Uber Extends its Partnership with Alipay to Rule the Cab Industry

09 May

Uber payment, Uber Asia

The American app based cab service provider will let its customers pay through the Chinese payment app even outside China

Uber technologies is extending its 2 -year-old collaboration with a famous payment service. While chasing Chinese consumers, the American application based cab service provider is currently running after digital wallets.

On 3rd May 2016, the ride sharing organization stated it would start to permit its Chinese customers to pay for trips using famous China based digital payments application Alipay when they visit over 400 cities and 68 states.

Under the partnership, now the service offered by Uber will also be offered through the mobile payment application of Alipay, letting the transporter cross the line and reach the 450 million Chinese customers of Alibaba’s payment service.

The measure taken by the California based organization is to help it take a dominating position in the possibly large Chinese ride sharing market, where the local cab service Didi Chuxing leads is ahead of it.

The competition between the 2 organizations has in recent times also crossed the borders of China when the Chinese taxi company announced in 2015 that it would partner with 3 other ride-sharing organizations to compete with Uber.

In March 2016, the customers of Didi Chuxing were ultimately able to begin using their mobile application to request a ride through Lyft when touring the US, and similar collaborations are proposed with local ride sharing organizations in the Southeast Asian region, through Grab and in India, through Ola.

The extended partnership of Uber with Alipay could help  CEO Travis Kalanick’s organization battle for Chinese frequent visitors due to which they won’t longer need to connect extra payment methods in Uber when moving.

Chinese riders would also be in a position to book Uber rides through the app of Alipay without downloading the application of the organization. Facilties such as Alipay are quite highly significant in the country and for suppliers, which are interested to run their operations there because a large number of Chinese consumers are without credit cards, Liu stated.

Because it is famous, the payment service also lets sellers immediately attain trust from Chinese customers when they find out that they can spend through the facility, the US chief of Alipay spoke to Fortune in the summer of 2015.

The organizations refused to disclose information regarding their economic arrangement, though Emil Michael, who serves Uber as its SVP of business pointed that the payment service provider conventionally charges commissions from transactions it provides other facilities as a hint.

Yet, the war is not won for Uber still- the payment app already supports the service offered by Didi Chuxing which can also be availed through massively famous applications such as Tencent Map, Ali trip and WeChat told the spokesman of Didi Chuxing

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