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Analysts Believe Apple To Still Be A Threat To Tesla

Analysts Believe Apple To Still Be A Threat To Tesla

The smart phone making company has been holding on to a strong business lead so far and the fact that Tesla is not ready to consider it will not change the reality, according to the analysts

Apple Inc was recently discussed by the CEO of auto making giant Tesla Motors and the comments that were made towards the kind of relationship the auto makers have with the software giant made the industry pundits shake heads. Elon Musk, Tesla’s main force and CEO, was seen to make some harsh comments about the way the iPhone makers seem to be carrying their business forward taking away most of the auto giant’s engineers, by offering a higher salary to them. Previously, Musk has been quite amicable about towards the smart phone making company’s efforts being reportedly made to enter the auto industry, but the latest press release spoke otherwise.

Talking about Apple business working on an electric car, Elon Musk was seen to dismiss the topic roughly by talking about the Apple Watch instead, that too in a condescending tone. However, analysts and news reporters present at the scene turned out to have some negative comments about the attitude shown by Musk, as it is to be believed that by putting down the iPhone makers and their idea of making an electric car, they cannot deny how important the existence of the tech giant is in the industry, as whatever it does and whatever territory it enters, it sure does make a difference in it.

Analysts are also talking about how the harsh tone used against Apple by the CEO of the EV makers is actually not something that the smart phone needs to worry about, as it is rather an ignorant approach coming from an executive of the smart car maker. Furthermore, it is a known fact that the iPad owners have been taking away a number of employees from the smart car makers by offering them a better salary, which is clearly taken as a threat to the auto makers. However, in the same press release, Musk was seen to talk about how the employees that he does not want to use anymore are the only ones that Apple has its hands on, which is why he does not feel threatened in any way.

As for the sales and deliveries of the Apple Watch, which are believed to be a product that failed to be a successful one according to Musk, has been able to make sure that the sales target it set before the launch of the smart watch are being met very comfortably. The giant expected to sell around 10.5 million units of the watch in the current year and has reportedly already reached the target.

Apple stock was down 0.48% to $112.48 at market close on Monday Oct 12.

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The Apple Watch SDK For Native App Unveiled at WWDC 2015

The Apple Watch SDK For Native App Unveiled at WWDC 2015


Apple’s WWDC 2015 has unveiled WatchOS 2 and also the native SDK for the developers to create more apps for the Watch in  more efficient way.

There had been a lot of latest Apple news announced at the WWDC 2015. With the iOS 9 release and updates features, Apple Maps and Apple Music seeing the transition, the tech giant did not forget the Apple Watch as well. The smart watch has become more interesting now for the development purposes as the WatchOS 2 was announced at the conference. Not only the new operating system but also the native SDK in its true form had been introduced as well.

Vice president of Apple, Kevin Lynch, was on the stage for demonstrating the first new function that had been available for the developers pertaining to third-party named Complications. Developers will also have the ability to create the widgets for various watch faces that the product has, this shall make easier for many users to see the small information from the app all the day.

Through a new feature, “Time Travel” the users are being provided with the ability to rotate the Digital Crown using the information history which is displayed in Complications. In this way, users can see how MLB game had progressed with the help of scan that they can do on previous score updates from the watch face.

If we dig into the APIs in detail, the ones that are going to be available for third party apps, Apple news reports that the Apple Watch shall get more features such as video playback, access to speaker, built-in microphone and also an access to the HealthKit which includes the heart rate data continuously streaming.

Furthermore, developers will also have the access to accelerometer of the Watch and also the Taptic Engine. This shall open the ways for apps consisting of touch-based output and motion control. With the Wi-Fi radio in the Watch and it being available to the developers, the tech giant has reduced the further need of iPhone being paired with the watch all the time.

In the previous times, the developers that were interested in bringing their apps to Apple Watch had to use WatchKit which is an SDK. While it let the developers create apps for the users’ wrist, software made with the help of this toolkit is actually running on the paired iPhone of the user. The interface elements and data shall be transmitting to the Watch via Bluetooth LE. With these transfers, the delay that came had been a significant limit in user experience context because there was a seconds of delay before the app shall open. Jeff Williams who is the senior VP for operations at Apple hinted that the native SDK would be revealed, which it has, and the support for apps so they can read the data directly from sensors of Apple Watch could be possible.

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Best Paid IPhone And IPad Apps That Are Available For Free Right Now

Best Paid IPhone And IPad Apps That Are Available For Free Right Now


Get your hands on these paid apps before it is too late

A handful of paid-iOS apps were put up to be downloaded for free from the App Store last week, according to latest Apple news. With a few apps designed to support the Apple Watch as well, here’s the list of the apps that you can download for free right now, and everything you need to know about these apps.


Buzz…you have a new reminder; tagged as currently the world’s fastest app when it comes to reminding users, the app is fairly simple to use. Very little ought to be done to set up a reminder, and you can check out all your reminders across all your connected devices.

The app was designed to support the Apple Watch, and makes setting-up reminders on the Watch easier than ever. Previously available for $0.99, the app is free to download for a limited time.



Tagged as one of the most reliable note-taking apps, Note-Ify lets you write down virtually anything you want; passwords, reminder, and what not. You can sort your notes into folders, highlight them, and sync them to your Dropbox. Also, set up a password to ensure that no one gets a go on your private information.

Also, you can share your notes with your friends and family via email, text message, Facebook, and Twitter. The app is pleasant to the eye, and rather straightforward. Choose from nearly 100 themes and set it up the want you want; things have merely been streamlined thanks to the Note-Ify.

