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Apple Expands In Hyderabad, India With Massive Investment

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Apple is strongly sprawling itself in international market to capture a fair share.

According to AppleInsider, a reporter from “ZDNet” expressed that Apple plans to spend up to $25 million in India on a project which reportedly provides 4,500 jobs. Commenting on the matter, managing director of India’s Telangana State Technology Services, GT Venkateshwar Rao, has cited that through the Indian city, Hyderabad, can also tread on technology and its image of technology development can be boosted.

Rao told that Microsoft Corporation’s Windows 10 has also been developed in Hyderabad and now it has become one global product. The high tech organizations – Microsoft and Google – have earlier announced their plans for investing in India. Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s chief, has earlier announced about the probable expansion of the existing facilities and to make the most of the India’s status of the third largest region for startups – just behind U.K. and U.S.

While Google’s initiatives in India includes Sundar Pichai recent announcement of a $160 million worth “huge new campus in Hyderabad,” which, apart from being Alphabet subsidiary’s first premises outside America is also said to be “the biggest in South Asia.”

Almost a decade ago, the Silicon-Valley business had announced its plan of setting up a product support center situated in Bangalore, India, but the project was abandoned just after a life of three months. About the abandoned project, Apple’s PR chief, Steve Dowling expressed that at that time, the company had undergone a re-evaluation of its plan and the tech giant chose other countries to setup the support center.

Until last March, when Apple’s sales in India reached ahead of a whopping $1bn sales mark, it decided to work in the fruitful market. Since then, it is negotiating with the Indian government to get the license for the setup of new Apple Stores in the region. India is faced by strict regulations regarding the foreign possession of retail stores which sells a single brand.  
Apple’s roadmap for Hyderabad was dubbed by Srinivasan as company’s “first offshore technology development center outside the United States.” Apple has numerous facilities across the world. One of its international facilities; includes a site in Cork, Ireland. The facility is involved in the “manufacturing, customer care, finance, and global supply chain management.” Last summer, the Ireland-based facility has also been planned for a major expansion.

To accelerate its international expansions, Apple announced last month that it plans to open the first iOS App Development Center in Naples, Italy. Moreover, in Cambridge, U.K., the tech titan has opened R&D offices. In addition to the R&D centers in U.K., the company has built the research and development centers in Shanghai, China and Longtan, Taiwan too. The expansion in the international market will let the company enjoy strong growth.

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