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Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, online services, and personal computers.

Analysts Appear Bullish Towards Apple Stock

Analysts Appear Bullish Towards Apple Stock

Apple stock is expected to rise in the coming months as believed by analysts at Goldman Sachs.

Recent news regarding the Apple stock has emerged from the analysts’ side and it suggests that the software giant has lately been receiving a rather downward glance from the investors as they have turned out to be rather bearish about the way things are going on within the company.

This became clearer in the last trade that was experienced by the software giant in the stock market, when the share value was seen to drop by about a massive 2.59% making the price of the share reach $107.44. This volatile activity was seen right from the beginning of the session, where the single share price went down in the first two hours of the day only.

On the other hand, Wall Street analysts’ negative view on the stock of Apple business does not seem to bother the majority of the equity analysts who are only looking on the activities of the giant in a positive way and are not moved by the bearishness shown by the Street analysts on the matter. Analysts from Goldman Sachs Group have come about to be highly bullish about the iPhone making company’s business and are of the opinion that the stock has the potential to reach heights that some people might be missing out on.

Furthermore, it is also believed that if the Sachs analysts are right about their expectations from the Mac maker, then it is also possible that the value of the stock ends up rising up surprisingly in near future.

Apple software business stock has also been deemed as one that has ‘quality’ which according to the Sachs analysts is the one that has a good combination of returns received from the investments made in totality. Moreover, the fact that the tech giant works with its assets in a very productive way is another factor that is making the analysts so bullish.

Analysts seem to be aware of the lows faced by the Californian company on the index and are of the opinion that the earnings report, published at the end of October, might turn things around for the giant, either in a good way or bad, depending on the sales and earnings results.

However, analysts at Sachs have maintained the bullish review, supporting their stance by informing the investors about how an increase is to be expected by the next year that might double the stock of the company by a massive 50% from where it stands now.


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Apple To Launch Its Retail Store In Queens Boulevard

Apple To Launch Its Retail Store In Queens Boulevard


Apple is all set to launch its retail store in Queens Boulevard the coming week

Apple Inc. has recently confirmed that they are all set to launch their retail store in New York City’s borough of Queens for the masses around July 11 at 10:00 AM EDT. The company had initially announced that it wishes to establish a retail store back in February. However, according to the company’s official website acknowledged about the opening of the store on Tuesday. The shopping mall in Queens Center situated in Elmhurts will have the new outlet on the second floor.

The Apple website also acknowledged its users about the timings for this store that will be followed throughout the week. As reported, Apple seeks to hire 130 employees who will be working at the company’s store on 90-15 Queens Boulevard.  These employees will be trained in a manner that they can converse in almost 25 languages that encompasses English. Apart from this two third of them will be able to converse in two languages.

“We are really excited to bring our eighth store in NYC to Queens. When we saw this location it made a lot of sense,” reported Mr. Jason Barlia who is the marketing director of Apple Retail. At this point many claim that this store will not be as luxurious and extravagant than its other store but its location will play a key role in gaining customers. While talking to the NY Daily News, Mr. Barlia further claimed that this store will not be able to flaunt the architecture which most Apple Stores are known for but it will certainly have its charm since it will be able to target the ethnic diversity in its vicinity.

Once this store is launched, Apple product will be successful in showcasing its eighth store in New York where previously it launched its retail stores in Madison Avenue New York that is situated on the Upper East Side. The retail head for the aforementioned venture is Ms. Angela Ahrendts. Another major retail store of Apple is situated at Staten Island, Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, SoHo, Grand Central, and Upper West Side.

Apart from this, it has been speculated that Apple is all set to renovate its store situated at Fifth Avenue for its United States in FY15. This will be followed by the launch of its Asian retail store. As reported by MacRumors, “Apple is also planning to open its first retail store in Brooklyn, having signed a long-term lease for a 20,000 square-foot building at 247 Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, although those plans are running behind schedule.”

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Apple INC, (AAPL) OS For Smart Watch Might Turn Out To Be Against It

Apple's OS For Smart Watch Might Turn Out To Be Against It

Apple WatchOS 2 can go against the device itself

Apple Inc. is the uncrowned king of the smartphone industry. Regardless of the fact that Samsung overtook the company due to its promising sales of the new Galaxy S6 models and became the largest smartphone vendor in the world, it is still trailing to the market leader. Apple is not only leading the smartphone market but has also made a staunch mark in the smart watch industry. Ever since the company has entered the smart wearable devices market, it has become one of the most important platforms for other companies to be on.

From EBay to Amazon and all other apps, they have realized the market they can attract through Apple Watch. It was one of the most awaited smart gadgets in the market however it has received mixed reviews from the tech analysts and professionals. According to the company, it has released a newer and better version of the operating system for its smart watch. However, many analysts believe that this might not be a good step.

