Google To Come Up With Acceptable Ads Policy

11 May

Google ad, Google standard

The search company is trying to find out means to ensure that ads don’t irritate visitors and look obtrusive to them

As per reports, Google is deeply jumping into the advertisement blocking matter by discovering an acceptable advertisements policy, industry as well as publisher sources state. The American search engine developer, together with the US social networking company Facebook, used to control 64% of the market for digital ads in 2015. With that dominance, the search organization could have a massive impact on the types of advertisement formats that turn into the industry standard.

Slow-loading as well as intrusive advertisements have been held culpable for the jump in readers choosing advertisement blocking software. The Mountain View based company is investing heavily to keep the internet secure for advertising; a large part of the organization’s business earns from advertising, and as per reports it pays huge money to ensure ads do not get blocked by ad blockers and could be witnessed on its websites.

A number of initiatives have been taken across the sector to enhance experience of users. The IAB has issued a collection of standards know as L.E.A.N. that is developed to deal with the factors leading to ad blocking by people. On an individualistic basis, publishers have been battling with the matter by streamlining ads as well as asking visitors to switch off their advertisement blockers or blocking them from reaching content outright.

Ad blocking service providers have so-called  “acceptable ad” programs, which let through advertisements they view to be not obtrusive. But the efforts by association such as that of IAB are not enforceable, and publishers individually acting can not change the fact that ad blockers treat every website alike, until customers opt to white-list those websites.

Google, with its technology experts and its control over digital advertisement delivery, is in a position to do what associations and individual publishers can not do alone, though, by asking that ads aren’t annoying or obstructive- a major reason people opted to block ads.

While it’s not clear how a Google’s scheme would work, a probable scenario is that the search engine operator would make sure that just advertisements that achieve its standards can be launched on its own website as well as Youtube, and also with the help of its DoubleClick advertisement exchange through which inventory can be sold by publishers.

Recently, publishers  are resisted by advertisers that aren’t pressurized to change their advertisements to ensure that they are loaded faster. With its huge size as well as power, the ad initiatives taken by Google have been scrutinized. Publishers aren’t interested in seeing the Alphabet’s organization take action by its own self about what must be acceptable and what must be not..A publishing official directly aware of the plans stated “They need to get input from publishers.”


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