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The American Government Files Appeal Against Ruling In Favor Of Apple

Apple drug, Apple ruling

The American government has filed an appeal against a judgement that it can not force Apple to unlock an iPhone to help a drugs investigation in New York.

The American government has filed an appeal against a judgment of a New York judge who gave an order that it can’t compel Apple to crack its iPhone to help a drugs investigation in New York City. The measure has been taken as a part of a public relations and legal campaign by the US Department  of Justice (DoJ) to demonstrate that the smartphone maker has  intentionally helped law enforcers in a number of similar past cases, as therefore is technically equipped with the ability to help find evidence.

The American consumer electronics manufacturer claimed the DoJ recently started to argue that it is not legally required to act in such manner. It is also a part of the extensive chess game in a number of US courts between the American government and the company as each of them tries to set a precedent on whether “warrant-proof” technologies, such as new versions of iPhones, can be sold by companies.

In Southern California, the battle will come ahead when FBI and Apple will meet each other in a federal court to deliberate upon whether the company must be required to undermine safety settings on the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone.

The government case there suffered from a possible setback when Magistrate Judge James Orenstein gave a ruling against the government on February 29 in another phone cracking case.

The government seeks to undo that. In its filing on March 7, the US government has pointed to many cases, including one in 2008 – the second year of iPhone in the market – in which the company assisted investigations on a type of a language to use it in its court order if it was interested in pulling data from a locked phone.

Technicians of Apple with investigators of the federal government at their side, acted according to the order, but the organization claims that the technologies, facts and its understanding of law have changed with the passage of time.

On a pragmatic level, the appeal by the government in the New York’s Eastern District might only decide whether the DoJ can still compel the company to unlock open older iPhones prior to modern safety updates. 2 years ago, Apple launched a new operating system making it impossible for it to extract data from a locked device without the passcode of the user.

The phone in NY’s case was not updated to the safer software. In the meantime, the company states it is no longer interested to play the role of an intermediary between the phones of customers and law enforcers.

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Apple CEO Claims Washington Wants To Expose Millions Of Customers To Vulnerability Worldwide

Apple privacy, Apple customers-

Apple CEO claimed that the US government wants to expose a large number of people vulnerable to hacking across the globe.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has alleged the government of US of requesting his enterprise to engineer a “software equivalent of cancer” to let FBI investigators unlock and iPhone of a shooter

“This is not about one phone,” Tim spoke to ABC many times during an interview.” This case is about the future. Can the government compel Apple to write software that we believe would make hundreds of millions of customers vulnerable around the world?”

The remarks came as the American consumer electronics manufacturer firmly took a stand against the federal government while warring over the issue of consumer privacy. On February 16, a federal judge gave an order to the smartphone maker to develop a program to breach some safety countermeasures of the iPhone.

Since then, engineers of the company have discussed with digital safety experts to potentially make it impossible to send requests like those in the upcoming times, three people aware of the discussion told.

Mr. Cook can do much more than any average CEO, who leads a robust organization. Now, he told ABC that he has not talked with Barak Obama till now regarding his legal battle with the US Department of Justice. He then stated unequivocally that he “will”.

The management of Apple is facing a difficulty. As the federal government argued that the company is interfering in a terror investigation, some public opinion polls have showed American majority thinks that the technology giant must act according to the request of the American government.

Mr. Cook argues that as more people know about the matter, the more they will take the side of  Apple. On a technological level, FBI cannot access iPhone 5C of Syed Farook as it has been locked out of it. There is not anything which the Cupertino-based organization can do to directly change that  as it isn’t longer capable of extracting data from new locked iPhones anymore.

It can install a software update that would assist FBI in cracking or guessing the passcode of Farook. The government is claiming it must do so according to a 227 years old law known as All Writs Act, which empowers courts with extensive authority for enforcing orders.

Apple has countered this claim by stating that if the American government uses this legislation to compel it to develop similar software, it would constantly have to develop spy tool for enforcing law. For example, in the future the company could be compelled to develop and install software on the smart phone a suspect that would let police switch on the video camera of the iPhone.

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Apple and Google Strike Back For Unfair Treatment Over Tax Regimes

Apple tax, Apple Europe

The two technology giants claim that they are being unfairly targeted as the public backlash over controversy escalates.

Apple and Google have aggressively responded in a row over the taxation regimes of big tech groups, stating they have been targeted in an unfair manner as public backlashed over the controversy escalates.

Google yesterday defended its $185.36 million settlement with the tax authorities of Britain for the first time in a letter written by it to Financial times, claiming it was acting according to the law of the United Kingdom. Separately, the US consumer electronics manufacturer, Apple, said it should not pay anything over the Brussels investigation in its accused tax agreements in Ireland.

