Google To Give Tough Time to Facebook Through Social App

19 May

Google social, Google application

The search engine developer has launched a social app to help its users find content without moving form one app to another


Despite of its failure with the social platform Google+, Google isn’t discontinuing working on its social ambitions , Recently the American search engine developer announced its new social application known as Spaces, which concentrates on group sharing. The application permits small user groups to explore a number of organization’s other facilities. These include Chrome, Youtube as well as Search to share content and post links without needing to move from one app to another.

They also can have conversations regarding that content in an interface, which is similar to a chat group. This turns Spaces more into a rival to anything such as Facebook’s WhatsApp  or Messenger, perhaps, due to its emphasis on its mobile-friendliness and chatting.( The application is offered on Android, Ios as well as mobile web, though it also will work on the desktop).

Today, most of the leading chat applications aren’t deeply integrated with web facilities- whereas posted links might provide rich media previews in a number of cases, users of Spaces can’t just share and find web content from YouTube as well as Search, that content also can be seen by others without  the need to move out of the application. Another decidedly advantage of Google is that the shared content in a dedicated space becomes search friendly.

Users can use keyword to search their spaces, which returns both pictures and links- the latter thanking to the organization’s image recognition technology is already live in the rest of  the products, such as Google Photos. The interface to the application is simply fair. It is only 1 tap to develop a new space, for instance. Then a user can send an invitation to everyone else through email, messaging or another social platform. Once within a Space, there is a box at the bottom of the device’s screen, where one can click on buttons to post pictures and links as well as the residual part of the content to his or her chat room.

A conversational perspective lets one find out what the group is easily talking about. The Mountain view based organization recommends the application could be used for various purposes, such as trip planning or study groups on fans of a specific subject such as tiny houses or comic books. This makes the newly rolled out app seem like Google+’s own “Communities” feature- in fact- it is quite odd to find such a  huge overlap between 2 products.

Nevertheless, the search organization is kick starting the rollout of Spaces for every session at its Google I/O developer conference very soon. That will permit everyone participating in sessions to chat with one another and other company’s workers, it states.

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