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Apple iPhone -A Disappointment?

Apple iPhone -A Disappointment

Multiple leaks have been made about the tech giant’s soon to be launched

A large number of people have been impatiently waiting for Apple Inc.’s upcoming iPhone 7. However, several unnamed sources have brought down the anticipation level citing that the impatient shoppers should better focus on Galaxy Note 7.

The Journal has earlier reported that the tech giant’s iPhone 8 –which is expected to be released sometime in 2017 –will undergo major changes and ramping up. For soon to be launching iPhone 7, it reported that the biggest change in the handset will be the removal of the headphone plug. This removal will likely make the device less thinner and strengthen its water resistance, according to the sources privy to the matter disclosed on the basis of anonymity. The sources further opined that the Lightning connector is likely to serve double duty including as a port for connecting headphones and for phone’s charging.

The removal of the headphone jack is something which several analysts had earlier anticipated. A famous and renowned Japanese analyst, Mac Otakara has also highlighted a handful of design changes in the latest iPhone 7 but none of them were too major.

It is no doubt that with its new handset, the tech giant has always made upgrades however in this case it should be assumed that the changes relate to internal software of the phone instead of the external outlook. Mr. Otakara has also opined that the new iPhone 7 will bear resemblance to its predecessors –from the outside though.

Regarding the phone, he expressed, “[The] iPhone 7 has its proximity sensor on the front changed to the dual specification in addition to the ambient light sensor on the side moving from the left side to the right with a slightly longer receiver.”

Apart from this, it has been noted that the latest iPhone will be accompanied by a bigger rear camera. Also, the iPhone 7 Plus rear camera will be converted to a dual lens setup.

The absence of any big or notable design revamping is a bit discouraging but the subtle design changes also form a small irritant which according to analyst is that: “iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus cases cannot be used while it’s also likely that front LCD protection films etc. cannot be used for the new model.”

For the users which will be upgrading from much older models such as iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, the new iPhone will definitely be accompanied with a large number of changes however for the consumers who will be upgrading from iPhone 6 then the latest edition will not likely offer something much newer or unique.

As of now, iPhone sales have been witnessing a sluggish growth. Therefore, the tech giant is struggling quite hard to increase its sales so not to tamper its revenue any further. The most valuable company is making a lot of efforts to offer one of a kind handset to its loyal customers. The iPhone 8 which is expected in the year 2017 will have major design changes including edgeless display and all glass chassis.

The near future will endorse whether company’s strategies pay off or not. Currently, at the market which closed on Monday, Apple stock stood at a price of $92.04. The 52 week range of the stock is $89 to $133.

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Apple Expands In Hyderabad, India With Massive Investment

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Apple is strongly sprawling itself in international market to capture a fair share.

According to AppleInsider, a reporter from “ZDNet” expressed that Apple plans to spend up to $25 million in India on a project which reportedly provides 4,500 jobs. Commenting on the matter, managing director of India’s Telangana State Technology Services, GT Venkateshwar Rao, has cited that through the Indian city, Hyderabad, can also tread on technology and its image of technology development can be boosted.

Rao told that Microsoft Corporation’s Windows 10 has also been developed in Hyderabad and now it has become one global product. The high tech organizations – Microsoft and Google – have earlier announced their plans for investing in India. Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s chief, has earlier announced about the probable expansion of the existing facilities and to make the most of the India’s status of the third largest region for startups – just behind U.K. and U.S.

While Google’s initiatives in India includes Sundar Pichai recent announcement of a $160 million worth “huge new campus in Hyderabad,” which, apart from being Alphabet subsidiary’s first premises outside America is also said to be “the biggest in South Asia.”

Almost a decade ago, the Silicon-Valley business had announced its plan of setting up a product support center situated in Bangalore, India, but the project was abandoned just after a life of three months. About the abandoned project, Apple’s PR chief, Steve Dowling expressed that at that time, the company had undergone a re-evaluation of its plan and the tech giant chose other countries to setup the support center.

Until last March, when Apple’s sales in India reached ahead of a whopping $1bn sales mark, it decided to work in the fruitful market. Since then, it is negotiating with the Indian government to get the license for the setup of new Apple Stores in the region. India is faced by strict regulations regarding the foreign possession of retail stores which sells a single brand.  
Apple’s roadmap for Hyderabad was dubbed by Srinivasan as company’s “first offshore technology development center outside the United States.” Apple has numerous facilities across the world. One of its international facilities; includes a site in Cork, Ireland. The facility is involved in the “manufacturing, customer care, finance, and global supply chain management.” Last summer, the Ireland-based facility has also been planned for a major expansion.

