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Blackberry to Acquire Good Technoloogy

Blackberry to Acquire Good Technoloogy

The Canadian phone maker Blackberry Limited would buy out mobile security  firm Good Technology

The Canadian phone maker Blackberry Limited has decided to acquire an organization. Blackberry news revealed that the firm would purchase Good Technology Corporation for $425,000,000.This acquisition would help the North American giant gain mobile product management clients while  reducing its rivals in that industry.

Blackberry news today affirmed that the California based firm Good Technology, develops programs to let workers work safely from their personal phones. It includes G7 governments and some of the world’s biggest financial institutions and law companies in its 6200 clients, as stated by the Waterloo based enterprise. The takeover lets the firm get rid of a rival which had decreased its customers as more employees replace their company provided BlackBerrys with their own iPhones and Android products. An official of Bloomberg intelligence John Butler believes that the procurement of the new firm would prove to be useful for Blackberry as it would not only help it but also improve its capacity to battle with larger competitors.

Blackberry Breaking news disclosed that Blackberry’s CEO John Chen has stated that the firm would integrate the acquired enterprise’s secure electronic mailing applications with its expertise in letting organizations safeguard and manage thousands of linked tablets and phones. The mobile security providing organization’s CEO Chirsty Wyatt stated that the firm delayed a planned IPO in 2014 because of its deteriorating market conditions, people aware of the matter stated at the time.

An official at Bloomberg Intelligence, Matt Larson informed that a Jury has found out that Mobile Iron Inc didn’t violate Good Technology’s patents and that some of its patents were not validated. That could have adversely affected the American high tech firm’s valuation. The phone manufacturing firm has forecasted that it would earn revenue worth $160,000,000 from the corporation in the first 12 months, after taking into account some of the firm’s postponed revenue, Chen stated. Such an earning would let the CEO achieve his objective of increasing yearly software revenue to $500,000,000 by March 2016.

Commercial sources have informed that it has been anticipated that the takeover would take place in the later part of this year. The deal would play a significant role in helping Blackberry battle with a number of highly advanced firms encompassing Mobile Iron Inc, VMare Inc’s Air Watch and Citrix Systems.

Market analysts have claimed that the acquisition would not only improve Blackberry’s financial position but also improve its image in the corporate world.

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BlackBerry Chooses Google’s Android


BlackBerry Limited, back in its days, was the market leader in the smartphone industry. In fact, the company was the pioneer of smartphones and first gave the concept of how a smartphone should be like. It initiated the process of proper smartphone and business smartphones that captivated a major chunk of the market. However with the passage of time, BlackBerry smartphones started to become obsolete. And with the introduction of Apple’s iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones in the market, BlackBerry was nowhere to be seen. It failed to keep up with the pace of them.

For a very long time, the company is trying to revamp its business and make a comeback entry and repay its loyal customers with the best, however, it still cannot compete against Apple and Samsung and the major chunk of market is with these brands. Also, the BlackBerry OS is becoming obsolete which is another main cause of the failure. There were rumors about latest Blackberry news, regarding a possible acquisition by Samsung of BlackBerry which will help it to revamp its BlackBerry smartphone business.

Samsung would have opted to run and operate BlackBerry phones on Android that would have been easier for the market to experiment. However, the latest additions from the company still operate on its own unique operating system. Now many sources are stating that the company has jumped into Google’s Android smartphone market. The company officials previously stated that they are interested in making smartphones that will run on Android OS. However there was one condition set by the CEO, John Chen, as he stated that the company will only make Android powered smartphones if it is capable to make them secure enough for its users.

This was the last statement from BlackBerry regarding its possible entry in the Android market, according to latest Blackberry updates. Now, it is found out that the company is already registered with the domain names including ‘’ and ‘’.

Sources suggest, “If you look up the details for, you will find that the domain names have been registered through the domain registrar MarkMonitor, and that the domain name is actually owned by BlackBerry Ltd.” This might be that the company can now make secured smartphones that will run on Android. However, all of these are only speculations as the company has not yet confirmed it or made it official that it makes Android powered smartphones as of yet.

Furthermore, it is believed that the company might come up with at least two smartphones that will be powered by Android in this year.

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