Alibaba Upsets Tiffany & Co

13 May

Alibaba brand, Alibaba coalition

Tiffany & Co has withdrawn its membership in IACC and left its board after Alibaba became its member.


Alibaba Group Holding Limited is not being trusted by many brands. Tiffany & Co is the recent well-known brand to leave the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition after the group admitted the Chinese E-commerce company as its member in the last month. The US luxury jeweller emailed to IACCi it was quitting the board as well as withdrawing its membership from the Coalition.

The letter, reviewed by the American publication The Wall Street Journal, did not mention a reason behind the departure. In the previous 3 weeks,  Michael Kors as well as Gucci have also withdrew their membership from the famous group, with Michael Kors stating  the online retailer’s admission  “cover to our most dangerous and damaging adversary” in times when a large number of brands are thinking to file litigations regarding fakes on the sites of Alibaba.

Some brands have been angered by the admission of the Hangzhou based organization to the non-profit group, which consists of 250 members, stating they were doubtful that the company would pledge to battle with fakes on its well-known shopping websites. The web retailer refused to comment on the departure of Tiffany & Co, which did not immediately gave a response to requests for sharing views. The Coalition did not directly respond to the resignation by the jewelery company.

The group stated earlier its board members– including the New York based organization- unanimously voted to admit the online trading platform operator as one of the members and that it “stands by its decision” because the help of online marketplaces must be sought to fight against counterfeits online. The departure of the jewelery retailer on the same day IACC and Alibaba announced their plans to get rid of fakes more rapidly from the sites of the Hangzhou based organization.

Now, the anti-counterfeiting program will be open to every brand, free of charge. Ealier, the program was just open to the coalition members, and charged a lot of money on an annual basis. Alibaba stated only by collaborating with industry and brands market places can make “serious progress” on the international counterfeiting issue. Since it introduced its anti-counterfeiting program with the Coalition a couple of years ago, Jack Ma’s company has shut down over 180,000 breaching product listings, it stated.

Some huge brands have stated, though these figures pale compared to the number of shops and listings they removed on the sites of the organization during the same period of time.  Tiffany & Co has departed at a time when Dutch news has reported that Alibaba aims to establish its office in Amsterdam, Holland. The E-commerce platform operator has stated it wants to become the gateway to China for Holland, the AD reported.

It isn’t known up till now where the new office will be set up or how many persons it will hire the publication states. The company already has offices in Britain, France, Germany and Italy.

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