To accelerate its international expansions, Apple announced last month that it plans to open the first iOS App Development Center in Naples, Italy. Moreover, in Cambridge, U.K., the tech titan has opened R&D offices. In addition to the R&D centers in U.K., the company has built the research and development centers in Shanghai, China and Longtan, Taiwan too. The expansion in the international market will let the company enjoy strong growth.

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Apple Quietly Buys Dryft



Apple acquires Dryft which was owned by founders of Swype. The financial terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed

The latest Apple news is about the tech giant quietly buying Dryft. If anyone who doesn’t know what Dryft is or has forgotten about it then lets revive what actually Dryft can do and who founded it. It is said that Dryft had been acquired by Apple last year.

A virtual keyboard providing the ability to the users to type anything on the touch screen is what Dryft is. It is a fast keyboard for your touch screen that is settled along with your fingers rather than you setting your hand as per the place where keyboard is designated to be. The typing is as natural and fast as it is possible on the virtual keyboard.

The feature lets you type without looking at the screen which preserves the memory that the user has built up over the years while typing. The company is the same that launched Swype for mobile phones and has been greatly appreciated for it.

Dryft has been launched for the users to create efficient content on tablet and not only letting them navigate through stuff but also type efficiently to get done the work.

This acquisition has been confirmed by Randy Marsden on his LinkedIn profile where it was listed him joining Apple AAPL  since last September.  Currently, Marsden is leading the efforts made by company for its internal keyboard enhancement; he had been the Chief Technology Officer for Dryft and also the co-founded Swype. We are not sure whether it was Dryft’s assets or the talent that Marsden and his team has but whatever be the case, the deal can result into something big and better. The financial terminologies have not been disclosed as for now from both the parties.

Apple news reports that the company has been buying smaller companies with the passage of time and is not planning to discuss the reasons or ideas behind doing that, which most likely is an alternative to say yes in order to confirm the news.

Dryft had been the finalist in 2013 for Disrupt Startup Battlefield by TechCrunch.

The keyboard is designed in such a way that whenever the user places the fingers on screen, the keyboard appears. It has been specifically developed for tablets and their better usage with time and is a unique keyboard. It is designed for being able to track your fingers whenever you move them on screen and thus adjusting the keyboard as per your hands rather than the other way round.  The company has decided to let developers play around with the keyboard as iOS 8 is about to release. It has also opens doors for SwiftKey and Skype in that regard.



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Apple Grows In China

Apple Grows In China


Apple has shown constant increase in sales in China and becomes one of the 2nd biggest smart phone seller in the country

Apple Inc has constantly been showing signs of growth in China which is one of the biggest success if the company given that the Chinese market is already a strong competitor in the smart phone industry and to compete in the same market as them not been a piece of cake. However, the iphone makers have made it possible to prove as a successful company in the market where the growth of the company just doesn’t seem to stop. In a recent update that was released recently, it was reported that the tech giant has been enjoying successful sales in the Chinese market. The popularity of the company has also seen a rise from the past couple of financial quarters.

According to the Apple news that has been released recently, it says that among three prominent companies who are currently ruling over the Chinese market, Apple is on the 2nd ranking. The Californian company has consistently been receiving more demands for the new Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus which has evidently made it one of the most hyped up company in China.

Keeping in mind the recent date, various analysts have reissued ratings on the company and increased price targets. Analysts at Jefferies group have upgraded their price target on the company’s shares after the news got popular about the firm’s success in the Asian country.

Analysts at Stifel financial firm has released a report on the company’s stock performance in a research note submitted on Thursday, 19th March 2015 and they also studied the data available from different Chinese telecom companies through which they came to the conclusion that the tech company’s success was due to the wireless growth in the 4G industry that was backing up the success of the company. This success of the company has resulted in the Asian country becoming the 2nd biggest market for the company’s smart phones.

Jefferies Group did not fall behind and were quickly observed to have increased the price target on the company’s stock. From a previous $124, the Apple share price was taken higher to a value of $130. However, the firm did not change the previous ratings that it had given to the company and maintained the ‘hold’ rating.

The firm also discussed how the demand for the new iPhone has been increasing in China and this is also expected to increase the yearly earnings of the company. Apple Inc is expected to report earnings by the end of the quarter with an increase of around 10% which will determine how much the tech giant has grown in the country.

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