According to The Next Web, the newer OS of Apple Watch could make it obsolete in the coming times. The smartphone giant unveiled Apple WatchOS 2 at the World Wide Developers Conference which made the users of this wearable device rejoice. It is believed that the performance will be enhanced and the apps will perform faster and better. Furthermore, Apple WatchOS 2 can make it a standalone device sooner or later.

However, so far this device cannot work on its own and it needs further investment as well apart from spending on the watch only. Many Apple Watch users have bought a separate stand which is cheap as well as expensive, depending on users’ preference. The Next Web reports “Nightstand mode, which displays content like the time and date while your wearable is charging, allows the Apple Watch to act as an alarm clock when laid on its side, with the two side buttons (now on top) becoming controls for silencing or snoozing an alarm.”

It is still a confusion with Apple watches and its separate stands. The company has invested a lot to do wonders in the wearable tech sector however so far the results are not in favor of Apple. It is believed that the sales of the device have gone down by 90 percent but Apple does not care much. The company managed to sell a good number of devices during and after the launch but it is facing a major downfall now.

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Apple Music vs Spotify, Tidal, Rdio, and Other Streaming Services

Apple Music vs Spotify, Tidal, Rdio, and Other Streaming Services

With so many offering now in the market, picking one that fits your need can be an arduous task

With so many music streaming services now in the mix, the question that pops in everyone’s mind as soon as a new service launches is: How is this service different from the ones already in the market?

On the surface, most of these music streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Rdio, or basically any of the others look pretty much the same. All the above mentioned services give you access to an online database of roughly around 30 million songs and cost $10 a month, although the price may vary depending on the current promotions or additional services, like the Hi-Fi streaming offered by Tidal for $20 a month.

All these services also allow you to store your music offline for instances where you don’t have a data connection and if you’re not feeling like listening to your own collection of music, each of the services offers a different radio service along with curated and community playlist so you don’t have to pick the music out yourself. The audio quality offered is also above par and some services also throw music videos into the mix.

While they may be the same on the surface, there are a few key differences which you need to keep track on, as they may be the deciding factor depending on your preferences. The main differentiator which sets Spotify apart from the rest is its ad supported free tier which is available on both desktop and mobile.

Allegedly, Apple tried very hard to coerce labels into dropping Spotify ad-supported model according to Apple news but was clearly unsuccessful in doing so, and the DOJ even ended up investigating Apple for the alleged move citing anti-competitive business practices as the claim. With the free model, Spotify is the most obvious choice if you just want to test out the waters of the music streaming applications. However, that’s exactly what Apple hopes to change with the three-month trial it is offering, and another major upside with Apple Music is that it’s built into every single iPhones, millions of which Apple has sold and will continue to sell.

Additionally, Apple has a few more features at play which it hopes will lure users onto the new service. Siri control, for starters can make the service more accessible and Apple is also offering the family plan for multiple users at the relatively cheapo price of $14.99 a month. Apple is also attempting to lure users in by offering exclusive music through the social Connect section and it’s already done so with the Apple Music exclusive track Freedom by Pharrell. Taylor Swift’s music is also notably absent from Spotify following the dispute she had with Spotify, when she claimed that artists weren’t getting their due diligence from the service. Apple Music, however features all of Taylor Swift’s music, including the latest album.


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Apple Plans To Pay Artists During Free Trial Period, Says “We Hear You Taylor Swift”

Apple Plans To Pay Artists During Free Trial Period, Says We Hear You Taylor Swift

Apple has decided to pay royalties in the trial period of Apple Music service as Taylor Swift bashes the policy in the blog post.

Latest Apple news is about the announcement that Eddy Cue has made. Eddy Cue from the tech giant has announced that there will change in plan for Apple Music and shall pay to the artists even when it is going through the free trial period of three months, following the public complaint by Taylor Swift regarding the policy. She had decided to withhold the hit album “1989” from this service respective to the protest.

It has been told by the sources that Apple decided to change this policy yesterday. There will be an undisclosed royalty that will be given to the artist on per stream the entire time the users are on free trial.

It had been decided by the company that it will be offering the users a free trial of three-month streaming service that shall be launched on 30th June. However, it was decided that the royalties shall not be paid to the right holders while the trial period is on however a bit more amount would be added afterwards in the royalty.

Following the intense reaction from Swift in the form of the blog post which has bashed the policy in it, the tech giant decided to recant. This move shall help to enhance the public perception regarding the Apple Music and also potentially pull in a few artists that had been boycotting the payout structure of the previous time. These artists include the ones that are managed by Beggars Group which has given its letter to the company in order to denounce the royalty free trial.

Apple news reports that it is not clear what will be done by Swift and Beggars Group now as the demands have been met now. However, Swift tweeted thanks in reply to the announcement and everyone who had been supporting the conviction she was following. She said, “I am elated and relieved. Thank you for your words of support today. They listened to us.”