The two organizations have intervened as British Prime Minister ‘David Cameron’ tacked difficult questions about Google’s tax deal in parliament. American business leaders and Silicon Valley giants have stepped up their efforts to lobby in Washington, claiming that European authorities are acting against multinationals in a discriminatory manner.

A group of United States senators recently said the imposition of any fines on organizations amounted to discriminatory taxation. Last week, Google reached an agreement with the British taxation authority to pay $185.6 million in taxes dating to 2005, whereas also agreeing to pay higher taxes in the coming times.

Google, regulatory bodies and ministers have strived to contain the media hype resulted due to the agreement. Analysts have estimated that the smartphone maker could be liable for billions of dollars in taxes, if an investigation conducted by Brussels regarding its tax arrangements in Europe does not support it.

CFO of Apple, Luca Maestri, spoke to FT, “This is a case between the European Commission and Ireland and frankly there is no way to estimate the impact right now, we need to see what the final decision is going to be. My estimate is zero. I mean, if there is a fair outcome of the investigation, it should be zero.”

Her Majesty Revenue & Customs took interviews of customers, corporate executives and other workers as a part of its 6-year investigation into the tax affairs of Mountain View based enterprise.

A pressure group, Tax Justice Network, estimated that Google must pay around $285.17 million in corporate taxes each year, they stated on the declared sales and profit margins in the United Kingdom.

In 2013, the search engine company made a payment of $29.3 million in taxes based on attributed profits earned in UK, compared with its British revenue of $5.6 billion. Multinationals are increasingly pressurized by HRMC using special powers for dealing with aggressive avoidance of taxes.



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Apple Highlights Relations With IBM

Apple Highlights Relations With IBM

Apple has highlighted its relationship with IBM by changing its business webpage.

Apple has taken a measure to inform the world about its competencies and promote itself across the globe. The consumer electronics manufacturer recently introduced its Mac redesigned edition in Business webpage as its relations with IBM continued to grow. As its name has implied, the webpage demonstrates the enterprise acumen of the company and the newly introduced design focuses on the strengths of the smartphone maker in business.

The overall website has highlighted facts that one will expect in Apple’s marketing pitch, such as the symbiotic relations between hardware and Apple software, and the means by which iPads, iPhone and Macs work well together.

The smartphone manufacturer has called attention to its accessibility instruments, including Swift programming language, which it had recently open sourced and OSX safety tools, amongst other features that can appeal to business clients. It also focused on its relations with the company, especially IBM’s experience while shifting over to Macs in 2015.

Webpage and Fletcher Previn, who is working as a ‘Workplace as a Service’ official in the IBM’s CIO office, have revealed that shifting to Macs have contributed to average savings worth $270 per equipment when compared to a personal computer. Fletcher stated that the actual dollar savings ranged from $240 and at least $273.

“We currently have 50,000 MacBooks deployed and plan to deploy a total of 150,000 to 200,000 devices across the organization. Since the rollout began in June, 2015 [we have] been adding 1900 Macs per week within IBM,” he stated.

The saved funds are a result of lower supporting costs from lesser calls to the internal help desk of the company. Only 5% of people who use Macs have asked for assistance since the program was started compared to two fifth for users of personal computers, Fletcher spoke to Tech Crunch.

On an average, two fifth of the newly hired employees want to use Apple machines when they come aboard, but he has reported that they have witnessed generational differences as far as the utilization of the technology giant’s gadgets is concerned.

“Someone who has worked at IBM for 25 years is a lot less likely to ask for a Mac than a new college hire, for example,” he stated. In fact, the New York based organization has established an enterprise known as ‘Mac at Work’ letting other businesses shift to Apple’s devices. “IBM is now able to offer clients the same program [we implemented internally] to easily and securely integrate Macs with their enterprise systems and applications,” Fletcher elaborated.

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Analysts Believe Apple To Still Be A Threat To Tesla

Analysts Believe Apple To Still Be A Threat To Tesla

The smart phone making company has been holding on to a strong business lead so far and the fact that Tesla is not ready to consider it will not change the reality, according to the analysts

Apple Inc was recently discussed by the CEO of auto making giant Tesla Motors and the comments that were made towards the kind of relationship the auto makers have with the software giant made the industry pundits shake heads. Elon Musk, Tesla’s main force and CEO, was seen to make some harsh comments about the way the iPhone makers seem to be carrying their business forward taking away most of the auto giant’s engineers, by offering a higher salary to them. Previously, Musk has been quite amicable about towards the smart phone making company’s efforts being reportedly made to enter the auto industry, but the latest press release spoke otherwise.

Talking about Apple business working on an electric car, Elon Musk was seen to dismiss the topic roughly by talking about the Apple Watch instead, that too in a condescending tone. However, analysts and news reporters present at the scene turned out to have some negative comments about the attitude shown by Musk, as it is to be believed that by putting down the iPhone makers and their idea of making an electric car, they cannot deny how important the existence of the tech giant is in the industry, as whatever it does and whatever territory it enters, it sure does make a difference in it.

