Tesla Motors Surprises Its Customers

14 Apr

Tesla autonomous, Tesla music

Tesla has introduced an  Easter- egg with its Autopilot to help vehicle users enjoy music while driving

There is good news for Tesla Owners as their vehicle is equipped with a Mario-Kart-style mode that enables loud music and flashing lights, announced by CEO Elon Musk.

Now, if you can just have a look at the “psychedelic cowbell road” on the dashboard and not concentrate on the mass-vehicle recall news that was reported( more silently ) only 2 hours later, that would be awesome.

The new  “psychedelic cowbell road” trick, which he has introduced, permits drivers of Model S to engage with what appears lke a  Rainbow Road straight out of Mario Kart of Nintendo, on the in-dashboard display of the vehicle of the road ahead.

The vehicle also begins playing a melody recorded by Christopher Walken and Will Ferrell from Saturday Night Live, which is an American comedy sketch show, where he plays cowbells at (Don’t Fear) The Reaper of the Blue  Öyster Cult, the same draft that introduced the popular culture cataphrase “more cowbell”.

Fans jumped instantly on the product recall fun activating the autopilot feature 4 times and making videos of the in-vehicle display with a lot of cowbell frivolity.

In the meantime, news regarding the 2700 Model X cars recall by the organization over a defected locking hinge in the third-row of the car seats got damaged, indicating the dangers of launching a huge-scale vehicle out right, like the one that was faced by the automaker with its affordable car Model 3 and its over 325,000 pre-orders.

The company is not new to recalls. The automaker was compelled to recall 90,000 Model S vehicles in Nov, 2015 due to a defect in the assembling of a possible front seat belt.

In 2014, Tesla recalled Model S vehicles due to charging weakness. Recalls seem to be quite popular for automobiles, nevertheless, with Toyota re-calling 6 and a half million vehicles, Vauxhall re-calling 220,000 cars and Volvo re-calling 220,000 vehicles.

The electric car maker was re-calling its products due to fixing problems and launching out hidden-in jokes from James Bond and Space Balls.  At a time, when the self-driving system is helping entertain users, The country caller has compared the autonomous driving technology of both Google and Tesla.

While the American search engine developer is not being easily able to run its  driver-less vehicle project for many years, the EV maker has been launching its self-driving features to finally become fully autonomous under its Autopilot program

Nevertheless, there are lots of differences in the programs of both the organizations. For starters, the search company enters the market after the system is completely pioneered, while the automaker believes that a step-by-step approach to production needs to be adopted.

Since Tesla introduced its Autopilot program in October 2015, the Model X and Model S automobiles have autonomously covered more than 47 million miles.

A monthly report issued by Google regarding its program demonstrates that it’s driverless automobiles have covered 1 and a half million miles till the last month, since the inception of the program in 2009.

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