Tesla Working On a New Update to Help its Customers

16 May

Tesla software, Tesla range

The American electric car maker is testing a new software update to address the range anxiety concerns of its electric vehicle users.

While power efficiency as well as range calculations are significant for every automobile regardless of the kind of fuel it consumes, it’s especially significant for electrically powered vehicles if just to help address the anxiety concerns regarding whether they’re acceptable or not. The American EV maker is making efforts to further enhance its own power consumption calculations as well as range to show more correct range estimates to owners of Tesla, which must be offered in a forthcoming over-the-air update, revealed sources aware of the matter.

The electric car maker is currently testing the upcoming iteration of its 7.1 software for Tesla Model S to comprise these enhanced calculations. In 2015, the automaker claimed it “eliminated range anxiety” through its software update 6.2 as well as the launch of many new features related to trip and range planning. Whereas the update was entirely welcomed, inefficiencies associated with the tour planner have been reported many times.

If one is interested in learning how factors such as climate control, temperature, speed affect the range he or she can play with the company’s online range calculator, which tells us nicely which different inputs the software of Model S takes into account to accurately demonstrate the possible range in real-time. As to end range anxiety, the low range stigma associated with electrically powered automobiles has prevailed to such a huge extent that it’s doubtful that the 6.2 launch was able to truly end it.

The reality is that range anxiety should not firstly be experienced with an efficient charging network combined with accessible and accurate range estimates. If one knows how far he or she can travel and access charging options without a hassle, he or she must not need to be concerned regarding range irrespective of the capability of one’s vehicle on a charge. The automaker’s extending Supercharger as well as Destination charger networks are slowly caring for the first part of the difficulty and the upcoming update of the automaker must further help resolve the second part by providing more correct range predictions.

Tesla has previously been successful as far its introducing new products is concerned as the Huffington Post has reported that  its recently introduced mass-market automobile Model 3 reached very high levels of popularity with 253,000 pre-orders. This helped Tesla secure a standing as the newest affordable electric car manufacturer. Those who have given the pre-orders have been told that the California based organization can take at least one and a half year to deliver.

CEO of Tesla Motors Elon Musk stated the average  Model 3 will be offered at a retail price of around $42000, which includes every option and feature ( certain additions can take the price up to $55,000 and greater). Given that figure, estimates take the pre-order value to somewhere at $10.6 billion. The result was that Tesla stock grew up by 3%, the stock has enhanced by over half since February.

To meet the demand for Model 3, the company is extending its California based production plant. The objective is to manufacture half a million automobiles on an yearly basis by 2020.

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