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Apple Highlights Relations With IBM

Apple Highlights Relations With IBM

Apple has highlighted its relationship with IBM by changing its business webpage.

Apple has taken a measure to inform the world about its competencies and promote itself across the globe. The consumer electronics manufacturer recently introduced its Mac redesigned edition in Business webpage as its relations with IBM continued to grow. As its name has implied, the webpage demonstrates the enterprise acumen of the company and the newly introduced design focuses on the strengths of the smartphone maker in business.

The overall website has highlighted facts that one will expect in Apple’s marketing pitch, such as the symbiotic relations between hardware and Apple software, and the means by which iPads, iPhone and Macs work well together.

The smartphone manufacturer has called attention to its accessibility instruments, including Swift programming language, which it had recently open sourced and OSX safety tools, amongst other features that can appeal to business clients. It also focused on its relations with the company, especially IBM’s experience while shifting over to Macs in 2015.

Webpage and Fletcher Previn, who is working as a ‘Workplace as a Service’ official in the IBM’s CIO office, have revealed that shifting to Macs have contributed to average savings worth $270 per equipment when compared to a personal computer. Fletcher stated that the actual dollar savings ranged from $240 and at least $273.

“We currently have 50,000 MacBooks deployed and plan to deploy a total of 150,000 to 200,000 devices across the organization. Since the rollout began in June, 2015 [we have] been adding 1900 Macs per week within IBM,” he stated.

The saved funds are a result of lower supporting costs from lesser calls to the internal help desk of the company. Only 5% of people who use Macs have asked for assistance since the program was started compared to two fifth for users of personal computers, Fletcher spoke to Tech Crunch.

On an average, two fifth of the newly hired employees want to use Apple machines when they come aboard, but he has reported that they have witnessed generational differences as far as the utilization of the technology giant’s gadgets is concerned.

“Someone who has worked at IBM for 25 years is a lot less likely to ask for a Mac than a new college hire, for example,” he stated. In fact, the New York based organization has established an enterprise known as ‘Mac at Work’ letting other businesses shift to Apple’s devices. “IBM is now able to offer clients the same program [we implemented internally] to easily and securely integrate Macs with their enterprise systems and applications,” Fletcher elaborated.

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Blackberry launches Secu tablet “Spy roof”

Blackberry launches Secu tablet "Spy roof"


Blackberry launches Secu tablet for securing the data of it’s customers

The Canadian based wireless equipment company Blackberry introduced its Secutablet “Spy proof device”. This high tech device has been pioneered with the help of Samsung and IBM. The Canadian phone manufacturer  has been observed by many as one with falling popularity, but the phone manufacturer has taken the decision to make its presence felt in the telecommunication market.

According to latest Blackberry news, the Secutablet is the combination of software and hardware of three companies. In order to protect applications containing confidential information the device employs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.5 with Secusmart micro SD card and IBM softwares. These softwares play their role in making sure that the sensitive information is shielded from malicious attacks.

According to BlackBerry news, this shield permits the equipment to operate personal applications such without the threat from malicious attacks. The Canadian phone maker predicts to sell approximately 10,000 units yearly at a price of $2,360 a piece. The secure tablet is being supplied to businesses and governments.

The senior management consultant of IBM Stefan Hefter says that the newly launched product would be able to satisfy those who require bigger screens without violations of security. The Chief Executive Officer of Secusmart Hans-Christoph Quelle says that the security system is installed in each and every part of this high tech invention, which encompasses data encryption and voice solutions.

Government customers have relied on Secusmart security cards for years, and these same security cards would be employed to protect this newly launched product of Blackberry. The German company Secusmart has been providing  BlackBerry designed smart phones with this security software since 2013 but this will be the first time that this security software would be utilized for tablets.

This high tech invention is still waiting for the approval of the German Federal office for Information security, but it is forecasted that the product would be introduced in the market by next year. This is not the first tablet manufactured by the Canadian based phone maker. In 2011, the manufacturer introduced the Blackberry Playbook. The production of that tablet was later stopped due to falling sales. The company may launch PlayBook 2 for ordinary consumers, according to the news.

One of the most interesting aspects of this newly pioneered secure device is that three different telecommunications companies Blackberry, Samsung and IBM have employed various resources to make sure that the information of their customers gets shielded in the best possible manner. It is expected that the Secutablet would play an important role in making sure that the lives of its users become much easier.


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