Google Step Forward to Make Travelling Easier For People

02 May

Google travel, Google picture

Google introduces its Trip application and adds a feature to Maps to ease travelling for persons



While nearing the weekend, one is bound to give some serious time to Google Maps. Thankfully, a number of new tech features have been introduced to test out what may make any distant or local travel comparatively easy to manage. An important feature is one’s contacts and his or her addresses will currently show up in one’s Places section. This way if one is going to his or her friend’s house, he or she can directly go to Maps to look for their address rather than digging through his or her contacts.

In addition to that, if one is making efforts to boost up his or her level in Local Guides, he or she might know that including pictures is a best way to do it. The screen that shows the photos one took from where he or she visited has been re-worked to ease the process of uploading the group of pictures at once.  Under the efforts of the American search engine developer to turn Maps into a friendly sage, there are currently more suggestions available on local pages.

The Mountain view based organization is about to take another step to facilitate travelling  as it would soon start testing its new mobile travel app revealed out in the previous week, and currently we have greater details, including screenshots, of what that application will seem like. The app, known as Trips, is being tested with a small tester group, and will permit users to keep a track of upcoming and previous tours, while also recommending regarding restaurants, domestic transportation options as well as tourist destinations.

The members of the Local Guides Program of Google are being only allowed to access the Trips mobile application. A re-branding and revamp of the prior City Experts effort of the company, Local Guides introduced in 2015 as the rival of Google Maps to Elites of Yelp. As with Yelp, members of program are provided various benefits as well as rewards in return for posting pictures, writing business reviews, and letting it to correct and fill Maps details.

A benefit as the search organization indicated is initial access to the newly introduced Google features and products. This looks an example of that incentive in action. The initial leak has revealed that, invitations were given to Local Guides to be amongst the first to trial a new “travel assistant app for Android and iPhone.”

What is interesting regarding the new application is that it is able to gather one’s trip details only by scanning his or Gmail messages, similar to the work done by the virtual assistant of Google, Google Now.

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