Tesla CEO Has Something To Tell About Autonomous Vehicles

27 Apr

Tesla autonomous, Tesla image

CEO Elon Musk believes that his company’s self-driving cars are much safer than that of conventional vehicles

Autonomous vehicles and their self-driving features have been unable to win public trust up till now, but Tesla’s autopilot feature, which provides partial autonomy to vehicles, is 50% safer than that of a human driver, revealed Tesla CEO Elon Musk. “The probability of having an accident is 50% lower if you have Autopilot on,” said Musk while addressing an energy conference in Oslo, Norway. “Even with our first version, it’s almost twice as good as a person.”

Extracting data from the automaker’s vehicles, Elon said, on average kilometers driven by a vehicle was nearly twice when Autopilot was turned on. The results were given by the company’s first generation of Autopilot, which its owners have previously used to drive more than 47 million miles following its introduction in October last year.

An Autopilot technology uses radar and ultrasonic sensors to execute functions, including switching lanes, steering on a motorway, parking and adjusting speed to respond to traffic. Elon anticipates that the second, entirely self-driving version of the car will even be much safer than the present technology.

Two years are yet away, the second generation of Autopilot of Tesla will need to make regulatory bodies realize that it’s “definitively” safer. He said, the company will need much data to demonstrate “that the safety level is definitely better, by a meaningful margin, if it’s autonomous versus non-autonomous.”

The self-driving vehicles of Google are far behind, as they have just been driven 1.3 million miles since testing in Texas and California started in 2012. Human beings need to take over the wheel 341 times in a passage of 14 months to avoid software failures and accidents, the organization disclosed in January.

Google announced that it was making self-driving vehicles in 2009 and started to test them on the roads of California in 2012. In February next year, it said it bore “some responsibility” following an accident of its driverless vehicle, which suffered from a minor crash when it hit a bus.

Google aims to offer the vehicles to the masses in 2020. Ford Motors is a traditional automaker, which is keen to demonstrate its lead in the development of making new vehicle technology. It is heavily investing in self-driving technology and said its vehicles are equal to Google in reaching “level 4” autonomy. The Michigan-based organization is even rumored to be discussing with Larry Page’s company about a partnership on self-driving technology.

Tesla is an icon of the electric vehicle movement. It has also continued to rapidly add semi-autonomous features to its highly advanced automobiles. This includes autopilot, which allows vehicles to navigate by themselves in many scenarios and Summon, which allows Tesla owners to order vehicles to their door through a smartphone.

The future of the ride-sharing app of Uber could be vehicles, getting riders between points without needing the help of driver, a situation that could cut down prices in a dramatic manner.

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