Amazon Sells E-Books To Schools In New York City

19 Apr

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Amazon is about to deliver E-books worth millions of dollars to the schools in New York

Tech companies have long coveted classrooms, made efforts in the past to encourage schools to employ their specialized software and devices with mixed success. Amazon will know soon that whether it is accepted into the biggest school district of the country. The Seattle based organization is in line to get a contract to deliver e-books to the schools of New York City worth $64.5 million in half a decade.

The department of education of the city will vote on April 19, 2016 on the first three years of the agreement, valued at around $30 million. The department hopes to purchase content worth $4.3 million from the online retailer in the contract’s first year, $8.6 million in its second year and $17.2 million in its third year, with the organization receiving a commission ranging from 10% to 15%.

Under the agreement, which would be implemented in the upcoming school year, executives can use the agency’s internal marketplace website to purchase electronic textbooks and the rest of the content from the organization for use by students on every sort of device.

Once bought, the city of New York will retain rights to the e-books and might transfer them from one school to another, said representative of the education department. The agreement does not cover the Kindle e-readers of Amazon or other hardware.

Schools are a lucrative target for technology organizations due to the chance to modernize what many people think to be inefficient and outdated classrooms. There is an included bonus of potentially connecting numerous students on services and devices while they are young.

The web of bureaucracy in state-provided education has many times kept the recent technologies outside of classrooms. Apple was troubled when it tried to distribute iPads to pupils in Los Angeles after the leakage of an internal report that doubted the bidding procedure.

It has nevertheless signed a deal to supply hardware to the rest of the school districts. The potential contract of the organization with the city, which serves 1.1 million pupils, was almost derailed due to concerns that it did not include sufficient considerations for vision-impaired and blind children.

The state’s education department postponed voting on the agreement in August 2015 so the American e-commerce company could review its plans to satisfy the non-profit organization National Federation of the Blind (NFB).

The non-profit had been worried that most of the e-Book content would not permit the use of specialized software that can help the blind by reading books for them. A spokesperson of Amazon refused to comment.

Some advocates of education worry that pupils retail fewer details when they peruse online, and that by using e-books instead of textbooks teaches might be allowed to closely observe what pupils peruse and how much they do.

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