Tesla Powerwall Challenged By Mercedes Home Batteries

30 Apr

Tesla competition , Tesla battery

The European automaker have challenged Tesla Motors by introducing batteries and autonomous technologies

The batteries made to meet the high demands for electric Mercedes Benz cars are finding a new application as in-home power storage units. It is quite like Tesla Powerwall. The parent company of the German automaker announced that Deutsche ACCUMOTIVE is producing the energy storage units. The batteries are delivered, supported and installed by partners, such as solar technology and utility companies. This is logical because the batteries are typically installed along with solar panels.

Batteries are already offered in Germany and Mercedes says it will be internationally extending the program. Up to 8 of the columnar 2.5 kilowatt-per-hour lithium-ion batteries can be equipped with its maximum capacity or 20 kilowatt-per-hour together. Mercedes revealed that this is sufficient to capture solar electricity for use later with “virtually no losses.” The unit price has not been revealed, since it can include many components: the unit itself (or three or two), perhaps some photovoltaic panels and installation.

Mercedes Benz subsidiary has been manufacturing similar units since the last year for industrial purposes. The technologies were developed to be scalable; therefore, they can rapidly enter the private house market. Daimler is relying on its power storage subsidiary greatly – it has invested over a sum of half a billion dollar in a second battery manufacturing facility at the Deutsche ACCUMOTIVE site, which will start running in summer next year.

Compared to that, the Tesla Energy Powerwall does the same job, with arguably much style. The American electric vehicle maker’s battery has 6.4 kilowatt-per-hour of power storage “for daily cycle applications,” revealed the website. Like Mercedes power storage units, they can be installed for solar systems that need more energy storage. Tech Crunch does not know how much does Powerwall costs — $3500. It knows demand had reached high levels, indicated by 38,000 reservations when announced of the Powerwall in 2015.

That demand level appears to leave a lot of room for a rival such as Daimler AG to enter its road-tested battery technology in 2015. Daimler is not the only one to challenge the Californian organization as the Swedish automaker Volvo has targeted its reputation by stating that Autopilot, which is the semi-autonomous driving technology of Tesla, is “just a beta,” “wannabe” and claimed that it was dangerous.

Volvo has been making efforts to turn itself into the leader of the autonomous automobile world. It has done huge displays regarding launching self-driving vehicle networks, and appreciated its own semi- autonomous technology, Pilot Assist, in a very ingratiating manner. But the reality is that the Gothenburg-based organization is lagging behind the US company in its self-driving technologies, and this looks like a blind and dumb lashing out.

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