Google Takes Over Synergyse To Teach Customers To Use App

04 May

Google Application, Google training

Google acquires Synergyse to teach its customers to use its Google Apps for Work products


Google has a new virtual trainer to teach its consumers how to use its Google Apps for Work products. On May 2, 2016, the American search engine developer stated it purchased a small organization known as Synergyse, which pioneered training software for the Apps users 3 years ago that updates them regarding new features and provide directions regarding how products should be used.

Conditions of the agreement weren’t revealed. Present customers of Synergyse will yet be able to avail the service while the search company incorporates its technology into its owned technology. Presently, consumers will have to download the Mountain View based company’s Chrome Extension if they are interested in using the Canadian organization’s training technology.

Customers of the training facilities of Synergyse can listen, view or watch audio, written and video tutorials regarding how to use Apps products such as Google Slides and Google Docs. The Toronto based startup has claimed that its facility has been availed by more than 3000 organizations and 4 million people, revealed a blog posted by Synergyse regarding the deal. That probably turns it into the most famous training facility for Apps.

The post also indicates that the newly acquired startup is a cloud customer of the search organization Earlier Synergyse charged consumers for its own software, but now it will be providing it free of charge under its new owner, the training software developer stated. The takeover is another instance of Alphabet’s company largely pushing into a business tech provider.

In November, Google recruited tech veteran and founder of VMware Diane Greene to lead its cloud division, under with its App business is ran. It has noted that the training program users see “on average 35 percent higher adoption across Apps products. Cloud storage and applications are the two foundations of the enterprise effort of the search engine operator, which has 2 million consumers paying for applications, a unit competing with Microsoft and the rest of enterprise organizations.

Synergyse’s facility was established on the top of the Cloud Platform of Google, which must make its incorporation with the mapping company’s facilities comparatively easier. The US organization has not revealed the financial conditions of the transaction. It is looking for organizations to ramp up its applications business. A thing it looks for in its takeover targets is newly emerging businesses availing its cloud service, instead of those from rivals Amazon and Microsoft.

According to Recode, former employees of Google founded Synergyse and it’s not quite large. It could be said that the acquisition would help expand the company’s cloud business.

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