Analysts are also talking about how the harsh tone used against Apple by the CEO of the EV makers is actually not something that the smart phone needs to worry about, as it is rather an ignorant approach coming from an executive of the smart car maker. Furthermore, it is a known fact that the iPad owners have been taking away a number of employees from the smart car makers by offering them a better salary, which is clearly taken as a threat to the auto makers. However, in the same press release, Musk was seen to talk about how the employees that he does not want to use anymore are the only ones that Apple has its hands on, which is why he does not feel threatened in any way.

As for the sales and deliveries of the Apple Watch, which are believed to be a product that failed to be a successful one according to Musk, has been able to make sure that the sales target it set before the launch of the smart watch are being met very comfortably. The giant expected to sell around 10.5 million units of the watch in the current year and has reportedly already reached the target.

Apple stock was down 0.48% to $112.48 at market close on Monday Oct 12.

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Analysts Appear Bullish Towards Apple Stock

Analysts Appear Bullish Towards Apple Stock

Apple stock is expected to rise in the coming months as believed by analysts at Goldman Sachs.

Recent news regarding the Apple stock has emerged from the analysts’ side and it suggests that the software giant has lately been receiving a rather downward glance from the investors as they have turned out to be rather bearish about the way things are going on within the company.

This became clearer in the last trade that was experienced by the software giant in the stock market, when the share value was seen to drop by about a massive 2.59% making the price of the share reach $107.44. This volatile activity was seen right from the beginning of the session, where the single share price went down in the first two hours of the day only.

On the other hand, Wall Street analysts’ negative view on the stock of Apple business does not seem to bother the majority of the equity analysts who are only looking on the activities of the giant in a positive way and are not moved by the bearishness shown by the Street analysts on the matter. Analysts from Goldman Sachs Group have come about to be highly bullish about the iPhone making company’s business and are of the opinion that the stock has the potential to reach heights that some people might be missing out on.

Furthermore, it is also believed that if the Sachs analysts are right about their expectations from the Mac maker, then it is also possible that the value of the stock ends up rising up surprisingly in near future.

Apple software business stock has also been deemed as one that has ‘quality’ which according to the Sachs analysts is the one that has a good combination of returns received from the investments made in totality. Moreover, the fact that the tech giant works with its assets in a very productive way is another factor that is making the analysts so bullish.

Analysts seem to be aware of the lows faced by the Californian company on the index and are of the opinion that the earnings report, published at the end of October, might turn things around for the giant, either in a good way or bad, depending on the sales and earnings results.

However, analysts at Sachs have maintained the bullish review, supporting their stance by informing the investors about how an increase is to be expected by the next year that might double the stock of the company by a massive 50% from where it stands now.


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Apple INC, (AAPL) OS For Smart Watch Might Turn Out To Be Against It

Apple's OS For Smart Watch Might Turn Out To Be Against It

Apple WatchOS 2 can go against the device itself

Apple Inc. is the uncrowned king of the smartphone industry. Regardless of the fact that Samsung overtook the company due to its promising sales of the new Galaxy S6 models and became the largest smartphone vendor in the world, it is still trailing to the market leader. Apple is not only leading the smartphone market but has also made a staunch mark in the smart watch industry. Ever since the company has entered the smart wearable devices market, it has become one of the most important platforms for other companies to be on.

From EBay to Amazon and all other apps, they have realized the market they can attract through Apple Watch. It was one of the most awaited smart gadgets in the market however it has received mixed reviews from the tech analysts and professionals. According to the company, it has released a newer and better version of the operating system for its smart watch. However, many analysts believe that this might not be a good step.

According to The Next Web, the newer OS of Apple Watch could make it obsolete in the coming times. The smartphone giant unveiled Apple WatchOS 2 at the World Wide Developers Conference which made the users of this wearable device rejoice. It is believed that the performance will be enhanced and the apps will perform faster and better. Furthermore, Apple WatchOS 2 can make it a standalone device sooner or later.

However, so far this device cannot work on its own and it needs further investment as well apart from spending on the watch only. Many Apple Watch users have bought a separate stand which is cheap as well as expensive, depending on users’ preference. The Next Web reports “Nightstand mode, which displays content like the time and date while your wearable is charging, allows the Apple Watch to act as an alarm clock when laid on its side, with the two side buttons (now on top) becoming controls for silencing or snoozing an alarm.”

It is still a confusion with Apple watches and its separate stands. The company has invested a lot to do wonders in the wearable tech sector however so far the results are not in favor of Apple. It is believed that the sales of the device have gone down by 90 percent but Apple does not care much. The company managed to sell a good number of devices during and after the launch but it is facing a major downfall now.

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