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Apple CEO Claims Washington Wants To Expose Millions Of Customers To Vulnerability Worldwide

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Apple CEO claimed that the US government wants to expose a large number of people vulnerable to hacking across the globe.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has alleged the government of US of requesting his enterprise to engineer a “software equivalent of cancer” to let FBI investigators unlock and iPhone of a shooter

“This is not about one phone,” Tim spoke to ABC many times during an interview.” This case is about the future. Can the government compel Apple to write software that we believe would make hundreds of millions of customers vulnerable around the world?”

The remarks came as the American consumer electronics manufacturer firmly took a stand against the federal government while warring over the issue of consumer privacy. On February 16, a federal judge gave an order to the smartphone maker to develop a program to breach some safety countermeasures of the iPhone.

Since then, engineers of the company have discussed with digital safety experts to potentially make it impossible to send requests like those in the upcoming times, three people aware of the discussion told.

Mr. Cook can do much more than any average CEO, who leads a robust organization. Now, he told ABC that he has not talked with Barak Obama till now regarding his legal battle with the US Department of Justice. He then stated unequivocally that he “will”.

The management of Apple is facing a difficulty. As the federal government argued that the company is interfering in a terror investigation, some public opinion polls have showed American majority thinks that the technology giant must act according to the request of the American government.

Mr. Cook argues that as more people know about the matter, the more they will take the side of  Apple. On a technological level, FBI cannot access iPhone 5C of Syed Farook as it has been locked out of it. There is not anything which the Cupertino-based organization can do to directly change that  as it isn’t longer capable of extracting data from new locked iPhones anymore.

It can install a software update that would assist FBI in cracking or guessing the passcode of Farook. The government is claiming it must do so according to a 227 years old law known as All Writs Act, which empowers courts with extensive authority for enforcing orders.

Apple has countered this claim by stating that if the American government uses this legislation to compel it to develop similar software, it would constantly have to develop spy tool for enforcing law. For example, in the future the company could be compelled to develop and install software on the smart phone a suspect that would let police switch on the video camera of the iPhone.

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