Available for $1.99 on another day, you can get it for free right now.

Fokus Pokus

Fokus Pokus lets you discover photography, assisting you click top-notch photos.

Just as the name suggests, the app lets you focus on any part of your picture with merely a tap; that’s right. You can now focus precisely where you want to. Apart from this, the app lets you share your photos with your friends and family across a number of social media accounts.

Normally seen with a $0.99 price tag, the app is currently put for free.



This has to be, hands down, the most simple app on the App Store.

Updated only a couple of weeks back, oPomodoro allows users to concentrate on their work, and end up getting the job done in a rather efficient manner. Thanks to the developers for not having incorporated useless content within the app, the app does not bother you in an anyway.

The App was previously available on iPhone and iPad only, but you can now get it on your Apple Watch as well. Available for only $0.99 normally, the app is free to download for a limited time.


WiFi Disk

Thanks to WiFi Disk, you can now use your iPhone or your iPad as a flash drive.

You can now download and upload files from your PC on to your iPhone or you iPad through you PC’s web browser. All you have to do is connect you device to the same WiFi as your PC, and run the server on the app. Thereafter, you can download or upload files onto you device.

Following the recent update, the app now functions with iOS 8, and seems to have been redesigned to match the iPhone 6, and 6 Plus compatibility issues. The app is an absolute bargain at a $0.99 price, and well, there’s no reason you should hold back from downloading it when it is up for free.

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Apple Inc First Smarwatch – What It Could Be

Apple Inc First Smarwatch - What It Could Be


Apple has created its first smart watch and it could be your future virtual assistant.

The Apple Watch’s first iteration has been making a buzz and people are questioning what it is. But if we come to think of what it could be, there are many possibilities for the future.

Apple Watch, the company’s first smart watch reported by latest Apple news is the device that might fit into the category of perfect virtual assistant that people have wished to have. It has also utilized the Siri in the best way possible, better than on the smart phone and tablet where it had been introduced earlier.

It is most likely that people will forget Siri as much of a use on iPhone or iPad for that matter. There are numerous other distractions on tap when it comes to iOS functionality. The less-is-more device should have the path of least confrontation in the form of voice, no denying in the fact that it is the primary way of communication and it can happen whenever the voice recognition shall be improved for Siri.

The smart watch by Apple has placed Siri right on your wrist with deliberate intentions. The current needs of people can be contextualized and understood with the help of this. That is what your realistic assistant would do, so why not Siri? A smart watch which is omni-present assistant (virtual) and is also capable of tapping you on your wrist so it can grab your attention is the grander version of what normal or usual smart watches have been selling us till now, fitness tracking is the most heard of promise in this regard.

Apple news suggests that the company has been planning a lot about making virtual assistant into being and introducing it to the users. The startup responsible for Siri was bought by the company in 2010. Cue was also acquired by the company in 2013 which is a personal assistant app. The reason behind tech giant’s interest and involvement in this regard mainly focuses on the evolution that mobile search shall see in future.

When it comes to apps and the world surrounding them, something gives, that is time. It is finite and nobody can change that. Apple hinted the fact that the more the gadgets, the more the time-sink capacity for humans and that is why repackaged the smart watch into a wearable business opportunity.

The virtual assistant concept has become more interesting when it comes to time strapped moments in tech, what if it is capable of living up to the billing in the form of a savvy, interactive and intelligent layer that manages your interaction with other devices and don’t let you sweat around interacting with them one by one and wasting time on tedious tasks.


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Tesla EV Triggering Competition With Apple, Believes The Co-Founder

Tesla Roadster electric car


Steve Wozniak who is the co-founder of Apple Inc believes that the company should work on an electric car and give Tesla competition in the EV industry

Over the past few days, the most talked about news seems to be the Steve Wozniak interview that he gave to the media in which he showed his concerns about Apple Inc’s idea about launching a smart phone and also showed how he did not approve of the idea. The most recent news has been buzzing with the iPhone company’s co-founder comments on the new Apple Watch and how he has added spice to his interview by saying that the company should definitely get busy in manufacturing and designing an electric car and compete with the electric car initiators, Tesla Motors.

This debate has been previously been revolving around the analysts and investors and all have been predicting different things about what the companies would actually do. On the other hand, the comment that caught all the news official and investors off-guard was that Wozniak declared that for him Apple Watch is too expensive and that he would not even think of buying such an expensive gadget which is not of much use to him.

Steve Wozniak also commented on the Tesla’s current position in the electric car industry and it was made evident that Apple’s co-founder is not only a fan of the automakers but also believes that the iPhone company can learn a lot from them in their pursuit of designing of a new car. He said that it would be interesting to see the Californian Company creating an EV that gives the electric car giants a competition in the industry that they have such a huge hold in.

Speaking to an Australian newspaper, Wozniak expressed his views about how Apple should start learning from the great new technology that Tesla has been experimenting with over the period of time. He even said that now that the iPhone makers are apparently creating a car, they should make it one of the best ones in the EV market and prove themselves capable of competing with the other auto making giants in the electric car industry.

Wozniak has made it quite imminent that he loves Tesla Motors and the cars that the company produces. According to Australian Financial Review, the co-founder of iPhone Company happily talked about the car that he ordered from the EV makers and how perfect his new Model S car is.

As for the latest Tesla news, Tesla has also introduced a new model of Model S cars in which two motors have been instilled. Wozniak was all happy about his new car and called it one of the best experiences of his life as the technology provided by the company is by far the best in his opinion. In his interview, he seemed to have challenged Apple to create a car of their own with the technology as great as the electric automakers have provided their customers with.

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