This might be a good thing to think of Swift as the spokesperson here for all the artists, she had been in talks with Apple Music for exclusives. Those discussions could not get anywhere so we might be suspicious that she has been trying to swing the other way, this far.

This change of heart is quite a smart move for Apple we suppose as this means that it is taking into consideration artists as well so Apple Music could be successful and more and more artists get pulled in. However, we are expecting the streaming service to prosper and get to the position iTunes have been.


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iPad Gets Split-screen For Multi-tasking Purpose In iOS 9

iPad Gets Split-screen For Multi-tasking Purpose In iOS 9


Apple has unveiled the split-screen feature at WWDC 2015 for iPad and it has Slide Over and Split View introduced.

Latest Apple news is regarding the WWDC 2015 keynote that included the iPad update which has targeted the tech giant’s competitors in the same business such as Microsoft and Samsung. The company is looking forward to make the iPads more functional as a device that can be used for the business productivity and business with an app mode for the split screen. This app provides the users with an ability to run two different apps simultaneously side by side.

This feature is what Microsoft has used previously in order to target iPad in the advertisements which highlighted Surface tablet as the one that is more beneficial for the ones who are aiming to do “real work” on their laptop/ hybrid computer. The split screen feature in iPad had been in rumors for quite some time. Not only Surface but also Samsung Galaxy Tab devices offered the multi-window mode.

Apple’s SVP for Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, provided the split-screen demonstration in iPad at WWDC keynote two days ago. While staying on Safari, the SVP was able to swipe the screen’s right side and Messages app slide in to the place.Then he swiped down from Messages view above and had been able to switch that one specific app independently.

He had been running one app on the left side, and another on the right. Both the apps had been running independent of each other. During the demo, the SVP had the ability to tap on the Map link in the note and it opens within application of Apple Maps on the left screen side.

Another example is shown as the person watches a video within ESPN app, there is an email that arrives. By tapping on the email notification, the user is able to open the Mail on the side while watching ESPN video on the other side, picture in picture view it is and also continues to play. Apple news reports that the user can drag the video which is picture-in-picture and also with the help of pinch zoom, can resize it. The best news was, “If you’ve adopted auto layout, this will all just work.”

There are two new and different and new terms that the tech giant used for the multitasking mode being introduced, Slide Over and Split View. The former lets the user open another app without leaving the current one they are on. The latter on the other hand, lets the user run two apps simultaneously, on the screen. Split View has been made available only on iPad Air 2 however Slide Over is for iPad Air, Air 2, Mini 2 and 3.

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The Apple Watch SDK For Native App Unveiled at WWDC 2015

The Apple Watch SDK For Native App Unveiled at WWDC 2015


Apple’s WWDC 2015 has unveiled WatchOS 2 and also the native SDK for the developers to create more apps for the Watch in  more efficient way.

There had been a lot of latest Apple news announced at the WWDC 2015. With the iOS 9 release and updates features, Apple Maps and Apple Music seeing the transition, the tech giant did not forget the Apple Watch as well. The smart watch has become more interesting now for the development purposes as the WatchOS 2 was announced at the conference. Not only the new operating system but also the native SDK in its true form had been introduced as well.

Vice president of Apple, Kevin Lynch, was on the stage for demonstrating the first new function that had been available for the developers pertaining to third-party named Complications. Developers will also have the ability to create the widgets for various watch faces that the product has, this shall make easier for many users to see the small information from the app all the day.

Through a new feature, “Time Travel” the users are being provided with the ability to rotate the Digital Crown using the information history which is displayed in Complications. In this way, users can see how MLB game had progressed with the help of scan that they can do on previous score updates from the watch face.

If we dig into the APIs in detail, the ones that are going to be available for third party apps, Apple news reports that the Apple Watch shall get more features such as video playback, access to speaker, built-in microphone and also an access to the HealthKit which includes the heart rate data continuously streaming.

Furthermore, developers will also have the access to accelerometer of the Watch and also the Taptic Engine. This shall open the ways for apps consisting of touch-based output and motion control. With the Wi-Fi radio in the Watch and it being available to the developers, the tech giant has reduced the further need of iPhone being paired with the watch all the time.

In the previous times, the developers that were interested in bringing their apps to Apple Watch had to use WatchKit which is an SDK. While it let the developers create apps for the users’ wrist, software made with the help of this toolkit is actually running on the paired iPhone of the user. The interface elements and data shall be transmitting to the Watch via Bluetooth LE. With these transfers, the delay that came had been a significant limit in user experience context because there was a seconds of delay before the app shall open. Jeff Williams who is the senior VP for operations at Apple hinted that the native SDK would be revealed, which it has, and the support for apps so they can read the data directly from sensors of Apple Watch could be possible.

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