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HBO Beats Netflix In Original Programming Space

HBO Beats Netflix In Original Programming Space

HBO finished first in the list for being the best original programming provider; whereas Netflix ended up at fourth.

Netflix Inc. entered the entertainment industry in 1998 and it came with an objective to rule over the industry in the times to come. It had plans to ‘cut the cords’ of the cable TVs i.e. to eliminate the existence of the cable TV providers and transform itself into a bigger organization than HBO. The streaming giant dreamed to be HBO quicker than before HBO starts following Netflix. So far, it is on the right track.

The online streaming giant used to only own the rights of popular shows from different companies but recently it decided to own and produce original content as well. This indeed is a big threat to not only internet TV providers but other cable TV and broadcasting companies as well who are into original programming, especially HBO.

Through the years, there has been an ongoing battle between Netflix and HBO, but the former’s vigorous expansion plan could see it leading the market over any other provider easily. The company has expanded its global footprints in almost 70 countries now with having more than 70 million subscribers. However, the competition in the market is getting tougher, fiercer and stiffer with the passing time. Hence, the reason of massive investments by big name companies, including HBO, Netflix, Showtime, AMC, etc. are to ensure that their next show is a big hit.

The main objective is to attain the most consumer attention but at this point, the real battle is in between HBO and Netflix who, in no time, has turned into one of the biggest original content producers. The streaming service provider is still not close to HBO in the list of best ratings of original series by different providers. HBO was leading the list by a mile where its average rating was above 80 on a 100-point scale. Showtime came second in the list with 75.1 rating whereas FX was third with 74 rating. Netflix finished fourth with a rating of 73.6 on a 100-point scale.

According to BGR, “First off, Netflix remains committed to producing an ever increasing amount of original programming. Indeed, it’s why the company had no qualms about letting its move licensing deal with Epix expire.” The company released various new original contents this year and the majority reviews were in its favor. Its two original best prime examples are Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Daredevil. The viewers and the critics loved both.


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