity analysts who are only looking on the activities of the giant in a positive way and are not moved by the bearishness shown by the Street analysts on the matter. Analysts from Goldman Sachs Group have come about to be highly bullish about the iPhone making company’s business and are of the opinion that the stock has the potential to reach heights that some people might be missing out on.

Furthermore, it is also believed that if the Sachs analysts are right about their expectations from the Mac maker, then it is also possible that the value of the stock ends up rising up surprisingly in near future.

Apple software business stock has also been deemed as one that has ‘quality’ which according to the Sachs analysts is the one that has a good combination of returns received from the investments made in totality. Moreover, the fact that the tech giant works with its assets in a very productive way is another factor that is making the analysts so bullish.

Analysts seem to be aware of the lows faced by the Californian company on the index and are of the opinion that the earnings report, published at the end of October, might turn things around for the giant, either in a good way or bad, depending on the sales and earnings results.

However, analysts at Sachs have maintained the bullish review, supporting their stance by informing the investors about how an increase is to be expected by the next year that might double the stock of the company by a massive 50% from where it stands now.


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Microsoft To Work On A Surface Phone

Microsoft To Work On A Surface Phone

The firm is expected to launch a Surface Phone at the October 6 event going to take place next month

Analysts in the tech industry have come around to be a little bearish about Microsoft Corporation considering how its rivals like Apple and Google have been performing in the industry lately. It is their opinion that in order bring about a change in the sales and popularity of the firm, it is needed that the giant goes through some much needed changes in the strategies being followed by the management so that it comes to the level of carrying out business like the other firms in the industry.

It is not a hidden fact that the rivals of the software giant have been enjoying a dominant position in the smart phone market for quite some time and this has helped the revenue generated by both the firms on a massive level. In order to compete with the growing sales pressure, analysts have suggested the tech giant to look for new options to try so that it can compete with the rivals in an effective manner.

Analysts at Bidness ETC believe that the event on October 6 that Microsoft business has scheduled to take place is most probably going to be about a smart phone that the firm wishes to introduce in the market, and it could even be that it is actually a Surface Phone that ends up being released after all. The software company has so far not shown any success in the smart phone industry as rivals like Apple and Google have been leading the space by a huge margin, leaving no space for the tech firm to enter properly.

Even though Microsoft tried to make a mark in the industry by introducing the multiple Nokia phones in the form of the Lumia series, that turned out to be not half as bad as the firm’s previous experiences, but also did not give the required results as it was meant to do, according to Microsoft news. The firm also shows that it has the correct space to introduce more smart phones in the industry, that too which are supported by Windows and not Android, as reported according to latest Microsoft updates.

Analysts are thinking about how the firm can actually end up using the Surface series to make a phone that turns out to be the start of a new legacy. Since the software giant has always received a very positive response for all of its Surface products so far released in the market, the idea of a Surface does not sound strange to the analysts and it is also expected that a phone will be launched by the giant which ends up competing with Apple’s and Samsung’s phones.

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Microsoft Gets Upgraded By Analysts

Microsoft Gets Upgraded By Analysts

The software business has been upgraded by an equity firm that believes the sales of PCs is in line with the expectations of analysts

Microsoft Corporation has been upgraded by the analysts at Pacific Crest Securities, an equity firm which was recently seen to run coverage on the stock of the software firm in a research note. The software business giant has been granted an ‘overweight’ rating by the analysts of the firm along with an increased and much positive price target of $55, according to Microsoft stocks updates.

The equity analysts have reported that the positive outlook on the stock is due to the high expectations that they have from the new Windows 10, which is predicted to reach new heights once it gets fully launched in the market. The analysis has not only been made for the current time period, but analysts are also of the opinion that this positivity on the stock is going to continue for the next two to four financial quarters as well, if things go according to plans made by the tech company.

Even though sales of personal computers declined for the past few quarters and failed to meet expectations of analysts for a very long time, this time things seemed to be a little different as the equity firm’s analysts have mentioned in their report how the sales expectations being made by Microsoft business are now being comfortably met. These expectations have been set by the Street’s analysts and the release of Windows 10 is another factor which is being looked at quite empathically, as it is bringing back the lost attention to the firm’s business coming from the users.

Reportedly, there are quite a number of retailers who are seen making sales of personal computers with Windows 8 installed on it instead of the latest one. However, there are also many retailers who are considering updating the stock of PCs with the Windows 10 in order to make the computers more valuable. A survey that was made to see the reason for the increasing sales showed that even though the sales of PCs has increased by a huge number, it is not because of the new Windows that this is taking place. The main reason for the rise in the higher demand for PCs is more because of the back-to-school season that is currently going on.

Analysts also mentioned that by this fact, it does not mean that the new Windows are by any chance less popular with the crowd because it has received more attention of the users than expected. However, users seem to be demanding to get the new operating system installed in their computers and analysts believe that if the supply is enough and the demand is looked after properly, there is a chance the firm earns more than predictions through the new software.

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